This FNAF Free-Roam Game Is Almost IMPOSSIBLE... -

This FNAF Free-Roam Game Is Almost IMPOSSIBLE…

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I returned to this FNAF Free-roam game because I thought we would beat it and it would be different. sadly, that was NOT the case. it’s okay Tho, it’s the hardest for a reason. I still enjoyed the little moments we made, and I hope you guys did too. I will say this, Tho. 5k likes and we will beat it live together, I say 5k likes because we won’t hit that 😂👌.

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  1. thoelian you gotta beat this game, ur so close bro.

  2. ngl i dare you to try a shadow over freddys i bet you wont

  3. 2:04 bro istg one day he'll crack his camera with those sound barrier breaking screams 😭💀

  4. The «BONNY SAVE ME ! » just kill me 😂😂

  5. Hey are you. Ever going to show your room? To us

  6. The moment you dissed Bonnie he was on yo ass 24/7

  7. F course he had a black cat btw not racist CUTTE! bros like:UT ME DOWN DAD I DONT LIKE THE HEGHIT HELP!

  8. Bro Bonnie out here stealing kills dawg 💀💀 ripped it from the puppet's hands dawg 💀💀💀

  9. Nigth guard in fnaf 2 dumb bc why doesn’t he keep the mask and flashes foxy ? He is truly dumb.

  10. 2:05 yk its a good day when thoelian breaks the sound barrier only 2 minutes in

  11. I like it how one of the tips say get good 😂😂😂

  12. Nah the marionette came up to him like “you got games on your phone?”

  13. What's this game called, as I don't remember any of the fnaf games being free roaming apart from security breach?

  14. Man the amount of times he screamed are hilarious
    I gotta go with Taco Bell

  15. First video (long video that's not a short) means subbing

  16. I remenber you channel is at 100k subs ❤ good old times

  17. Mangle’s radio plays the police radio report during the bite of 83 it says

    cop: “Ugh… we got a little boy, No frontal lobe”

    Person : “He’s definitely dead”

    Cop: “dude i don’t think he’s doing real well here.”

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