The Return to Bloody Nights: Part 1 -

The Return to Bloody Nights: Part 1

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The Return to Bloody Nights is an amazing Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game that drops you in and never lets go.

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  1. It’s definitely a mark thing beating the first two nights without know there are lights at the doors, it’s def something only he would do

  2. :Markiplier playing bloody nights:😀😴, :8-Bit Ryan playing bloody nights:😭😭😵😵😵😵😵😵🫣🫣🫣😰😰😰😥😥💀☠️

  3. I work as a welder and the conversation between willam afton and Henry is literally just about every conversation that goes on between coworkers when on the job so I find it hilarious that Mark is basically saying what I'm thinking whenever someone starts talking about safety.

  4. So many nods to Cave Johnson in this game 😂

  5. Hey mark if yo click one mor time it gonca open flash

  6. dude you should have used the flashlight on the door

  7. this game is so scary, i shit myself on the intro

  8. Honestly the 110$ paycheck might not be too bad if we know what year it was. Inflation exists so it actually might be more, but its probably a shit paycheck

  9. i just realized wathel takes a line directly from cave johnson (the phonebook contract line is from portal 2, directly)

  10. i can’t tell if i’m reaching or not but the william afton voice actor sounds just like jonathan sims from the magnus archives

  11. like 440 for 4 weeks? its…u know…

  12. 110 dollars in 1980 is like 400 dollars now a days

  13. The story of where the ballerina crawls into a man's mouth can be found in the 3rd FNAF book in the serious. Last story.

  14. why does william sound like capt. jack sparrow💀

  15. I swear, that Fredbear bug mid-phone call is funnier than it should be.
    "You seem to have everything under control, don't you?"

  16. I would have walked out after he said 110 dollars a week.

  17. Gotta love the portal reference at the beginning 😂😂 around 3:40

  18. "We're not cheap here… We'll pay you a good $110 a week!" That's $2.75/h for a normal, every day 8 hour shift. That's almost 6 times less than minimum wage…

  19. I swear fredbears voice is the HEVU's voice lines from half life

  20. 440$ a month? man these people are cheapskates! 4 minutes in will update if anything notable happens 22 minutes in, hehehe 35 minutes in and can confirm that scared me, thankfully my coffee was not in my hands 10/10

  21. Markiplier is like a mixture of keanu reeves and bob ross

  22. 𝕎𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕨_𝔻𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞𝕤 says:

    “Hopefully I don’t die on my birthday that would be really depressing”

  23. 31:27
    If you guys read the first “Fazbear Frights” book in the series, you would know that this is an “Into The Pit” reference, where a kid finds a ball pit that ends up taking him back in time

  24. Mark: "is that what I missed out on because I don't know what that's about-"
    sees Freddy move
    "Freddy!! :D"

  25. Try putting 1983 or 1987 in the number pin thing it could activate something

  26. 3:38 i like how the speech wathel did in the first night was basically just a cave johnson reference from Portal 2.

  27. I'm noticing a worryingly small amount of people talking about the Freddy toy nodding his head at 20:30 even though Mark never touched it's nose…

  28. That menu format takes me back holy crap. Also what cold said, Mark going through the first 3 nights without flashlights seems typical of Mark lmao.

  29. ngl its wild hearing source (halflife/portal) sound effects for the doors while someone does a cave johnson comedy greedy boss character over a prerecorded message.

  30. Looks good but the damn voice overs take sooooo looooong.

  31. The fact that mark sounds like William so much 💀

  32. Wathel Brogie blatently quoting Cave Johnson fucking SENT me

  33. The Phone guy in this game sound a little like markiplier 😂

  34. How did bro get the th
    Thumbnail without discovering the door light

  35. I love that Wathel on the phone had a couple of lines ripped directly from Cave Johnson in Portal 2

  36. Okay good news, $110 a week is equal to like $621 nowadays lol

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