The NEXT FNaF Game - Five Nights at Freddy’s: Into The Pit -

The NEXT FNaF Game – Five Nights at Freddy’s: Into The Pit

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  1. If the ball pit is showing us victims' memories of the MCI, then that's how we can have the 5 nights (one night for each missing child).

  2. I’m excited but I’m confused, is the game gonna be cannon to the game timeline or not?

  3. Yeah, everything you said seems to make sense and is an interesting concept
    Also funny RE reference, it's true though

  4. Looks neato but not a fan how they changed SpringBonnie’s design.

  5. Toy bonnie is there because of the toys in fnaf 4 minigames where they are figures being played by a girl

  6. ❤I Loves Trailer Five Nights at Freddy's into the pit Game & Look Very Cool 😎

  7. 9:25 I also think Oswald could be experiencing nightmares created from the agony and memories of the ballpit.

  8. toy animatronics were prouced as toys since 1983, also i don't think there would be a poster advertising a closed pizzeria in freddy's, so i think elizabeth was killed shortly after the mci

  9. Personally, I see the past pizzeria that Oswald ends up in as less of what it literal looked like back in 85' and more a bunch of jumbled together locations and memories (perhaps the ball pit was at all of these locations at one point or another).
    Such as:
    The Toy Bonnie poster and the paper pals from the 87' location; the Circus Baby poster from her restaurant; the fixed versions of Spring Bonnie and Golden Freddy from the Family Dinner and the classic FNAF 1 animatronics instead of fixed renditions of the withereds (which should be the ones at Freddy's from 83' till 85' or whenever the first Freddy's closed).
    Anyway, could be right, could be dead wrong, we'll just have to find out when the game releases.

  10. I feel so happy for all the book fans who have been waiting for a game like this for so long you lot deserve this and I can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions to this game 😃

  11. You know the more info we get the more and more it’s starting to seem like Gibis 9 hour video with his timeline at the end is becoming more and more accurate, which makes sense if u spend near 9 hours dissecting Fnaf 😭😂, love the video papi pulse keep up the good work 🤪😘

  12. In the trash picture molten Freddy is thrown away. Food for thought 😊 7:02 btw it's the bottom left corner

  13. wonder if the october date on the calendar has anything to do with Fall Fest..

  14. Can i use this for my independent reading book

  15. I wonder how hilariously pathetic the springtrap monsters death will be this time. lol

  16. Im happy that big fnaf youtubers such as yourself are making videos about this. I just wish the videos didn't have so many false statement about important stuff relating to the lore of the books.

  17. If this is how it'll look, it'll be super scary in the good way.

  18. Wild idea, the game is meant to be over 5 nights, so what if each night Ozzy is reliving the final moments of each of the MCI kids but we see Ozzy in their place like an avatar. Pretty much every game is never straightforward with what is happening so something like that would be perfect.

  19. Is anyone talking about Oswald's robot arm in the concept art?

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