The SCARIEST FNAF Fan Game Ever! | Sinister Turmoil Sewers -

The SCARIEST FNAF Fan Game Ever! | Sinister Turmoil Sewers

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We needed a dose of scary in 2020 and what better than a FNAF fan game? Sinister Turmoil: Sewers looks like just the game we need! Let’s get SCARED!

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  1. It that matthew? No way right? He looks wrong

  2. Me: Oh Mat wouldnt ever look different
    Also me when I saw this video: Oh… HE LOOKS REALLY DIFFERENT 😭

  3. I wasn’t here while you were streaming but while you were playing I’ve been noticing that there are items like metal plates, garbage cans, and the cardboard cutouts that you may be able to hide behind when running away from mangle

  4. “When you die and reset.” If there isn’t already a FNAF type Undertale AU…

  5. I really like your new beard mat Im still a kid so I have no beard 🙁

  6. I hope it’s not just me who remembers when he was phone guy in fanf the musical

  7. This game is really tense and creepy till it glitches out.

  8. Roses are red.
    The wrenches are blue.
    You'll look like both
    If Mangle catches you!

  9. Me:omg I'm so scared but at least your not 🤷mangle: I'll get you guys 😡

  10. the way he looks is scarier than all the fnaf games combined

  11. I just want to say, that mangle is a female.

  12. One I saw UriahTheGreat's comment, I stopped the chat replay to read all the comments

  13. Beird and short hair! Huh. I guess I've seen everything now.

  14. Fun fact: Ultra Custom Night is actually the scariest :>

  15. I mean, there are five different sets of pronouns you can use to refer to Mangle (He/She/They/It/Yes)

  16. Matpat's face jumpscared me as I'm not used to him looking like this XD

  17. Few names i thought of when 1 hour and 5 minutes into the stream (was not here for this sadly)

    Sinister Turmoil Sewers!
    Matpat and the Mang-plane Jumple

    Sinister Turmoil Sewers!
    Matpat and the Mangled Dash

    Sinister Turmoil Sewers!
    Matpat and the Wicked Jump-Sparks

    Sinister Turmoil Sewers!
    Matpat and the Sinister Labyrinth of the Monsters in the Deep Waters
    (i know its long)

    also please come back to this game, theirs new things 🙂

  18. Poor Jaymie, just trying to get mat's attention D:

  19. B E A R D !

    (Also why does amy sound like the voice of sister location, you know, the one that says where you are and end up in the vents?)

  20. 32:37
    Witness the evolution of animatronics. Think William Afton has gone too far

  21. God I might just be fucken stupid but like…. They have a kid right??? Do they just??? Not share a house???

  22. I love to see his beard, looks like a verytable dadmat

  23. Ngl I use your vids as background noise when I’m drawing lol

  24. Chat:DON'T go in he water
    Uncle Pat: *steps in the water a few times"
    The other guy:DO step in the water
    Uncle Pat:"should I be in the water or should I not be"

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