The Scariest Jumpscares in FNAF fan games 👹 -

The Scariest Jumpscares in FNAF fan games 👹

Dylan Garbutt
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  1. The first one is very scary the 2 and 3 are ok

  2. Oh my fucking god I might have nightmares now

  3. Tbh the kraken is scarier than all of them, kraken legit rips your arms off

  4. Man someone could be beating their meat bruh

  5. i thoght this video was s joke since the forst jumpscare until i saw the second one as fnaf jd

  6. the first one just made me bricked. then the rest weren’t so scary

  7. First one:*baki skills to beta the s-*
    Second one:use a minigun

  8. ONAF ones are more scarier than this lmao

  9. Both of them are getting flashed in the first one💀

  10. First one: Admit it, you wanted to let her in
    Second one: “Yo, check out my owl whilst I scream in your ear!”
    Third one: actually scary

  11. The first one is horrifyi-



  12. Me: isn't scared of anything
    Fnia chica: allow me to introduce myself…

  13. Nah bro the graveyard shift at Freddy's jumpscares are absolutely terrifying

  14. The first one is the one that truly scares fnaf fans, not VHS tapes, not anything, just that…. Thing.

  15. Why not the scary ones like the final nights reaper puppet or a heard of kittens

  16. Graveyard shift at Freddy’s:Hello there

  17. Virus peach from five show at wario is horrible

  18. FNAF jumpscares are sadly just not scary

  19. If chica walk up to me like that she is getting pregnant i dont care

  20. Did u have to put in a FNAF hentai one?

  21. Literally any fnaf jump scare is scarier that the first

  22. Bro is NOT scared of chica rebornica

  23. Is it just me or is jrs the best fan made game

  24. The first one Momo be like
    👁️ 👁️


  25. Bonnie’s jumpscare in graveyard shift at Freddy is the scariest in my opinion

  26. Dude chicka has been though it…considering how many people have redone her lol ❤❤❤

  27. Im gonna need to watch chica a couple more times🙄😏

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