They Made SHATTERED FETCH in Roblox!? -

They Made SHATTERED FETCH in Roblox!?

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They Made SHATTERED FETCH in Roblox!?

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  1. I'm currently reading lonely freddy right now and I'm starting to think he's more of a toy than an animatronic

  2. Realy love this vid i heard there making soon 2 new badge i think unwithered fecht and dirty fecht but im not sure

  3. Yesss!!!
    I've been waiting for this a long time thank you gallantgaming!

  4. Hey gallant it’s my birthday today Uhm , I would like if you comment on my comment and say happy birthday or something

  5. gallant gaming I just wanna say that there's a new mini game pass in the fredbears revamp rp p2 and I love all your videos

  6. Gallant there is a remake fnaf game in roblox its called fmm/fnaf mashup multiplayer.
    Go play it its fun

  7. Gallant please do a video of fazbears revap 2 cuase it has a new gamepass called the minigame it includes 8 bit purple springbonnie ans crying child please do it btw love your vids

  8. what it i say go to the fazbear's mevamp p2?!!!!

  9. Suzie: Fetch? Do you know how to wag?

    Fetch: yup! Like this! wags body

    Suzie: n-no- your tail-

    Fetch: what about it?

    Suzie: uhm- nothing-

  10. Me Just Watching This At Like 5:30 In The Morning

  11. Ones i clicked on this video you went "HAY" and it scared me oh and thanks for lonley freddie


  13. GALLLANT THERE'S A NEW UPDATE IN NEW AND REBRANDED THERE IS A EGG HUNT ps: i won't tell the locations coz idk if you want them

  14. just a random wall titan from the rumbling says:

    Gallant did you quit the oddities roleplay?

  15. Gallery there’s the Easter event in fmr but it’s a new version I need your help getting the badge

  16. Hey Gallant, they added a new Easter event in FNaF rp Rebranded! If you find 5 eggs in 7 minutes, you’ll get 1 badge morph. Cookie Bonnie Jam Bunny is the morph. I think it’s either for this week only or this month only (possibly this week only).

  17. Hey gallant in FMR the Easter event is here and there might be a new way to get Easter Bonnie

  18. Hey gallant archived has update they have monty now check it out

  19. hey gallant you've mist the update of glichtrap he has new posses in TPRR

  20. man i got the easter event :))))))) i'm very happy

  21. I met you in Roblox before it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!!!!

  22. gallant i have freinded you my username is IMAGOOSEHONK Jackojames0210

  23. Hello Gallagh give me my favourite YouTuber you can do another video of the anything you can go and get all the badges of the old events you can do that and I love your videos❤ after eight thingy

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