This FNAF Game Is CRAZY! | Weekdays at Wilbur's (FNAF Fan Game) -

This FNAF Game Is CRAZY! | Weekdays at Wilbur’s (FNAF Fan Game)

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Welcome to Weekdays at Wilbur’s, another FNAF fan game out to make me RAGE! This may be the hardest FNAF fan game I’ve ever played – no joke! Can I survive the week or will I get stuffed? Let’s find out!

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  1. Mat… you curse all the time during live streams

  2. Matpat; watch She-ra and do a film theory on it pls

  3. I see… MattyPatty really loves horror games. Especially when it comes to Five Nights At Freddy’s stuff.

  4. WAIT… did Steph just say that Rock and Roll is the devil? Well, i guess i chose the right type of music to listen to, I love good ol' Rock and Roll

  5. How dare you imply Sam and Max is obscure. Telltale's game revival is what launched that company forward. Also it's a classic.

  6. just leaving this for me because i cant get over that hair flip 0:45

  7. I love that Matt's new theme is just roasting Mirror Matt. It's honestly hilarious

  8. This video is just mat giving up on life while steph and Ryder hang out

  9. Why is it that everytime Matt got mad all i could imagine was my dad raging????

  10. I don't think I've seen Matt this mad since baldi's basics 🤔

  11. When MatPat first mentioned Seamate Seagull, I immediately thought of a FNaF/Animal Crossing crossover

  12. Me and my mom went and saw ratchet and clank on a monday afternoon about a week or so after it was released, and we were the only two people in the theater.

  13. Many people, like me, were looking for this timestamp, so here ya go: 39:58 .

  14. I can't be the only one who thought that the intro music was Silhouette from Naruto Shippuden, right?

  15. Dead person when watching GTLive: 😐

    When the captions say “[Music]”

    deaf person: —👄—👂

  16. Good reasons to get a better internet connection says:

    Accurate title would be "Matpat is going CRAZY! Oh and there is also a FNAF game and a film club going on."

  17. 49:29 Yep, pretty much. What I'm talking about is Wilbur on camera 3.
    You can see him on the left edge of the monitor at 36:43

  18. This is so stupid, I mean they are so stupid!

  19. PastyUSCricketer--Rowan’s language says:

    you don't really say weeknights too commonly

  20. Seeing Matt run across the screen in a FNAF clone induced rage is the funniest thing I've seen on youtube

  21. Matpat pacing back and fourth angrily while Steph and Ryder have a casual conversation is gold

  22. Wildur was in the bottom left corner of camera 3

  23. anyone else come back to this video after seeing the Jr's DLC in the game called Jr's? "This is the remastered version?" GTLive Aug 14th, 2020

  24. I found out about this video from the JR's challenge characters, IT was și funny

  25. Silent Mȕ̷͙s̴͂ͅi̵̫͊c̸̤̽î̷͙á̷͎ṉ̴̀ says:

    "This is the Remastered Version?" – GTLive 22:23

  26. When you come here after finishing the JR'S playthrough

  27. Who else is coming back to this from the quote in the SRs DLC

  28. Who else is here after matpat finished Jr's?

    EDIT: The quote in Jr's is at 22:23 (Who's gonna tell MatPat that he wasn't even the one quoted)

  29. I am back to watch this and see when they said the quote “this is the remastered version” if you know you know
    Edit: it’s at 22:23

  30. 22:23 the quote from Ryder "This is the remastered version?" that was used in JRs.

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