The SECRET Lore of JRs! | JRs (FNAF Fan Game) -

The SECRET Lore of JRs! | JRs (FNAF Fan Game)

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Today, we’re going right back into JRs, the FNAF fangame that’s taking over YouTube! With a better understanding of the mechanics and a feeling that we’re about to hit some pretty huge LORE breakthroughs, I’m not wasting any time getting into it. Join me as we power through one of the scariest fangames I’ve EVER played!

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0:00 – The Witty Banter
4:38 – the ol’ mangle dangle
54:35 – The Witty Wrap up

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  1. N҉o҉r҉m҉a҉l҉ ҉h҉u҉m҉a҉n҉ says:

    ive realized that ever since night 3 the camera moves by itself

  2. I wonder if Paulbear is actually William going by a different name. Honestly, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

  3. I have a question, who’s are protagonist. Like i think it was the afftan child but why would he be at JR’s, so who is he then?

  4. Hey matpat can you please play fnaf entertainment storage it's a post game for fnaf 2 and it's incredible so please consider this fangame

  5. /:42 Ok well- I'm glad you mentioned it because it's something that's been fascinating me for months at this point lol,
    so just to throw it out their for you, I have no idea why but the German version of the sneezing sound is "hatchi" (hat-she).

  6. Hey there’s a mod about you you’re messing (in FNF)

  7. It’s so good and you (in FNF) Said “a game Theory”

  8. petiton here to have an offical GT(not live) channel

  9. Matpat: i'm missing something, I can't wind the puppet.
    Also matpat: spends 20 seconds flashing freddy rather than winding the music box

  10. did anyone else catch on the 6th night they were singing london bridge? in the fnaf 2 trailer i’m pretty sure they were also singing london bridge :0 just a cool connection i put together

  11. Thanks for keeping me entertained as I lay here sick in bed 🙂

  12. I think the lore is that The Crying Child is fighting Cassidy, The Vengeful Spirit, and it’s like a fight within Golden Freddy or the two spirits for control or something based upon the looks and how one spirit is trying to destroy the other…just a personal idea.

  13. i think jrs is the part where in fnaf 2 the place is cloced and willam is trying to get in

  14. For starters that sneeze at 7:15 was adorable and two idk if it's cause I'm up at nearly 5 in the morning but mats favecam quality is scarily good 🤣🤣🤣

  15. MatPat there is a flash option in the cameras as well. Im guessing that slows them down before they reach you

  16. I just think it's really cool that the mask is the missing part of Bonnie's face

  17. 7:13 One of the most hilariously timed (and dainty) sneezes I've ever heard in my life.

  18. I just noticed, when the VHS plays of Mangle's mouth illuminating, the menu screen right after that is the same orange-red. A small but cool detail!

  19. I just want to mention how far MatPat and Ash have come in this game. We went from death every time with 1 animatronic, to speeding through 7. Wow🎉

  20. I LOVE the music playing in "limbo". Adding so much for the mood and atmosphere.

  21. Try running as far into the distance as possible

  22. Adding a comment so that there is no longer only 666 comments. Pardon my superstition

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