The Old Roblox FNAF Games From My Childhood -

The Old Roblox FNAF Games From My Childhood

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I am so glad to share these great memories I had of this topic, it is one of the largest nostalgia factors for both Roblox and FNAF. I hope you remember these games and share them too.

With the nostalgia out the way, this video was super stressful to make. It was relieving yelling into the mic though and expressing how I really want to do these videos for fun and I how I took them too serious. If you have criticisms over some things (such as my vocal skills) I have to let you know that I will improve over time and finally get to have fun creating and doing what I love , instead of feeling like a zombie. Join the race for glory in Smash Karts – the action-packed gaming experience that brings together speed, strategy, and a whole lot of smashing fun!

I hope you enjoy the video.



Sites where I got Info from:

What I used to find them:


FNAF Pizza Sim Music by Leon Riskin
Other music belongs to who ever composed them

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Barry’s and Eerie’s
2:47- Five Shifts at Tom’s 3
5:02 – Five Shifts at Fregie’s Circus
6:30 – Five Shifts at Freddy’s Fright 3
8:00 – The Pizzeria
9:52 – Nights at Freddy’s Roleplay
12:15 – The unknown game
12:51 – The End
13:15 – Outro


  1. The only nostalgic thing i remember in 2020 is the old version of the roblox tprr when it was a block and round instead of a mesh

  2. The game you mentioned at the end is the one i was looking for, I forgot about most of these games and lots of memories instantly flooded back of playing with my brothers and sisters and being terrified.

  3. I remember this one fnaf fangame where springtrap was antagonist. One of the chapters included a moment where you played game in style of original FNAF

  4. I remember that one viral fnaf sl custom night game that became popular around 2018-2019. i forgot the name but it was a pretty amazing recreation at the time.

    also, i really remember all those roblox youtubers that would record some of these games. those were good times back then.

    edit: i found it, it was five night's at maylee's. pretty cool game

  5. Don't forget Animatronic Tycoon, that was a literal classic and it got banned. I'm really sad that i can't replay my childhood game i was playing since i was kid.

  6. The was one for me simply called Five Nights at Freddy's: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. by a user named Brutez_BrightBeat, its super old looking and i remember a morph room above the map, it was crazy

  7. I just found this video, it's very good, i was a little bit older during this time period so i was making my own creations that people still seem to remember, i still speak to a few of the devs listed in this video as well.

    if you're wondering what games i made, i made a night at the oc factory which is still up, it's always cool to find people who actually remember it.

  8. Anyone remember that one fnaf rp with hotels across the street from the pizzeria? Everyone had a tv and bunk beds but I forgot about ir

  9. I found some made by Boojie, new account if called BoojieQ, 0t is still on roblox under the same name and some of the others are gone.

  10. Holy shit- the nostalgia! I remember the fnaf tom games, and fregies circus, the five shifts at freddy's rp games, and so much more. i'm gonna miss it.

  11. I have two memories from Tom’s and they’re both equally as weird
    One was me taking 2 minutes to remember how the spell “future” because I was saying a very bad “motivational” speech
    The second was waiting for a song that was ingame to play, I never roleplayed the “correctly” such as attacking the night guard or surviving

  12. Thank you for this video I thought I was alone with these memories.


  14. I REMEMBERED THE NAME "Return to the Pizzeria" whats crazy is that HelloBurp! made it the creator of "The Pizzeria Roleplay Remastered" THERE IS A CHANCE THIS FAN GAME WOULD BE REMASTERED DUE TO THE TEAM BEHIND TPRR
    You should've mentioned that one fnaf 3 fan game.
    this was supposed to be a prequel to fnaf 3+ basically taking place during the springlock mini game and afterwards
    where springtrap would hunt you down throughout the game
    i forgot the name but it was 10/10 for the time

  15. 10:40 bro you helped me find the name of that game I used to play, I remember the lobby

  16. Dude! I remember all of these but could never find them! Thank you so much for cataloging these!
    Anyone remember the old outdated "sequel" to Five Shifts at Freggie's Circus called "Five Shifts at Freddy's 2?" that was just a worse version of FNaF 2 without the toys I believe?

    (Sorry for more edits..)
    Actually, On the topic I've been looking for an old fnaf rp for a long time. It was a game sort of like Freggies but more broken down, All I remember is the office was HUGE and full of like thirty lockers you could enter. A few were even on their side but they were all equally rusted.

  17. bro i forgot that one fnaf game it was like a fnaf rp game with like a apple animatronic and stuff

  18. The Pizzeria was the first time I was introduced to Fnaf. I still remember being so scared to even check the lights😂😂😂

  19. Omg I played nights at freddys on xbox all the time 💀

  20. 9:42 "wow that was alot of memories for a game i havent even played, thanks to it probably being the first roblox fnaf game i ever played" lol i kinda died cause i thought i was trippin till i played the vid back but that sentence is just great n itself

  21. i remember playing an rp fnaf game in like 2016/2015 with minecraft looking morphs and plushies you could buy in the entrance, as well as identical small houses in the background but i cant find the game. i remember it being pretty popular but either the game shut down or it got changed drastically because i cant find it :/

  22. I used to play fnaf tycoons but roleplays first. Truly a great memory but alot of these games I played

  23. This is underrated like really underrated. I remember so many of these games all cause of you, I used to play fnac games too

  24. the reason I joined ROBLOX was cuz of fnaf.
    Nostalgia hits hard

  25. Does anyone know the link of a ROBLOX FNAF game that is a fnaf 2 multiplayer where animatronics player have to kill the nightguard player but toys animatronic are replaced with adventure animatronics?

  26. Please make more videos like these. This is amazing.

  27. i only remember barry's and the pizzeria along with a game that is not on the list, freddy fazblox's pizza roleplay (and tpr)

  28. Actually surprised to see someone else remember legit all these games lol, been replaying them as of late and over the past 2 months and found out Fregie's and Shift at Freddy's reopened, tho morphs are broken. Great vid

  29. Anyone remember that one fnaf rp in roblox 2016 that had a map select that contained all the fnaf games + like a minigame map? And the morphs were the old common ugly models. The lobbies were also playing darude sandstorm 😭 i think its just gone or changed heavily atp but an another one is a roblox version of the william getting springlocked minigame which im pretty sure still exists BUT jus dont know the name

  30. There is one Two games I remembered Playing on ROBLOX. One was "Animatronic World" Which is a Roleplay Game. The Other is a FNaF Adventure Game (Kinda Like Half-Life) Which was "Return to the Pizzeria" that is a Prequel to FNaF 3 where You go through different Chapters and Hide from Springtrap Himself. They did made a Remake of it since the Original was Buggy. You play as a Silent worker who works for Fazbear's Frights Just to find some Old stuff For the Amusement Park. You do Sorts of Puzzles (Like Half-Life and Portal) and Run through a Facility that make Pizza's for Freddy's. It did had 1 FNaF Segment where you check the Doors and cams just to get an Exit. You Have to play this. It's incredible, The game came out in 2016 and It's way good.

  31. i am so grateful you made such video, I've been looking for a lot of old fnaf roblox games for a long time 😭

    out of all of these, nights at freddy's was the one i played the most. So memorable.
    You helped me find five shifts at tom's 3, i remember it so faintly yet i just knew the game was real. thank you

  32. Who remembers blockbears RP? (the original not the one that still exists) it was basically just a Fnaf rp with the choice to be either an adult or a kid or a teen, and of course an animatronic, only one person could be an animatronic at a time, and there was no golden freddy. The models for the animatronics were mind blowing, (for it’s time) and still are very good imo. The map was basic but creative. There was obviously Freddy’s in the middle, down the street left was either a hotel or hospital, and down the street right was a police station. The game was replaced with a fnaf rp of the same name, imo the new version is a downgrade.. also it’s dying. Anyway who remembers?

  33. Yoo you also played Fregie’s!? It’s been brought back and even had a Roblox remake! I hope to remaster the game in unreal engine one day, but for now it’s nice to meet another one of the few!

  34. Personally my childhood fnaf game was TPRR (The Pizzaria Roleplay Remastered) in 2016

  35. well, there is this one fnaf game that i remember playing a loootttt on roblox but i really can’t remember nothing, and cant find ir anywhere, it was like a fnaf rpg, but the models i remember being really good and detailed, and like you could customise your own animatronic, but with coins, and i remember it was only on like, the fnaf 2 map, and like, there was a back stage and things like that, but like i cant find it anywhere, if someone knows the name i would be very thankful

  36. dude some game i remembered is "after fnaf" well this stills exist but there no one playing this game was so nostalgia that i think i wan it to make a fan remake of this game

  37. Oh my gosh… I played Five Shifts At Toms 3 so much as a kid but could not remember the name! All that i could remember was the office and the face remover behind one of the walls! thanks for this video as i now know about this game again!

  38. i think i remember playing barry i knew the same mask as well i thought no one actually knew what the game even was so glad someone made a vid like this

  39. I REMEMBER BARRYS! Holy shit do I feel old.

  40. I remember a game in Map Fnaf 2, you choose characters in an underground place as you mentioned in the video. I remember that the restaurant was dark and the only place where there was light or lights was the office. I remember if you chose a specific character, for example, Toy Freddy, you cannot move as You want to click on the locations you want through the cameras. I think you mean this game because I literally played it once and have not seen it to this day.

  41. Hres a game i remember and i cant remember anything
    it was kinda dark and eerie, it wasn't like, the real fnaf maps I think it was more custom. BUT the only memory I have from this game is that something you could do or some character ( ? ) would play the song " don't you dare forget the sun " by get scared, I think it was added cus it had a creepy pasta aspect yk due to ticci toby. i would LOVE to figure out what this game was called as it was what introduced me to get scared years ago.

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