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  1. just finished the game and its one of the best games to play with my potato pc

  2. I like how the missing posters are near the animatronic that they possess (like gabe and Freddy)

  3. gold writing: Cassidy
    grey writing: Crying Child

  4. i dislike your voice
    what you are playing i like

  5. the storage room easter egg/jumpscare got me good

  6. I love how they gave Golden Freddy his FNaF 2 model! Continuity wise, it's really clever!

  7. When I start the night, I only see purple and missing textures. Please help

  8. ayooo redoin the entire fnaf thats illegal from sccot right?

  9. I tried playing the game but it’s not letting me.

  10. (20:59) “WOW…Da da da da da da da da da da da was close” The stutter 😂LOL😂!!

  11. I've seen other YouTuber playing FNAF plus, I wonder why you haven't play it

  12. Who da hell would work in that place at NIGHT especially.

  13. Dawko, the one that has yellow texts is Cassidy (1st spirit of Golden Freddy), and the white texts is Even/Crying Child.

  14. Dawko just got a 1 in a 10000000000 at the start of the game how

  15. I think we should call the secret night the golden night

  16. Let's try and make this video have 666k views

  17. I think the yellow righting is cassidy and the white one is Evan Afton from golden freddy

  18. Yo, so anyone know how to install fnaf 1 rewritten on android? Or is it not possible?

  19. I hop the OG is still around but this is a different version of fnaf 1 because I LOVE the OG better than anything

  20. Actually the puppet is trying to help you while cassidy/golden freddy is telling her to not to that's why the writing is white*

  21. Okay but like, as an adult that was practically RAISED on FNaF?? This is EASILY, HANDS DOWN an S TIER fan game 🎉 it's got SO much love put into it, and I ADORE the concept of at least ONE of the spirits wanting to help the poor guard, but is AWARE his appearance may frighten them– so he hides behind the desk and writes in the journal when the player isn't looking. That is SUCH a nice touch 😭 and the animations of the animatronics in general?? Like, Bonnie looming over the door and Foxy twitching in Pirate's Cove, that shxt is awesome and I'm LIVING for it. It almost reminds me of DREAMS I've had of these characters, and I just overall LOVE the execution of this game.

    Dawko's reactions were quite entertaining as well ❤

  22. puppet is not the angry one, golden freddy is the one that put william afton into his personel hell, thats some lore for ya

  23. Did you see the poster disappear i promise im not trolling

  24. guys can someone tell me if the game is safe , when i downloaded it it said "microsoft protection has protected you from an un-orginised etc and putting your pc at risk"

  25. i got irritated when he said "that's the puppet guys" like, no tf it isnt???? puppet isnt even in fnaf 1, and charlotte isnt an angry spirit, cassidy is.

  26. Well this is the closest we will ever get to fnaf plus 😞

  27. In FNAF its almost like the whole building is powered by the three year old triple A battery under your bed! 🤣

  28. Hey Dawko, will you also be playing Rewritten: Missing Children whenever that comes out? Which is to say the Fnaf 3 one.

  29. The day Dawko gets sad is the day I start crying my eyes out

  30. "Oh Phone Guy's dead lmao iconic scene we already knew it was gonna be his death.

  31. I've been watching you since I was like 7 or 8 years old, I'm now about to be 17🥹🥹

  32. The creator really did his research on this game's setting.
    I live in Utah and have been to Hurricane a couple of times. I don't think I've seen any fnaf thing properly portray Hurricane accurately.
    I guess a lot of people don't know that Hurricane Utah is desert and mountains.

  33. I wonder if Security Breach is in the mix of being planned

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