The Return to Freddy's Was Kinda Weird. -

The Return to Freddy’s Was Kinda Weird.

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Do you remember this Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame series? Because I do. And it was WEIRD.
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TRTF Novel

Music Used (In Order):
Super Mario Galaxy – Stardust Road
Super Mario Odyssey – Steam Gardens
Super Mario Odyssey – Inside The Inverted Pyramid
Super Mario Galaxy – Buoy Base Galaxy
Super Mario Odyssey – Mount Volbono
Merv Griffin – Jeopardy! Theme
Toby Fox – It’s Showtime!
Super Mario Galaxy – Teresa Waltz
Super Mario Sunshine – Pianta Village
Super Mario Galaxy – Purple Comet
Super Mario Odyssey – Tostarena Ruins
Adrenaline – Mamoune Taleb

00:00 Intro
00:40 FNAF 3 Fangame
05:34 TRTF 2
09:27 TRTF 3
11:41 TRTF 4
14:42 TRTF 5
18:58 The Complicated Part
21:34 Novel/Attempted Reboot
26:31 The Road That Falls
28:36 Closing Thoughts

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  1. For those who think I'm being a dick to Tyler (even though I pretty much just call him cringe and make fun of his hilarious writing), here's a list of things he did I compiled by doing surface level research:- He stole images of Candy from Emil Macko's deviant art, attempted to copyright the character, rename it Sugar, and pass it off as his own.- He stole Scott's code numerous times instead of figuring out how to do it himself. (this is illegal)- He claimed his girlfriend was his sister and that they had sex on multiple occasions and jerked off on camera with one another.- Has a self-insert in basically every game, which was fine until Frankburt's where he made stripper variants of his and his ex GF's OCs, Lockjaw and Kitty Fazcat, post breakup.- Faked his death for publicity around the release of the fourth game- Kept pushing everyone who attempted to help him away (around TRTF5 era and beyond) because he couldn't handle anything in the games that wasn't his own vision.- Dismissed any genuine criticism on The Road That Falls as people being "jealous haters".- From what I can find, he is just genuinely a very unpleasant person to interact with and is generally not a great person. He definitely suffers from mental illness but it's not an excuse for his actions. Now you can stop calling me a bad person just for making fun of someone's bad writing. I didn't feel this stuff had any place in my video, I guess that was a mistake.

  2. The saddest thing is that Tyler and the creator who made five nights at treasure island, along with the creator who made FNAC that one creator who made five nights at Chuck E. Cheese would probably be likely the least controversial devs in the Fnaf community these days

  3. his early models look like dodgy roblox models

  4. I thought the return to Freddy’s was pretty good


  6. Try and justify it all you want (I have indeed read the pinned comment), but this entire video comes off as mean spirited and it's not a good look IMO.
    You spend this entire video bashing BDF (who was a kid/teenager during these events) in a way that doesn't feel funny or like it has a point at all.

    In your ONaF video you spend not even a second of those 40 minutes bashing Jonochrome, an actual groomer who was chased out of this community for that reason.
    Meanwhile, in this video, you spend 30 minutes bashing on amateur passion projects just because the dude who made them is kindof a dick online.

    I understand your ONaF video is 2 months younger than this one, so perhaps your perspective has changed, but as it stands right now, you treated Jonochrome and his games better than you did these. Let that sink in.

  7. No way there's an animatronic with my name bro I am ashamed 😭

  8. I laughed when I heard that voice mail!

  9. the toxic meter isn't even original it can be found i fnaf 2 as an unused mechanic

  10. Yk, with his poor English I keep thinking "maybe he's not a native engli-" as I remember he was born dead middle of Texas

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