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( In my opinion ; ] )

Today we talk about one of the BEST FNAF fan games I have ever played, Tyke and Sons Lumber Co! I go over the gameplay, the things I love about it, and why I think it is one of the most UNDERRATED FNAF fan games ever made!


Most of the footage in the video is from @FusionZGamer because this game doesn’t run very well on my PC and I didn’t wanna use laggy footage. Thank you to him for uploading high quality gameplay!

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  1. I got a virus from this game so thanks for that

  2. Best fan made fanf games top three
    3.tyke amd sons best thing in the game mushroom monster

    2.flumpty i guess the jumspcares is the best in the game i guess

    1.dayshifts at freddys and dayshifts at freddys 2 best thing in it the entire thing

  3. i 100% the game all during one of my classes in public school

  4. Itd this taever make shear reality, You can bet it real good.


  5. You know it’s a good fan game when it’s better than the original game XD

  6. To be fair tjoc deserves all the love it gets. Yes there are othe great ones but out of all the overrated games this one deserves love the most

  7. Well i have to say i watched gameplay of this game pretty blind and i thought it pas official before your vid thanks! ^^

  8. Man i feel like final nights 4 is the most underrated

  9. Sadly, i think the fangame is being judge by the fact that it takes…… a while, has seen AND heard that it takes him hours to do things.

    It’s probably blocking the nightime’s epic spotlight time with judgemental of the kiddy friends simulation and how long it takes to do things

  10. Would saying porkchop’s adventure is my favorite fnaf game be different?

  11. Wait can we talk about a horrific game five nights a treasure island

  12. if someone said this was an official sequel to Chipper and sons, i would believe, this fan-game it's perfect and have the feel of a Scott game

  13. I know nobody asked but my favorite, wirdly enough is Tealerland!!

  14. I just finished the main story of the game, and I've gotta say it's really funny how you bring up needing to grind for the good rock since it took me over an hour to get one 😭

  15. Well, I watched the 14/22 mode video, and I've decided. I'm gonna download Tyke And Sons Lumber Co.

  16. Siento que JOTA se enspiro mucho en este video :/

  17. I played this game it was so much fun I wish there was more though

  18. Since you play as a beaver, the animatronics are kinda seen like mannequins which is way scarier.

  19. Fusion gamer has ofc played this game it’s great

  20. I will play it but I am too afraid of the night sections.

  21. mixlas makes banger fangames tbh

  22. I was left in shock when you said it was free. FREE?! THIS MASTERPIECE ISNT GETTING ANY MONEY MADE OFF OF IT?!

  23. I think “Project readjusted 3” is another great contender for”Most underrated fnaf game ever”.

    edit:Also I can’t play it since I don’t have a pc and the laptop I have is a macbook that is 12 years old. I’m but I’m not playing this anytime soon.

  24. Its definitely my fav fnaf fan game its been since i saw fusion play it

  25. HELP ME GET TO 1K 4 CHANNEL (Not a BOT.) says:

    Bruv the thumbnail made me think this would be scary, the when I saw freakin, 'CHIPS ADVENTURE' 💀 I dont like FNAF WORLD all that much because of the lack of horror.

  26. I made it through most of the game without knowing you could even spam w to make your watering can water more, still enraged by that

  27. to sum the video its like the better version of fnaf pizza sim

  28. You gotta love superhorrorbro. He is a true giga chad

  29. If it were possible to skip the night sections, I would love to try it out. I'm just not a fan of games like fnaf 4, since I can't rely on sound in games for things like that

  30. You should check out "the sea shift at Austin's" I played it back in the day and it was pretty good just feels dragged, but not enough to bore you

  31. This feels like a homage and celebration of Scott Cawthon and his career, each animatronic being from a different era of fnaf. Which is genius!

  32. Tbh I really only know FNA Flumptys and Day Shift at Freddy's 1-3 I like DSAF

  33. The best fanf fan game is bubbas dinner. Fuzionzgamer played it

  34. Me hearing that el chip is chipper 😑

  35. 6:49 that realisation when the robots you build are gonna try and kill you…

  36. I think this stands out since it doesn't really feel like a Poppy Playtime fangame.

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