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Welcome back to final episode of FNAF JR’s. What an unreal game this was, I absolutely loved everything about this game and am honestly sad to know it’s already over. Brace for an incredibly epic ending, it is amazing.

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  1. balloon baby reminds me of the stage for the Bregenzer Festspiele's opera performance of Rigoletto! the one with the giant jester head as a stage

  2. Damn bro, I love the new Help Wanted gameplay!

  3. I love how the note saying "Don't make this any harder than it has to be" is a reference to what the guy in fnaf 6 says when yellow dude is trying to go into Jr's

  4. Ok and do you got a video for how to load a plugin in to the software ?

  5. a lot of people don't seem to realise this is partially based on FNaF 2.

  6. Ohhhh because in fnaf 6, they showed a place called JRs, and some people theorized it was fnaf 2s location


  7. I think that fnaf developers should agree with this game to be a part side of fnaf franchise

  8. "it's gonna be a 6 minute video, if you look down and it's over 20 we had some difficulties"

    Checks and sees it's 32 minutes

    Ah. Difficulties were indeed had.

  9. Jr’s actually feels like an official fnaf game despite being a fanmade game it’s amazing

  10. i love Ryan but it pains me how he always either ignores instructions or doesn't understand a game mechanic thats common sense and somehow still wins🤣

  11. when i watch your fnaf playing first time i got jumpscare and im in the middle of class its funny that no one ask why did i jump? i subsribe

  12. I was wondering for a good long while how they would place this game within the FNAF chronology, but man I was not expecting them to set JR's up as the "old" location to the FNAF 2 pizzeria.

  13. This is so far the greatest game ever created in history!!!

  14. you know, if sega comes to me, my next project is work on vectorman remake with horror and action elements, i know people have huge kick with ideas like mine with creepy robotic endoskeleton

  15. Ngl this game is so much terrifying than the original game

  16. did you notice that there's a JRS in FNAF 6

  17. the mangle has to be the most terrifying animatronic design by far

  18. The ghost is definitely supposed to be Charlie and Paulbear is Afton

  19. There’s one strange thing about this game is that for unknown reason the final nights starts at 11am instead of 12? Why is that tho ? Any theories or fact ?

  20. from my Perspective 1 2 3 was a cake walk for me
    4 5 is So annoying idk why bc it's nearly the same thing as 1 2 3
    6 Is wow
    just Wow
    I was Sweatting like
    i have never died more to 6 than 1 to 5
    not only that
    I was so good at multi tasking back in fnaf 2
    fnaf Jr really pushed me right back to the ol days

    some fun fact
    this is me death count
    n1 : 2
    n2 : 2
    n3 : W
    n 4 : 6
    n 5 : 5
    n 6 : 23 ( It was so tense )

  21. Ryan, don't let these haters back you down. They are just jealous because you have more subs and more energy. Hope you grow alot!

  22. The last night was a LOT worse before you played it. There was no checkpoint, less explanations for the mangle section and a bug where if baloon boy stole your batteries right before the mangle section your flashlight would just dissapear. Thank god it got fixed.

  23. Bruh this man says "where did these guys come from, who are they." He says after he's winding up a music box and afterwards he says "does balloon boy block me from doing something" he definitely never watched the animated 5 am at Freddie's 1

  24. This is the scariest game I ever watched😱

  25. This fangame is more stylistically like Little Nightmares and I think they really pull it off.

  26. Ok two things one how in the world would someone let their kid go and play with those Animatronics they are so creepy and I love it but i would never let a kid go near it, two to anyone who has heard of a show that is called are you afraid of the dark and knows the episode called the tale of the lonely ghost doesn't the ghost in this kind of look ghost from the tale of the lonely ghost? (I love it that ghost scared me from the way she appears in the mirror and then slowly walks out of it) love the vid

  27. Everyone: Talking about how this was a good reference to Fnaf 2
    Me: Did we steal Bonnie’s face…?

    Also, can we appreciate the immaculate sound design-

  28. It’s always gems like this that people try to taint and pull away from people
    This game didn’t deserve any hate put on it
    It’s a game it has nothing to do with anyone’s personal problems or issues
    Let it grow and keep all that crap to yourself no one needs to know or cares

  29. 24:32 ohh hey i seen that puppet version before i don't remember where but i just know i seen it before

  30. it looks like their skin was made of either silicone and clay mixed together and wax on top then they were melted…

  31. I have a feeling that the spirit is actually Cassidy and Paulbear might be Afton (not sure if it's Mike, or William) which is why she's after him

  32. Funny coincidence but this is actually how I saw the fnaf 2 game when I was younger lol

  33. Local fnaf YouTuber “forgets” how to play fnaf 2

  34. So from what I gathered from the ending, Fnaf JR’s is a prequel to Fnaf 2. These were supposed to be the old animatronics that were replaced by the Toy Animatronics. Interesting. “Those older ones were just so ugly, and their smell”. They are certainly uglier than the OG designs for the withered animatronics.

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