THERE'S SO MANY OF THEM!! | Five Nights At Freddy's 2 (FNAF 2) Part 1 -

THERE’S SO MANY OF THEM!! | Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 (FNAF 2) Part 1

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You guys loved Five Nights At Freddy’s so much and it’s fun to play when I’m not CRYING from being so scared — so here’s FNAF 2!!
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  1. I know all about fnaf and I don't even play it the ones in parts in serves there the wife's so asked me for any help and by the way I am a girl and my name is casey May and I am 7 years old

  2. There is actually more than 8. There is:
    Toy Freddy
    Toy Bonnie
    Toy Chica
    Balloon Boy
    Withered Freddy
    Withered Bonnie
    Withered Chica
    Withered Foxy
    Golden Freddy

  3. In FNAF 2 I saw a video of this game and the youtuber flashed the light there was a creepy guy there seriously not kidding it wasn't even the shadow animatronics

  4. most annoying animatronics: Puppet, Withered Foxy, Toy and Withered Freddy

  5. think: listening to phone guy
    Everyone else:mute the calllllll


  7. Beginning Think: I don’t think there is a foxy so I think we are good.

  8. I like that he didn't turned on the light on the camera

  9. While thinknoodles winds the box and toy chica jumpscares WOW I WAS SCARED ALMOST

  10. You wind up the music box to stop mangle and balloon boy

  11. His discripton on the video saying lets hit 4M
    Me: Broit's 2021 and your at 8M

  12. Me as 5 yrs old:not scared

    Me as 10 yrs old:already scared of the menu

  13. Foxy is the only one thats smart but if he was used to light he would do everything

  14. Props for all the people who switched in mini player instead of full screen

  15. Mangle is an it not a girl or boy mangle's an it

  16. Well in ultimate custom night you got FIFTY animatronics to deal with!…

  17. Fun fact: if you here a laugh um thats not from chica its from balloon boy. Balloon boy is the one with they "BALLOONS" sign

  18. When i play FNaF 2 AND I SAW 3 STARS cuz i download the wrong fnaf 2

  19. balloon boy moves and will take your flashlight

  20. Wear your mask and death won't come to you. Even for COVID-19.

  21. Does think not know the like story line? Mangle is a foxy yes hes correct about that but he said that there are new animatronics(bonnie,chica,freddy )Mangle was also a new animatronic but got destroyed by the children I hope he sees this comment bc he needs to know

    Why r u still here?

  22. I think the first night was yto to show you how to play and avoid the animatronics

  23. Fun fact: there's only 10 robots in fnaf 2

  24. I love how he makes the time to point out stuff while playing

  25. Thank noodles don’t forget to learn the music box

  26. The older models like freddy bonnie chica and foxy are from fnaf 1

  27. Nobody:
    Thinknoodles:Balloon boy!

  28. "He was flying onto my face"
    then I say "foxes can't fly"

  29. The mask on now there's no such thing as two Freddy's there's only nightmare Freddy and golden Freddy

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