The Most Realistic FNAF Game On Roblox GOT AN UPDATE -

The Most Realistic FNAF Game On Roblox GOT AN UPDATE

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Forgotten Memories Just Got A Huge Update And Its Terrifying
for 9 seconds a part of the video gets muted sowwy can you find it??
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00:00 – 00:25 Intro
00:25 – 13:00 Pizzeria Maze
13:00 – 26:46 Basement Maze
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  1. So you play Forgotten Memories Nice Also plenty is my favorite FNaF youtuber👍

    R.I.P Mr.Hippp

  2. bro made the game harder than it had to be

  3. Idk if you have played Five nights at Freddy's co-op but it's a great game!

  4. You should try fnaf-coop, its in my opinion the best fnaf game on roblox

  5. Bro he lost NNN to a demoic chickin cant blame him tho i did to

  6. YOO this is my first time ever seeing plenty's face, bro you are majestic👍

  7. I love how his headphones just go flying off his ears whenever the phantoms jumpscare

  8. Play fnaf doom on roblox and do fnaf 2 mode on it it’s a free roam and it’s fun

  9. You should play fazbear entertainment storage

  10. Plenty play, Fnaf: coop its so good, and better that version. (i hope u see it)

  11. Your one of the best horror game YouTubers YouTube has had in a while some YouTubers don’t give the same energy as you do bro your definitely in my top 3 favorites Godbless stay focused and prayerful <3

  12. "What starts with an M and ends with a U"
    "M A R I O"

  13. You should play fnaf pizza party in Roblox

  14. bro this guy makes me laugh and get scared at the same time lol (keep posting plz we all love you)

  15. 18:14 plenty: YOUR UNDER ARREST foxy: naw man
    Edit: this part got me dying😂

  16. 3:47, anybody who has played Little Big Planet should recognize the sound the glowstick makes.

  17. Whats the name of the sound he plays at the start while getting chased by freddy

  18. Thank you very much you are a mugermuch😂😂😂

  19. 17:55 *Were is this sexy guy*,
    Bro this guy funny af bro no way this guy only has 269k subs bro.

  20. You should play coops It’s a Fnaf game on roblox

  21. Rip Mr Hippo🥹 One Like=One life for Mr Hippo

  22. my friend likes you hit me up to talk to her.

  23. Bud think he a police officer with that taser saying " DONT MOVE " to a killer robot 😂😂😂

  24. Plenty you should play booga booga it’s a survival competitive game in order to learn to craft level up (recommended with friends)

  25. how games expect us how fast to read when a text appears before it disappears: “Rap God by Eminem”

  26. As an amazon worker, i can confirm that a chicken and a fox animatronic chases us while we work

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