The SECRET Lore of JRs! | JRs (FNAF Fan Game) -

The SECRET Lore of JRs! | JRs (FNAF Fan Game)

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Today, we’re going right back into JRs, the FNAF fangame that’s taking over YouTube! With a better understanding of the mechanics and a feeling that we’re about to hit some pretty huge LORE breakthroughs, I’m not wasting any time getting into it. Join me as we power through one of the scariest fangames I’ve EVER played!

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0:00 – The Witty Banter
4:38 – the ol’ mangle dangle
54:35 – The Witty Wrap up

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  1. When Ash Sneezed i also heard her sound like "Me Too" it got me laughing

  2. Anybody else think the arrow on the box was an upside down Amazon box

  3. *Adds a condemned building to the Food Theory intro that says "Joe's" *

  4. Are you going to play deltarune chapter 2 and do theory?

  5. “The biggest unanswered a question in FNAF”
    Shadow Freddy:

  6. There’s a reason the final night is FNaF2…

  7. Really Great job Matpat!! I love how invested you are in the game and how good you played it today.
    A request is that you react to the Fnaf VHS tapes, specially the battingtons tapes. They are really scary and I think they would really be great. There are new videos that are really Great. Battingtons tapes are really awsome and I think they did a Great job in the Fnaf VHS tapes.

  8. at this point just say you ride markipier….

  9. Nice this is the episode the sneeze clip is from

  10. Y'all need to take s break. Take at least a week with no videos. Just one week where you don't go to the recording closet, no script writing, no game theory, no film theory, no food theory, no gt live. All of y'all need to take a break, and just rest. Just spend a week with family, where do don't rant about possessed children

  11. Honestly, a lot of fan games have some interesting lore. It'd be sick to make a theory on a fangame.

  12. Balloon BABY??!! OH NOES they're multiplying

  13. At least a thank you >< what a bear

  14. I don’t understand why wouldn’t you ask the timeline?

  15. The ghost doesn't like the fan games so it's making you play fnaf 2 lol

  16. I just like matpats voice it's just a theory a game theory!

  17. Worst insult ever:
    "Your lore isn't even Game Theory worthy"

  18. i just realized that the mask we're using is bonnie's face, and I don't know why I didn't figure that out

  19. Ash saying "I've been told I pronounce sneezes wrong" has got to be the greatest thing I've ever heard in my life. 😂🤣😂 But oan, totally agree w/ the rant on just meeting 3 days earlier. I've always hated that trope in movies/games/books. Sooo much codependency! Boundaries ppl!!!! 🙄😬🥴

  20. Five nights at MatPat's needs to be a thing. Except this will have to show how the animatronics have taken over his mind and not stuffed him into a suit but he keeps having hallucinations that he is. The lore has to be a mix between the theory videos and lives and not lives. And throughout the fan games and the original ones, we'll see which villian succeeded.

  21. A couple other claymation games I can think of: Hylics 1 and 2, The Neverhood, and (I think) some of the sprites in Fallout 1

  22. Honestly I also have a weird time with memory, I’m also pretty sure I have a slightly better memory of/in my childhood then I have for the past 5 years. Specific stand-out memories of random things, big blanks, feels like the scattered stuff you get when trying to think of a dream. Unless something prompts my brain to recall an extremely specific thing, which usually is a moment of a memory at most. It’s like I remember my own summary of a memory from the last time I thought of it instead of remembering all the way back to the day itself. I’m pretty sure it’s because of my adhd, and I didn’t even know about that until last year

  23. At 31:50 he said it was freddy because the lights were flickering but puppet was in that room too, very lucky…

  24. "Ooh, what a great jumpscare!" This dude is crazy at this point. Keep it up!😂😂😂

  25. 🙂 bro, ik this is SOOO OFF TOPIC but the "help me" in the Ruin Teaser just stands out when you lower the brightness. 🤷‍♀️ eh, probably not a big deal or so

  26. I have never related to Ash more until this video, Its ok Ash you’re not the only one with the kitten syndrome sneeze.🥲😄👀

  27. The player character has an Adam's apple so they're not a kid, they're just a small adult apparently.

  28. MatPat: I am not a gamer
    Also him: Master any game after few tries and became pro

  29. You knowthinvs will get crazy if matpat is jimpscared in the beginning amd is unfazed and amazed that has to mean stuff gets crazy

  30. theory: paulbear is actually peepaw afton and we're playing as someone who got infected by glitchtrap and doesn't know it. That's why we get stuck in our own head sometimes. the person he's afraid of might be like, charlie? or any of the child ghosts, really

  31. Forget the video we need to find out all the different cultures of how sneeze’s sound

  32. i also sneeze like ash. i really relate to the "i hold it in before i sneeze" part XD. high pitched/quiet sneezer's unite.

  33. When MatPat misses the comment Paulbear makes saying that he's "been wearing a costume for so long" and just keeps thinking Paulbear is an actual bear 😅😅😅

  34. bonnie is withered because you took his face because eariler he was wernin glasses

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