The Scariest FNaF Fan Game -

The Scariest FNaF Fan Game

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In this video, I got over what is, in my opinion, the scariest FNaF fan game ever made, Five Nights at Treasure Island.

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Music Used in this Video:
Where Dreams Die- Leon Riskin
Sleep No More- Leon Riskin
The Five Nights at Treasure Island OST- Radiance

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  1. 0:00 The game that was used for the intro was made by a pedo.

  2. As an Alestorm fan, I can’t take this fan game seriously because every time I play, I’m like oh no Chris Bowes in the form of a mouse is after me, and then I start singing the song

  3. Am I the only one who never saw the melted pluto he talked about.

  4. Hey Pastra! you should play Oblitus Casa! you would love it, maybe even more then this game!

  5. The newer Five Nights At Wario's games are really good, I think you would like them!

  6. 10:00 suicide mouse or SuicideMouse.avi is a very old creepypasta, if you somehow didnt know, and the music that plays on those cameras is the music in the original video from the creepypasta, the tv's also show the face that appears at the end of it

    But hey this video was made a year ago, i'm basically just talking to a brick wall

  7. Treasure island is such an awesome fan game, but oblitus casa is what I consider to be the pinnacle of fnaf fan games imo. It’s so good i sometimes can’t even consider it a fnaf fan game. It’s it’s own thing.

  8. This game perfectly emphasized the fear factor. It is inspired by Abandoned by Disney, Jeff the Killer, Suicid3 Mouse, and many more Creepypastas, it captures the fear they brought tho their prey PERFECTLY.

  9. This game feels like the ultimate culmination of the internet as a whole.
    It's a indie-studio remake of a fangame of fnaf, which was a horror parody of chuck e cheese, all while being based on a creepasta which was a parody of disney.

  10. Does anyone remember the period of time, one of the versions of Treasure Island had Oswald and Octavia and some compleeeetely different gameplay and layout?

  11. I personally wouldn’t use Dormitabis for the background gameplay while praising the community-

  12. Hourglass doesn’t have the face and undying within him

  13. I looked it up, and when Suicide Mouse gets into your room, you have to disable a camera to get him to leave. However, this only has a 50% chance of getting rid of him. If this doesn't happen, he crashes the game. Now, maybe I'm thinking a bit too deeply here, but if it's intended I really love the fact that, by crashing the game, Suicide Mouse is essencially killing himself.

  14. Fun fact treasure island is a abandon project in Disneyland

  15. Phobia is better. It uses the puppets from The Wiggles. Absolutely terrifying

  16. Wait there’s a five nights at Chuck E. Cheese? Damn, there goes my idea (which, obviously, was five nights at Chuck E. Cheese. It plays/feels like fnaf, the atmosphere and title screen are scary and you’re a security guard, but there’s nothing supernatural. The animatronics don’t move, nothing happens all five nights. I came up with this around the fnaf 1 fnaf 2 era, so I’d recently seen the early game theories on it, so night six had you be assaulted and potentially murdered by someone breaking in to rob the place. There’s a custom night with a fake AI setting and nothing happens regardless of how it’s set.)

  17. Revisiting this video cus of the new one going over the source pasta, and I gotta say it was jarring seeing these old talk sprites. And I gotta say, although the art isn’t as good as it is now, the poses are great and I wish some of these had current analogues, specifically all the ones that currently don’t have modern versions.

  18. I remember being obsessed with fnaf and watching playthroughs of that one and me, who had no issues with any fnaf series before, had a nightmare about it and had to quit looking for it due to fear. Now i just think it seems really cool tbh

  19. Pastra says "enjoyable" while Dormitibus gameplay is on

  20. Am I just blind or does any see pluto because I don't even watching this video 3 times over and still can't see him

  21. The opening showing what Uhyeah called The Most CONTROVERSIAL FNAF Fan Game is kinda weird

  22. came back here right after the abandoned by disney creepypasta video

  23. Knowing the story of the OG story makes sense why there’s so much more out to get you now pople believe bad things are in there with you so they become real

  24. This is one of them super solid hits I just cant keep myself from coming back to 🙂

  25. i first heard of FNATI from a video from Smike's channel detailing the top ten FNAF OCs Distorted Mickey or The Face i found to the most creepiest.

  26. After watching your latest video I just realised what Mickey says when you stay at the menu to long

  27. Is it only me or does jevil's laugh fits so well with clyde?

  28. I know in the past there would be a lot of FNAF fan games that would just throw a random character in it and make them scary and I thought this was going to be one of those. But I can see a lot of effort and creativity went into it. I'd like to know exactly why the characters are the way they are. Might have to look up the story later lol

  29. Man… this brings me back to a time where I had to hide the fact that I watched Markiplier. I remember watching Mark playing this game and having literal nightmares from the deformed mouse. And then having to explain why I had brown marks on my underwear and pants after watching Mark playing this game.

  30. Hey am i the only one who heard that random murmering or whatever it is through the vid? Was it just game audio? Or wad it just somethin he put in to freak folk out a lil lol

  31. I just realized that the characters are based on abandoned by Disney

  32. I cannot find the melted Pluto he talks about, where is it???

  33. Honestly, Mortimer's inclusion as a very rare garantuee-death is such a cool inclusion. It pays homage to another creepypasta in a fitting way while also making sure that it's rare enough that it's unlikely to happen twice in the same playthrough.
    Love it!

  34. The loading screen might be a reference to abandoned by Disney

  35. This is still my favorite video from Pastra, good length, good commentary and overall a awesome video.

  36. a think that esptien island scares a lot more

  37. i like listening to pastra, helps me imagine playing the game because of how excited he is

  38. I would love to see you play tyke and sons lumber co

    -Pastra in his last moments

  40. Does anyone know the game that was shown off at the start of the video?

  41. Wow didn't know Disney employees went through all that for such little pay?

  42. oh brother i hope you've played oblitus casa by now

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