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  1. how can you be scared of an animatronic when you sleep with a doll looking straight at you?

  2. Dawko: the only human being able to make a 14 minute video about a 38 second video interesting

  3. As all can see they are the nightmares animatronics so ofc they will have the box from FNAF 4

  4. No one:
    Dawko: Makes a 14-minute video about a 30-second video

  5. is it possible that at night the robots come to life like the whole franchise is based on .
    (also i feel like there is going to be a lot of heart attacks when this comes out)

  6. Freddy: runs at player

    Usain bolt: haha bai

  7. ….who else is concerned for MatPat's mental health…. 😅😅

  8. to survive listen carefully put me back together again

  9. I'm moving in the shadows.
    Me: yea we know. Your standing in the dark.

  10. the withered freddy COULD be golden freddy. as he looks more golden in the dark then freddy himself.
    also you missed a few words in the beginning of the trailer.

  11. Idk why but something tells me that Fnaf Ar is coming in October because Halloween is in that month.

  12. The fnaf ar trailer comments says “this is revenge for dawko”

  13. A theory is that we have to out back together a animatronic while freddy and his gang try to kill us maybe shocking them damage them and make them more aggressive towards the protagonist (possibly mike) and maybe if we dont put back together the animatronic we to survive listen to put me back together again sounds similar and great news the game is 75 % done 😉

  14. 1:13 If you look closely, you can see that the second "E" and "L" in "DELIVERY" flip around to spell "EVIL" backwards. Nice touch. 😉

  15. I'm so lucky! I'm getting an Ipad Pro for Christmas, a big one too! So I can download it right away!
    Good stuff Dawko can't wait for the let's play <3

  16. Me and him have very different variations of awesome

  17. The voice at the end is lefty baby and lefty sound the same

  18. Is it just me or does freddy look golden

  19. Just imagine if the game asked you to turn off the lights or to play in a darkened setting and when you use the flashlight in game it just turns on your phones flashlight

  20. Me: Imagines Dawko running around his house
    Also me: YES

  21. When I was very small, I had a nightmare where I was walking past my bathroom door, and a brown bear or some kind of bear came out of it. Something tells me I've always been Ready For Freddy!

  22. Late, but the banner looks a lot like the trick or treat house in the dreadbear DLC

  23. When this game comes out, I'm gonna do it with all the lights off. What I'm worried of the most is Molten Freddy cornering me in my basement

  24. lol thats not baby, thats lefty. it doesnt have the echo, and it is more of a whisper. thats just what i think though

  25. Dont you think the text you found could mean glitchtrap or afton?

  26. 4:04 Top right corner. Something like "to eur…"

  27. Sign the petition for early access 🙂

    Also I can imagine fnaf fans running screaming freddy,Bonnie,all of the are coming! down the street while people are weirded out.

  28. Comparing to the trailer and when the game came out, the game was alot different then the trailer

  29. wOo iM fRoM tHe fUtUrE
    And markiplier was in the “gold bit”

  30. we thought the game was going to be way better then it is…

  31. The video had to be reuploaded because YouTube glitched the video oof

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