The Year Every FNAF Game Takes Place In... #FNAF #Shorts -

The Year Every FNAF Game Takes Place In… #FNAF #Shorts

Gavin Goniwicha
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The Year Every FNAF Game Takes Place In… #FNAF #Shorts

Gavin Goniwicha discovers the secrets of a forgotten animatronic in the world of Five Nights at Freddy’s! Join us as we dive into the depths of the FNAF lore and uncover the mysteries surrounding this forgotten character. From theories and speculation to exclusive gameplay footage, this video has it all!

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So grab your flashlight, put on your Freddy Fazbear mask, and let’s delve into the world of the forgotten animatronic. FNAF, Five Nights at Freddy’s, animatronics, theories, speculation, lore, Easter eggs, fan theories, mystery, forgotten character, gameplay, trailer, analysis.

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  1. Fnaf one is set in 1983 cause of the bite of 83 and fnaf 2 set in 1987 cause of the bite 87

  2. This man just said Fnaf 2 takes place before Fnaf 1

  3. Wait but how does fnaf 2 take place before fnaf 1 because the first night fnaf 2 it says remodeled and in the picture it says somthing borrowed

  4. How is both springtrap and scraptrap in the same year??¿¿??¿?

  5. Fnaf 4 gameplay takes place in 1993 as they're nightmares that closely parallel fnaf 1 events and further confirmed by the logbook. The cutscenes do take place in 83.

    Now fnaf SL takes place, at earliest, in 1993 as stated in dittophobia; 10 years after the observation rooms were abandoned (and they were running in 83; possibly even longer) the funtimes were still in the bunker. So SL is anywhere from 1993 to 2023.

    Finally, fnaf 6; we know it's after fnaf 3 but that's about it. Personally I think it's a bit of a stretcht to put it in the same year, but whatever

  6. Me waiting for the horror place thing to have the job application ready to sign 💀

  7. *Springtrap has joined the chat
    *Phantom animatronics have joined the chat
    *Phantom Bonnie has joined… Read more

  8. fnaf 1 actually takes place somewhere in 2003, as phone guy states that if he was forced to “dance and sing for 20 years” and when the withered animatronics were first made in 1983, it adds up to 2003. Don’t believe that? fine, the movie director already states that they were setting the movie in the 2000s, with flashbacks to the 80s and 90s.

  9. me that i was born in the 1981 an i know this now: ah shit, here we go again

  10. Wait, I thought 1993 was confirmed.
    If it’s not, then what’s the correct year?

  11. Wait Sister Lotationn in late 80s?!!! WHAT I thought it was more like in 2033 or something! Mainly because how tf does bellora stand on her tipitoes like that- but then again Baby takes Elibeth-

  12. fnaf 6 literally happened in the year 1994 because after mike finished FNAF 1 he came to fix and release her sister, and he dies and lives on, and now he has been living Dead and alive for 30 years and burns FNAF 3 location and moves on to make his own Location, he apparently burns it and dies, but theories have been speculating that he possesses Freddy Fazbear (Glamrock)

  13. fnaf 3 takes place in 2017 you can't change my mind

  14. Bro, this guy is so stupid he said Fnaf one is 1993 and Fnaf two was 1987 even though the animatronics there are the original animatronics which means you gotta flip those around

  15. How did Fnaf 2 take place before Fnaf 1 if the withered animations where used as parts for the toy and the withereds where the Fnaf 1 animatronics

  16. FNAF 3 takes place in 2027 but you are close

  17. Can someone please tell me how Michael Afton is like normally alive in fnaf 1 and 3 but not SL

  18. 2 and 1 are wrong bc if fnaf 2 was before how would it make sense since the old characters are there

  19. Bro just sed that FNAF 2 takes place as the first restaurant 💀💀💀

  20. Fnaf 1 is actually in 1987 or 1990 1990 It’s because in fnaf one they mention the bite of 87 and how would the bite of 87 happen in 1983?

    Pin me so people aren’t confused

  21. How would the animatronics be withered if fnaf 2 was a prequel

  22. New theory suggests that fnaf 1 takes place on 2003, because fazbear entertainment started on 1983 and phone guy says that the animatronics perform for 20 years. That means that fnaf 3 and 6 takes place on 2033

  23. POV I was born on 1993
    That bear I think I've seen it before

  24. were in 2023 rn ig there is a fire in a pizzeria soon

  25. Fnaf 3 probably takes place in Early 2000s

  26. Phone guy dies in fanf 2 but is in fnaf 1 so how does tjat make sense

  27. Sl is in 1993

    If it was the late 80s, Mike would be able to find William. William died in 1993, making it reasonable for Mike to not be able to find him in 1993. And also, hand unit says "After the unfortunate closing of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza", confirming it was after FNaF 1

  28. wait ho is fnaf 2 in 1987 and fnaf one in 1993 bc in fnaf 2 we have withered animatronics?

  29. Fnaf 6 should be like 30 more years because scraptrap looks worse there

  30. So fnaf 6 and 3 take place in the same year kinda dont know how that makes sense bc afton burns in 2023 wouldn't he try to wait a year or 2 before he trys to kill more kids. I mean he doesn't get burned so bad his flesh melts off his body and his arm falls off and his legs crumble and he just gets up and says oh well and just walks it off

  31. FNAF Sister Location can't take place in 1987 because that would mean Michael Afton got scooped before FNAF 1. The night guard in FNAF 1 is Michael Afton. FNAF Pizzeria Simulator has to take place after FNAF 3 because Henry Emily couldn't make a pizzeria simulator in the same year. FNAF Ultimate Custom night takes place in the afterlife. You play as William Afton in purgatory.

    Proper Dates:

    FNAF 1: 1993

    FNAF 2: 1987

    FNAF 3: 2023

    FNAF 4: 1983

    FNAF Sister Location: After FNAF 1

    FNAF Pizzeria Simulator: 2025

    FNAF Ultimate Custom Night: Afterlife

    FNAF Help Wanted: No Date

    FNAF AR: 2023

    FNAF Security Breach: After 2040

    FNAF Security Breach Ruin: After FNAF Security Breach

    No hate or anything. Great video.

  32. I met spring trap today they said I always come back

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