The Rarest FNAF Easter Eggs -

The Rarest FNAF Easter Eggs

Johnny the Night Guard
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In this video, I, the Night Guard, go over the rarest easter eggs from the first FNAF or Five Nights at Freddy’s game, subscribe for more fnaf theories, news, and shorts.


  1. I got golden freddy on the poster on night 3



  4. I got the golden freddy jump scare and poster night two

  5. I once got golden Freddy I'm not joking I even got a screen shot

  6. my friend got golden freddy on his first time playing

  7. golden freddy got in my room on cam 2b on night 3 or 4 at 3am

  8. Me who just ignore an 1 of 100.000 changes because an random its me appeared 💀

  9. I miss old feels like they tried to make it family friendly with security breach..

  10. Believe it or not but right after I opened fnaf 1 for the first time golden freddy was in my office lol

  11. The fact that I got golden Freddy on night 2 blows my mind, I was genuinely shocked like bro

  12. I got killed by golden Freddy in school on a website that lets you play games

  13. “Quality over Quantity”

    Steel Wool: Yeah, we’ll ignore that

  14. i had the golden freddy ones AND IT WAS AMAZING IM NOT JOKING

  15. i got IT'S ME screens from fnaf 1 like 4 times already

  16. Facts bro the original fnaf game has a mimic reference 😐

  17. anyone else ever experienced actually getting the golden freddy secret but accidentally flipping your camera up? it is so rage inducing

  18. I swear to god i remember fanning over the endo estear eggs back in the day and if you DARE call it a mimic refrence im going to send you far beyond even next week.

  19. what about the secret jumpscare that rarely happens when you run out of power? it flashes freddy's face and "it's me" flashes on the screen too

  20. I got the Golden Freddy one within hours of playing. Like I got him on night 5, but I honestly thought it was common lol

  21. But still those damn newspaper clipings in that damn hallway is the reason were in the mess of lore solving this game

  22. i saw allof these at least one befor 😮

  23. Fnaf before fnaf 6 was honestly so much scarier than modern fnaf

  24. Nah, screw the mimic, i prefer the original first 4 game

  25. I got the golden Freddy so I started videoing it lol

  26. Golden Freddy easter egg is already removed from the game

  27. I've seen the golden Freddy poster on night three

  28. Markiplier casually getting the Golden Freddy in FNAF 1
    1-100,000 chance… HOW??!!

  29. This is the moment it's me became it's mesenberg

  30. How is this quality of quantity? This is the complete opposite.

  31. i remember in 2015 i got golden freddy jumpscared while in the car, i had no idea what golden freddy was, so i screamed and almost got us all killed

  32. Iv actually seen golden freddy on the poster 1 time in my years of playing fnaf since its release

  33. Bonnie and freddy do staring contest💀💀

  34. Another Easter egg: if you put 1987 in the custom night and enter you get jumscared by golden Freddy

  35. I got Golden Freddy trice in a single night, and ANOTHER ONE on the next one.

  36. Giga Chad FNAF 1 phone guy vs Virging FNAF 3 Phone guy

  37. I’m rare I played on the 1st night AND GOLDEN FREDDY AND BONNiE. aT BACK STAGE

  38. I got golden freddy once and I audibly shrieked with excitement

  39. I have gotten golden Freddy twice and the lore on the wall on the hall corner like a thousand times maybe im just lucky

  40. I think the Endo in FNAF 1 was mimicking Bonnie when he was staring at the cam

  41. nah aint no way the chance for gfreddy is 1 in 100k its like 1 in 100

  42. Se tivesse dublagem tambem, seria matavilhoso ouvir a mother falando português de Portugal

  43. And then fnaf 2 went for quantity over quality, big time

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