This FNAF FREE ROAM Game Is The Scariest One YET -

This FNAF FREE ROAM Game Is The Scariest One YET

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Project Fredbear Reboot is a Fnaf Free Roam Game where you have to survive until 6 am with 6 animatronics coming after you…

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  1. only if he knew he would have 200k in 2 Months!

  2. Just Discovered Your Channel And I Love It Keep Up The Great Content Bro 😎 🔥

  3. "And im gonna fuck chica" 😭 bro didn't think we would here that

  4. The fact that this game was made by a 13 YEAR OLD and still BETA is amazing.

  5. if foxy sees you then you will die there is no hope…

  6. this video made my day keep up the vids man 🙂

  7. Your content is amazing and I promise you will get 1 million subs very soon!❤

  8. When bro said "DAMN" it scared the living hell out of me 💀💀💀

  9. ive recently started watching ur videos and usually whenever i watch youtube i just watch markiplier, cause hes funny and entartaining, not a lot of youtubers are like that, hes also genuine and i like a lot of things about him, but recently ive watched ur fnaf plus video and u and ur editing are funny and its entertaining to watch u so keep up the good work cant wait to see more of ur videos 🙂

  10. Little do u know in 3 months u will have 217k😨😨😨😨

  11. When he started reading the file an ad popped up 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  12. what is the music name when someone is chasing you

  13. The music he plays when an animatronic chases him relieves so much anxiety

  14. Foxy isn't beatable so if he sees you the game is over

  15. 60K? Don’t you mean 224K ❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂

  16. What happened at 13:41 when you got jumpscared plenty was that was an endo skeleton

  17. 60,000 in like 4 months you hit 200k thats real work right there.

  18. Plenty never fails to spread out cheeks and fill us with his content

  19. Ngl bro😂 you got the horror game survival instincts of a WW2 Japanese pilot.

  20. Thank you for putting a link into the video. I´ve been looking everywhere for this game

  21. I think this idea came from fusion Z gamer lol plz pin!!

  22. Bro i go survival mode. i afk 2min. i start play. fu** freddy come and jumpscares me

  23. this guy is just grinding videos that's what we call GRINDING

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