The TOP 5 BEST FNAF Games!😱 #shorts -

The TOP 5 BEST FNAF Games!😱 #shorts

Gavin Goniwicha
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The TOP 5 BEST FNAF Games!😱 #shorts

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  1. same but remove vr and replace it with fnaf world

  2. Agree the design of fnaf is down bad like chica look like a man

  3. FNAF 3 was trash 🗑️ I'd replace it with security breach it was so bad


    Understandable fnaf 1 and fnaf 3 are boring i agree with the list

  5. you putted FNaF 3 above FNaF 1

    What is WRONG with you?

  6. FNAF 2 is literally the best FNAF of all time most nostalgic game

  7. I don’t agree with your list

  8. FNaF 1 I like more then FNaF 3 from a viewers poin of view

  9. This is my opinion
    5 fnaf1
    4 fnaf4
    3 fnafvr
    2 fnaf2
    1 security breach

  10. Thank god that security breach wasn’t on his list

  11. FNAF 2 was first because withred and toys

  12. So what do you mean when this list I mean that they're going to be doing a remake like taking these games and like remaking them to being brand new again doing like I have seen the list and only in Five Nights at Freddy's security breach it looks like it's the most newest all the other games look like that they've been using the same stuff ever since 2014

  13. The new one should be the first one because its map is complicated.

  14. Fnaf 4 was really good for me I love the terror and it's audio cues and how intense it is
    ( fnaf world was freaking amazing)

  15. 1. fnaf 2
    2. fnaf 1
    3. fnaf 4
    4. fnaf sl
    5. fnaf pizza sim
    6. fnaf ucn
    7. fnaf 3
    8. fnaf vr
    9. fnaf world
    10. fnaf ar
    11. fnaf sb

  16. My top 10
    10: fnaf 3
    9: fnaf 1
    8:fnaf 2
    7: fnaf 4
    6: fnaf sb
    5: fnaf sl
    4: fnaf 6
    3: fnaf vr
    2: fnaf ar
    1: UCN

  17. I like fnaf 2 also it’s just the best combo of horror and lore it’s honestly the best game out of them

  18. Poor production aside, Security Breach was one of the most enjoyable games for me. The rest of the games were scary, but kind of boring and repetitive. I also really enjoyed Pizzeria Simulator, as it had many parts and mini games to stop my boredom.

    My list:

    1. FNAF VR
    2. FNAF UCN
    3. FNAF Pizzeria Simulator
    4. FNAF Security Breach
    5. FNAF 1

  19. Fnaf 3 definetly top 3 they managed to keep the game difficulty the same with 2 animatronic

  20. My only is an bc it’s not that scary

  21. Honestly for me it was fnaf 3 just because spring trap is my favorite animatronic

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