They Turned My Childhood Trauma Into a FNAF Game -

They Turned My Childhood Trauma Into a FNAF Game

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0:00 – Charity Stream!!
1:47 – Main Video


  1. I'm a blender user and the fact it was Made in blender, it's so mindboggling to me I can't even comprehend it.

  2. I personally find it hilarious that these puppets decompose like people, why? Theres no good reason for them to rot like corpses🤣

  3. I grew up with the wiggles and I got hit with a wave of nostalgia and for some reason caption feather sword’s song just got stuck in my head

  4. magic mountain ass faces. the one in merimbula. in australia.

  5. Ive had to turn on subtitels for what he saied u doing a charity event for lgbtq nuh uh 💀💀💀

  6. Point your finger and do the twist

  7. I’m already subscribe why you think that of me ;w;

  8. this as a vr game would fucking suck in the best awy

  9. As a little kid, aliens in the attic was one of my favorite movies

  10. The aliens in the attic thing happened to me but basically it was a warning for no smoking and it had a really disgusting brown mouldy(?) eye right in the middle and I was terrified.

  11. The Trevor project is an AMAZING charity and it helps so many people in need

  12. I have actually watched aliens in the attic a few months ago and it was a pretty shitty movie

  13. Itd be funny (not haha funny but wtf funny) if the sequels had the new wiggles like simon emma and lachy as characters too, sort of like the toy animatronics in fnaf 2

  14. i’m actually sobbing the new uhyeah image set is adorable

  15. I love aliens in the attic very nostalgic haven’t seen it in years

  16. Can somone tell me why do lgbt need donation you can spend money to peoples that have serius health issue homeless persons and more but why lgbt needs donation

  17. With your movie theater story. It reminds me of how I saw Toy Story 3 in theaters and it scared the shit out of me. It was the first movie I saw in theaters to be fair. But I think it’s reasonable with the lotso goons, the whole darkness of the daycare, buzz having his batteries changed, the trash incenerator at the end, and mainly the baby doll.

  18. why arent fnaf fan games called fanf games

  19. Same thing happened to me except a lot weirder when I was about seven I had a crippling fear of the cheese touch from diary of a wimpy kid😅

  20. I actually watched aliens in the attic when I was a kid. Pretty good movie, from what I remember

  21. Ok so I just hop on YouTube and I look at my recommendation section and the first thing I see is this video. So like any bored person would I clicked it and then he said to subscribe because he knew I came from the recommendation section. So I had to subscribe

  22. 1:47
    If you don’t want to hear the charity stream thingy press the blue numbers

  23. I think everyone knows the wiggles now because of defunctland, that and flora dora

  24. as a canadian that used to whatch the wiggles i also thought those puppets were creepy as a kid too

  25. As a little kid, I was way in to The Wiggles. I loved watching the show that I even made my mom buy a whole collection of them. But the only thing that I don't even remember seeing is a DVD with one of the episodes having that now-called "monstrosity" 2:53 Good thing that I didn't see that or else my personality would've been completely different.

  26. 2:16 OMG I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH when i was like 4-5 when my dad and me watched it and when my dad fell asleep i… used his phone to call the cops and told them there was aliens in the attic 😅

  27. The only reason I know who the Wiggles are is their interesting history with a dark ride at an amusement park, and I'm pretty sure I've seen my little brother and sister watch some of their stuff. I'm American, so that's probably why. It kind of reminds me of Yo Gaba Gaba, but I haven't watched anything Wiggles related in full to see if that thought process in full.

    Also just seeing the original puppets felt like seeing nightmare fuel, so just know that I'd have PTSD about it too if I saw them. Instead it was FnaF for me for the longest time tho until the first week of January after SB came out. At some point I'm gonna work on doing a 4/20 run, but until then guess how long it took me to beat night 2. (I'll add that I watched Tech Rule's explain the mechanics also)

    9 1/2 hours. Needless to say, I might still be a chicken when it comes to horror, but at least now I'm a smart chicken

  28. I did come from the recommended videos section but I was already subscribed lmao.

  29. So sad you didn’t see ice age 3. It was cracked

  30. If it exists, someone will make a Fnaf game out of it

  31. This dude deserves at least a million subs

  32. I LOVE ALIENS IN THE ATTIC I also have trauma from that movie tho lmao

  33. As someone who didn't know who The Wiggles where till o watched this video i seriously though they were some Star Trek character,even though i didn't watch that either


  35. I ain't joining the charity. Burn the flag. NOW.

  36. After i heard theyre helping lgbtq kids i just completely unsubbed hell nah i aint helpin peace motherfuckos✌️

  37. Your really doing an event to help gay kids👁👄👁

  38. You bringing up Aliens in the Attic really brought back old memories from my childhood. I don't remember actually seeing much of it, but I remember seeing promos for it all the time

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