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The Joy of Creation: Story Mode is arguably both the SCARIEST and MOST POPULAR FNAF fan game of all time. It’s stayed relevant thanks to the YouTube scene and its inclusion in the FNAF Fanverse. However, the developer of the game, Nikson, has ANOTHER FNAF fan game that, while still popular, is not talked about NEARLY as much. Today, I go over Those Nights at Rachel’s, a real time 3D FNAF fan game, to see if it’s truly another SCARY FNAF GAME.

You can download the game HERE:


Outro Music: Title Theme – Obliteracers

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3:56 – Main Video


  1. I like how the Thing's present box looks like a coffin to me at least. Makes it spookier.

  2. Jsut realized the whole you have to aim a flashlight at them near 0:55 or so is the exact same way for the endos in SB but with the camera <~>

  3. I fully agree with a lot of your critiques! 2 animatronics for each door who don't do any different makes the nights just a tad more boring, especially when 1-3 animatronics never even show up (the bunny, the raccoon, and the bull)! What's the point in adding characters if they're so non-aggressive they never show up during all 5 nights? I'd get never showing up in like 1-2 nights but Racheal and the raccoon not showing up for you in all 5 is crazy!
    And lastly the control dump on night 1..Everyone I've watched play it got stumped and overwhelmed on night 1 then didn't know how to properly play as they got control dumped on in night 1 then no refreshers after that. It'd be helpful if controls were split up between 2 nights! Like night 1 you focus on Doug and Racheal, and the thing; night 2 could add in the other door and the raccoon (except make him more aggressive, barely showing up is sad for how much work was put into him). It'd slowly bleed all mechanics together so you can adjust to using all of them, throwing everything at the player at once will guarantee they'll end up in situations where they forgot mechanics and controls which later kills them and frustrates them!
    You're also right that the other animatronics don't quite fit the same style as Doug and Racheal. I mean we have 2 cute pet animatronics and then 2 ugly livestock based ones and a sticky trash cowboy (seriously, nothing else is western themed as everyone else is wearing classy ties and bowties, why a dirty roughed up cowboy)? If the theme is somewhat poorly western themed (the diner doesn't fit that) then how tf does the thing fit in?! I love the thing but it's so out of place from the rest, more out of place than everything already is! I feel the theming could be a bit better.

  4. Those nights at Rachel’s is my favorite fan game and still is for years I’m surprised it’s not more popular than candys and popgoes I guess candys makes sense since it the first and has many games but it deserves popularity

  5. You have to play TJOCR, it’s such a good game

  6. i believe that porkchops adventure is more underrated game but thats just my thought

  7. this game has so much potential imagin a character waits for at the offices while your at the curtains and you run into them

  8. funny enough, as a kid Rachel Rabbit was the name of my OC, who also happened to have purple eyes and grey fur. I was SO CONVINCED Nikson had stole it from me and was so pissed for like months. I was like 11 lmao

  9. Being honest, TNAR wasn't really that good imo but the atmosphere was on point

  10. Is @uhyeah 's icon inspired by the dog from Food Fight?

  11. Why is it always these Huniepop/Huniecam songs in your videos ffs.
    AND WHY do I recognize them bwahaha

  12. Is the background music at 4:18 from Max Gentlemen Sexy Business

  13. TJOC still scares me to this day it’s been atleast 1-2 years since I first saw it I first saw it when markiplier I think it was played it

  14. Give the guy some binder clips, those curtains wont open so easily now

  15. Unreal Engine is the reason those graphics still hold up today

  16. The idea of a nightguard bringing a weapon to a FNAF location isn't even that bad. It'd just have to be extremely well done and explain why you can't just shoot them pieces.

  17. i knew about rachels for a while and thought it was popular, guess not.

  18. Take a shot everytime Uhyeah says "Real-time 3D".

  19. You should check out five nights at Kristy Krab series. All games are 3d.

  20. Those nights at rachels was good but 2 was masterful.

  21. There's also a tjoc before story but after the first that being tjoc reborn.

  22. 8:37 Literally tabbed out and tabbbed in only to see this and actually get jumped scared. Man that mf looks scary as hell.

  23. Those Nights At Rachel's holds a special place on my heart, from 2014-2017 i watched a portuguese channel called D4rkframe, before i discovered his channel i already knew a little about FNaF, but he made me start liking it, some of his videos that i have the most nostalgia of are his Those Nights At Rachel's videos, i remember i would just watch them over and over and always come out with a smile, D4rkframe was for me the Markiplier for many, a let's player that played horror games that would always be fun to watch at any time, today he makes different content, stuff like "5 WEIRDEST AMAZON ITEMS" and stuff like that

  24. One of the better fan games that I never see talked about. Great design and atmosphere and I'm surprised you didn't talk about the lore, which is kind of interesting despite not being very detailed

  25. Whoever remembers when this game came out is a true chad

  26. When I first saw Doug the dog's jumpscare I thought he slammed your head into the desk instead of punching you

  27. Hi, discovered your channel like 2 days ago, your videos are really amazing and actually made me like FNAF as a whole again, keep up the good work!

  28. I think the forgotten memories office is inspired by this games office

  29. Isn’t the office in the roblox fnaf game forgotten memories the EXACT SAME

  30. wait, so nikson created the animatronics in tjocsm? like destroyed freddy and stuff?

  31. 13:44 watching the thing rise out of the box actually made me shit myself

  32. I remember those nights at Rachel’s lol I almost forgot it

  33. I had no idea TNAR was made by TJOC guy. I remember when both games came out. Rachel's was the most beautiful game in the FNaF fandom when it released but like so many fnaf fangames and even the actual fnaf games, they can get stale.
    The Joy of Creation was a long time coming and nowadays it is very refined and rightfully beloved.
    … but if I remember correctly, the guy who made TJOC was a bigot and I don't fund bigots so I guess I can't play his new stuff… and now I kinda don't want to play Rachel's either.
    I would never begrudge anyone else loving playing a game but I personally don't think I can look past stuff like that.

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