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( In my opinion ; ] )

Today we talk about one of the BEST FNAF fan games I have ever played, Tyke and Sons Lumber Co! I go over the gameplay, the things I love about it, and why I think it is one of the most UNDERRATED FNAF fan games ever made!


Most of the footage in the video is from @FusionZGamer because this game doesn’t run very well on my PC and I didn’t wanna use laggy footage. Thank you to him for uploading high quality gameplay!

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  1. A game I need to play!! I meed to know how it ends. I also like the day sections, they seem right up my alley.

  2. boi this game is FANTASTIC my guy. like i played it and it was the most fun fnaf game that i have played since i don't play much fnaf fangames. but fr this game is underrated asf dude. if anybody haan't played it then you are missing out bro

  3. that ending is insane. thank you for getting me interested in this amazing game. I love youtubers like you who just like to make people happy and make sure not to spoil an ending of a game you are reviewing even though it may be important to the review.

  4. In UCN the animatronics put on zero look sleepy and lazy but as you slowly raise the hardness they slowly look more active

  5. To pick up a coffee from you MoThEr thats funny and unintentional

  6. The game really captures the feeling and vibe of Scott's original game, with models and everything, Mixlas really did a good job with this one.

  7. Wait, I thought joy of creation was made by the creators of the fnaf series (I have never played any of the games).

  8. At this point of humanity I expected FNIA.

  9. at first I was giving you a lotta time to say i’m bullshittin but then it took me by surprise when I saw the night section and I thought oh damn this looks pretty fun

  10. i like how flumpty started from a joke, and turned into three actual game

  11. Mhm, all very fascinating, however you forgot
    B R U C E

  12. 14:19 the first time springtrap was funny looking and understandable instead of scarry and poop head like.

  13. see that uhyeah shows a vid with 1.4 million views now his video at 2 mil

  14. This seems like a great fnaf fan game not gonna lie I think I might get this

  15. I downloaded the game and got a virus, DONT DOWNLOAD IT

  16. Me opiniong is that Final Nights 4 is the best fnaf fangame like i just like the game

  17. To be fair. Chipper and sons looked way to basic, the gameplay is fine for fast sessions on the toilet, and looked like it was way to minimalistic for long time sessions. Having that for a pc game does warrant some of the arguments towards the game. It just looked like a very very very simple 2d life sim. Which can get very boring in no time at all.
    The fan sequel seems to fix a few things. But nothing gamers would really want. So, that's probably why it's not very popular. Even, the sprite work seems like it's animating at 3 frame per cycle. Instead of something like 7 frames.
    Maybe, if the game improved upon other things, it'll become popular. But I just don't see that happening.

  18. Something i noticed in the game is that a sign says 20% off on the first day but as you get to another day it goes up 20% until 80% off

  19. FNAF FFPS + Chipper and sons + Tyke + FNAF World + FNAF 4 = Tyke and Sons

  20. The best fnaf fanmade i think you wanted to say the worst in my opinion i hate this game i spend over 7 hours to beat the intire game but then the game went to to beggining so i hate it

  21. I'm so happy someone made a video showcasing this amazing game.

  22. the most underrated FNAF Fan Game: Five Nights at Lua

  23. One tweak I would make is have the Phantom Chip o mat instead of draining your battery, would take 1 sleep assurance away. Imo this would make more sense realistically and also make you care more about each block of it and make you more on edge, and it would feel more intense when turning of the light.

  24. I literally cant find pillows anywhere can someone help

  25. This was my favorite since like 2018 or something

  26. At first, I didn't really care about these fnaf fan games, but after watching this, i might get into joy of creation and this thing

  27. Chipper and Son walked so FNAF could run

  28. I especially like Night 5 since you can still hear the party that has been hosted outside in your house

  29. I love how Nightmare Chipper's nickname is KILLTIMBER!


  30. Try counting how many times he says, "I will talk about that later"

  31. Before watching I disagree with the title the game has good nights but too much grinding

  32. I genuinely thought that Chipper and Sons was actually made by Scott Cawthon. Like, the fan game one. It's was really well made, the developer made a good job.

  33. I first found this game from the astralspiff vods, am really glad I got the game for myself and 100% it, the 100% icon that you can click on for a vid was totally worth it thank you Mixlas >:l. Though to be honest the custom night reward was actually quite cool.

    P.S. I would be carful playing this game yourself though, It’s good enough it has the power to suck you back into the fandom of fanf years after you left it.

  34. Bubbas diner is more underrated

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