The Next FNAF Game -

The Next FNAF Game

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Afton is just too angry to die.




  1. before you know were gonna have springtrap on a wheelchair yelling at you like a old man saying "get over here!" "I used to be the man behind the slaughter!"

  2. I swear in 2050 there will be a Fazbear City with a Freedy Transformer and Afton will be in a dust jar

  3. Are you thinking about Mangle gender? I have a truth. Mangle gender is YES

  4. Being a Titanfall scorch main, that reference was fantastic

  5. Jonathan Freddy, como mi foto de perfil xD

  6. the title should be freddy gets pregnate :the movie :flushed:

  7. 2 года назад был русским стал англичанином..

  8. I won't be surprise if this was the plot of a fnaf troll game lol.

  9. Рибята он русский я его старые анимации смотрела

  10. Titanfall 3 fnaf dlc


  12. В части где fnaf 4 Halloween Edition чёрный фредбер Это кошмар найтмер Фредди а просто фредбер извиняюсь я фредбера нечаянно Фредди называл фредбер кошмарный только чёрную называется Кошмар простоквашу мало

  13. tbh isnt OG william afton dead and trapped in purgatory?
    the security breach one is i believe the 'copy' of him or something taken from the chips and code in the old suit..?
    someone gotta recap this shit again as long as its not matpat, that dude went insane

  14. He always comes back, but does he want to come back?

  15. А я помню про купленов 2015

  16. Ты какой национальности

  17. The King’s palace sign with the Markiplier stache beneath it was a great touch

  18. How you know in 2030 fazbear mega ultra pizza plex will open in 2030?

  19. The next game after this is just William in a vase with all his ashes

  20. William is just sitting there to keep up on the news of what's happening but he is scared of the past things he did wrong not letting him go heaven so he's staying at the place

  21. Я не шоне понела я не инглиш но я руская!

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