The Twisted Ones React to the Games [FNaF/TTO x Gacha] Part 1/2 -

The Twisted Ones React to the Games [FNaF/TTO x Gacha] Part 1/2

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Hot sweaty balls (real)

Thumbnail by me (Speedpaint: )

Missing Children 1/3

Made by – Helpy Is Underrated
Song: Oklahoma – Jack Stauber

Missing Children 2/3

Made by – Hello_ There
Song: Hidden In The Sand – Tally Hall

Springtrap 1/1

Made by – ROZDY
Song: Ruler Of Everything – Tally Hall

Missing Children 3/3

Made by – Clownster
Audio: ROBLOX SCP 3008

Puppet 1/1

Made by – Aym
Song: Hansel – Sodikken

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  1. Love how they were more concerned about the arson part than Mike lol

  2. This video is to good to be true.
    I lost faith in the gacha FNAF community but this has brought it back.
    Omg I have no words to explain how spectacular this is. Seriously! I had to look words up that could explain something even remotely as good as this.

  3. When the books come into the reaction room, THE NARRATOR COMES WITH

    I love that, it so original, definitely subbing

  4. I think the first tt was uhm or whatever it was off of I think that was Jack Stauber or Jack Stauber Micropop's song

  5. Holy mu god these are the best monologues ive ever seen it express how they feel omg your tye best


  7. I've never seen someone do this nor try to make it sound as it would in the book. It's really clever and creative, I really liked it

  8. I want a part 2 with Michael Afton and Henry fnaf 6 fire

  9. Lovin’ it so much! Can’t wait for the next part! (If there is going to be any)
    Don’t know if you need the extra text describing what the characters are doing, you can just make them do it.

  10. I'm poditively vibrating on my stool. You put narration under the dialogue, you absolute legend. I'm so subscribing

  11. Ooooh I hope you add more Afton family stuff and explain that dave is William Afton also how Henry new William and Charlie also new them. This was also very well done love how much they payed attention


  13. this is probably my favorite reaction video on YouTube the entire context part is amazing and i love it cant wait for part 2

  14. I finished the twisted ones and the fourth closet 😭😭

  15. Yeaaaaahh………….

    If you did not understand it's sarcasm also for the one that created this video you just put your ''memes if you can call that a meme'' in your video

  16. I’m generally happy I’ve seen you upload FNAF content again

  17. I love how U put in dialogue context and thoughts, just as if in the real books, ahh this is amazing 💞

  18. i'm pretty sure at least a few of them know he was springlocked at least once before
    how come none of them put the idea that could of been his first springlock failure

  19. "no way. he's dead, he cant be alive."
    yeah no sh*t charlie

  20. I absolutely loved this!!
    I always get angry with how little the characters talks or express their thoughts, but you put their emotions along with their words and I can't thank you enough, it gives more depth to them, and makes them more "human". But I think it is quite quick, maybe slow down just for some more seconds? Because when it appears a new dialogue I will pause the video, but sometimes it's so quick that I have to go back 10 seconds before, and that to some people may be annoying and they will left the video, not that you have to care for the quantity of your viewers, but this masterpiece must be recognized in my eyes!!💋

  21. When Charlie realized that the child was her I was like "FINALLY YOU REALIZE-"

  22. This video is good. I love this!!!
    You can make "the twisted ones" reaction to the Salvaged Rage song
    It will be amazing

  23. Why aren't you posting on your second channel though is it beacuse your still working on part 2 of one of the reaction on this or the other one or did you accidently delete your character designs or atleast one of them.

  24. The thumbnail is just what I call art

  25. 5:29

    Charlie parafraseandose a ella misma en el libro

  26. This video is amazing! I love how you added little descriptions on how each character was feeling while they spoke.

  27. hey, did something happened? you just disappeared

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