The Story & Animatronics of FNAF JR's Explained -

The Story & Animatronics of FNAF JR’s Explained

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In this video we investigate the story and animatronics of Five Nights at Freddy;s fan game JR’s. This is a FNAF story and animatronics explained video – so sit back, relax and let’s get started.

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  1. 𝔻𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕖𝕩𝕓𝕝𝕠𝕩 says:

    They look like chucky cheese characters

  2. This version of Freddy is combined with Jim Carrey's: The Mask.

    👇 If you agree

  3. I got a theory our protagonist got promoted to manager for gelping in the investigation and a few days pasts and our protagonist realize something isnt right and the gameplay was actually instructions on how to deal with the animatronics or simply a story on how this fast food franchise got huanted ans telling the next protagonist jeremy to be careful

  4. 15:49 that doesn’t make ant sense if jrs takes place after fnaf 4 this means fnaf 4 in 1982 and if fnaf 4 takes place in 1983 fnaf 2 takes place in 1988 so jrs takes place in 1982-1983

  5. I didn't even realize this was a thing but I love the designs a lot

  6. I love that game And I’m happy it isn’t that scary and you will get sub

  7. I like the idea of Jeremy being a paranormal investigator. It gives him a better motivation for having to keep going back night after night. Michael Smidt (Who is also Michael Afton), I understood why he kept returning each night. Because he tried to stop the curse but to no avail. But it also makes it tragic that Jeremy would become the Bite of '87 victim.

  8. So, did Foxy not have a VHR tape? Paulbear (which kept trying to correct to pallbearers, lol) was a costume then, which is actually really cool to me because his style seemed weird to me.

  9. Balloon boy and marionette cursed 10/10

  10. Why is he connecting it so much with the real FNAF game like why can't the characters just be the characters why is he linking other characters with these characters I don't get it

  11. I imagine that the reason you can't see Marionette on the cams is because they don't stand up like the others. Instead slithering around like a snake.

  12. fnaf jr's lore was more easy to understand now.

  13. Something like this would’ve been a better game on the fnaf list then the kid friendly rushed security breach. I mean the game is literally about murdered children stuffed in animatronics it’s meant to be scary but security breach went completely off and kid friendly. The ending is far superior as well with loosing the constant afton coming back and dying over and over. Security breach isn’t even a bad game irs just a bad fnaf game it would’ve fit better as its own game or not apart of the lore

  14. I'm going to assume the ghost is Cassidy, the vengeful spirit.

  15. 11:00 This is so dang awesome yet terrifying. Mangle here looks so realistic like this was a real recording of her. Even the roar she gives when you flash the light on her is so haunting.

  16. I don't know if it's been said, but I'm gonna ask: Isn't JR's the name of the restaurant from Midnight Motorist in FNaF Pizzaria Simulator?

  17. This is the only thing that gives me satisfaction.

  18. Well found this vidio at 12 o clock and shat my self when fully watched😊

  19. *Finally, an NPC who admits he’s too scared to do the adventure himself instead of making an excuse about it. I respect you, Paulbear.

  20. If the ghost is "Cassidy" and this takes place before Fnaf 2, Then I like to think Cassidy was Batman to Paulbear

  21. Imagine making a fan-made FNAF game and tryna get it to be canon with the original Gold. 💀

  22. I kinda thought Jr's is a restaurant that you can see when discovering a secret in a racing arcade in Pizzeria Simulator and that it's story about it, cool video tho!

  23. the game looks so much detailed and realistic and has alot of lore better than the original fnaf, lowkey intresting

  24. Never in my life have I thought any mangle iteration would scare me

  25. It's fascinating how many years later, a series like FNAF still goes on and fans help expand on the universe. As someone who lived near the first and best CEC in San Jose CA, I've always loved the FNAF series purely by the setup and design alone. Same with JR's here with it's Rockafire-inspired design. I can't really comment on Security Breach because it's all sort of confusing to me that even MatPat's videos can't really clear it up for me, but outside of that I just find it amazing how a game about haunted animatronics continues to impress almost 10 years after it's release, both impress and evolve I should say.

    I don't play these games not because I don't like horror games, but I've seen Markiplier beat these games on the hardest difficulties and I don't really have the speed/strength for that sort of thing as I used to. These days I kinda prefer to watch and just uncover it all with them. It just feels a lot more fun to join others and piece it together than actually play these games, imo.

  26. Just wanted to say Freddy looks like he's got real human teeth Bonnie looks like an old man chica looks like a child who got woken and now is grumpy foxy looks like an edgy teen balloon baby looks like he's a fan of Michael Myers and finally the marionette looks like an elf gone wrong oh yeah and the mangle needs to be destroyed because that's terrifying

  27. Its still possible that Paulbear could be the crying child. But one of the devs confirmed that The Ghost’s name has the initials J.R. meaning that she can’t be Cassidy.

  28. The screens with the faces still creep me out on the final act

  29. Isn’t the first song written by IAMX?

  30. The game's made the puppet scarier looking.
    How is that allowed at the pizzaria

  31. i do feel like that the ghost girl might be william afton's daughter though, any thoughts my friend?

  32. Heres A Tiny Bit You May Have Missed Out On SuperHorrorBro, In Help Wanted On The VR. It Is Explained That Someone Named Jeremy (The Person Who Worked In FNAF 2) Was Droven Insane And The Other Makers Of The FNAF Help Wanted VR Game Explained This. The Soul Could Represent Glitchtrap's Attempt To Control Or Manipulate The Protaganist To Do As He Says. Though Most Of This Info Is Highly Unlikely Based On The Fact The Soul Is A Girl And Not A Boy, It Being A Girl Could Also Explain Vanny/Vannessa As She Was One Of The First Victims To Allow Glitchtrap To Take Over Her.

  33. Actually Withered BB looks sad I feel sorry for him.

  34. the problem is the game isnt scary who ever say good jump scares make a game scary does not know what horror does mean lets comment here who thinks what i say isnt true and is false jump scares are the main thing comment it i want to see who thinks he knows more

  35. I'm still questioning about what happens when you just leave all the tapes as you continue your investigation, will there be a different ending or nothing happens? (Sorry if my Grammer sounds bad)

  36. Ah yes let me just pick me phone up and call up a child ghost

  37. I think the Crying Child Paulbear theory holds up but its kinda a jump to assume Paulbear was a child immediately (probably bc of his size). Cassidy wouldn't have motive to chase after him all those years and his size in a bear "costume" may have just been due to trying to seem unthreatening to the protag while he is hiding in his mind. I think there is evidence enough to not quite rule out William Afton from the pool of characters, esp since the note left makes it seem that he is much craftier than meets the eye.

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