THE NEW FNAF GAME! (feat. The Voice of Freddy) -

THE NEW FNAF GAME! (feat. The Voice of Freddy)

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Today we’ll be playing the newest FNAF game, but that’s not even the best surprise! We’re hosting an honored guest on the live stream: the Voice of Freddy Fazbear! Join us for this special episode!

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  1. Oof, if Scott made ultimate custom night funtime freddy's voice german… Poor MatPat

  2. 16:00 for the people who want to see the reaction of german funtime freddy 🙂

  3. Kellen: You two are quite a pair


  4. Well I don’t see bonbon voice slowly trailing off

  5. I’m here for inuyasha sequel because his the voice head Root

  6. What if Funtime Bonnie had an voice what voice actor we needed? TOM KENNY from spongebob

  7. Him: does custom voice request
    Scott: Hires a Hittman

  8. Sorry but some parts are cringy sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry

  9. Ft foxy:s-show times are on the hour. Kellen:H-hey bonbon go g-get em. Me: wait bon BON is gonna do the show..-EEEEEE

  10. The part that scares me most is the way you guys scream

  11. Everyone else commenting 3 years ago: OMG Funtime Freddy!

    Me in 2021: 😱 Overhaulllll

  12. to me funtime freddy sound like he smoke XD

  13. matpat: you never fully dressed without a smile and your fun-time Freddy hat
    Me: rarely smiles and doesn't own a fun-time Freddy hat I'm not fully dressed?

  14. Fun Fact: Kellen Goff now plays Porco Galliard’s English dub in the fourth season of Attack on Titan.

  15. I cant believe he now voices Overhaul. Or rather voiced.

  16. dark bonnie 87 fan / duper kirby studios says:

    4:09 fnaf ar would made freddy sound darth vader

  17. he isnt the voice of funtime freddy
    he is the voice of krusty the clown

  18. Time traveler: Kicks a rock
    Sister Location in the future: 16:23

  19. Steal his pizza
    If you dare
    But beware
    The jumpscare
    If you even care
    To expiriance a nightmare

  20. Scott came out of his Scott hole and joined his family hole

  21. German Funtime Freddy is best Funtime Freddy XD

  22. Kellen also does Overhaul from My Hero Academia.

  23. Finally another person that ate a kazoo.

  24. as a long time fnaf and aot fan, now that s4 has been animated (I've read the manga since 2016 so I knew who porco and everyone was) i can't hear kellen's voice without thinking of porco or fnaf

  25. MatPats alright.

    Me: why ft Freddy?

  26. Fun fact: Kellen voiced Diavolo in JJBA Part 5 english dub. Funtime Freddy is Diavolo and he uses time skip to move around the breaker room because he's too heavy to walk.

  27. Me watching this while making my Funtime Freddy costume for Halloween this year.

  28. I just imagine Mark watching this video until Matt speculates if Scott is his dad then either bursting into tears or sitting back silent and depressed.

  29. "German Funtime Freddy doesn't exist, he can't hurt you."

    German Funtime Freddy:

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