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( In my opinion ; ] )

In this EPIC follow up to “The Most UNDERRATED FNAF Fan Game”, I talk about every Five Nights at Candy’s game and go over why I’m just not a huge fan of this super popular fan game series. Hopefully you’ll stick around, hear me out, and enjoy my longest video to date!

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FNAC 2: @Exit 112 2.0
FNAC 3 Night Skip: @Sleepkirby6472

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  1. Uhy: makes a video about dissing a series.
    Also uhy: is reading a genshin impact sctipt.

  2. I feel like for the third game, hiding from Cat under the covers might have been a good way to change things. The dread of Ret getting in without you being able to see if you hide for too long would probably be pretty impactful, maybe even paired with a nice jump scare of him pulling back the covers to scream in your face if you do sit there for too long.

  3. Are the games bad? Well no, not really

    Are they overrated? Y E S

  4. Eh, there's nothing really all that bad here. Most of these points are all subjective, and not really concrete measures of quality. As one of the early fan games, it REALLY stood apart from what else was around at the time. Yeah, it hasn't aged super well, and there's been some really ambitious and polished works since. But FNAC 100% earned and deserves its praise. It doesn't seem like its really for you, and that's fine. But that doesn't make the games overrated.

  5. stop doing the support thing its getting enoying

  6. Whats the song used when hes ranting about Candys 2? I really wanna listen to it

  7. 19:33 It took me a second to realize you were saying "milking" and not "melting".

  8. Fnaf jr/sr is the most scariest fnaf fan ge i would prefer getting jumpscared by all animatronics in ucn second most scariest is joc

  9. This man put a sponsorship of genuine impact and we supposed to listen to his opinions?

  10. I think a good fan game is one that separates itself enough from the core product that it stands out on its own, and sadly fnaf fan games seem to go the way of the portal fan game, where each thing in it is just a cheap copy of the game its inspired by rather than something genuinely good.

    If you play a portal fangame and the entirety of it is just "go through test chambers for arpature labs, potato references, personality core" then you'll literally just have a worse version of portal. And a game can still be a bad fan game.

  11. 18:20 this pokes at my absolute biggest gripe with fnaf ripoffs, they dont understand the concept of something but try to force it anyways, in fnaf 2 its meant to represent an atari game, the pixels are purposefully small and ugly because thats what atari games are, but in this one its literally just "put low detailed sprites in places im too lazy to put detail in, and make the bits not match each other", theres no bit consistency, and that is such a tiny nitpick but bugs me to no end

  12. the official channel of officialness says:

    Fnac 2 is honestly a terrible experience, and thats coming from s guy who thinks fnaf 2 was the best fnaf game

  13. I would argue the penguin should be the only one with glowing eyes. His challenge coming from barely being able to barely see him on the camera at all but you can see him in the doors making it so you have to constantly check the doors for him unless you have a good eye.

  14. I swear, Genshin Impact is gonna be the next Raid: Shadow Legends

  15. I never got into the fnaf fan games but I think a lot of them are cool looking. I think if I can get my hands on them I might like them. P.S. I think it's important to understand other people who like things you might not but we should never have a war about it. Hope everyone is doing well.

  16. I immediately clicked off just hearing "genshin Impact"

  17. How am I supposed to watch this with all seriousness when he got sponsored by Genshin Impact bro

  18. your video titles combined with the channel name makes a great combo

    "IT'S THAT BAD?" uhyeah

  19. The game would be way better with a 100,000 lumens flashlight

  20. Talking about overrated games and having a genshin impact sponsor is hilarious

  21. Him talking about the sponsor was the best time to go grab snacks

  22. Dude, how is the penguin supposed to be scary??? It's so cute lmao

  23. you and your family are worse you disappointing dog 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  24. Hey i like Blanks jumpscare. Hes big and ugly and takes up the whole screen. His sort of nonchalant spook has its own charm.

  25. I wonder if the gameplay in FNAC 3 would have been more interesting if instead of the cassette tape warping once in a while, there was another enemy that forced you to stop the cassette player, or else it would kill you.

  26. This video finally answered a mystery that's been plaguing me for years.

    For the longest time I thought that Five Nights at Freddy's was about some kid losing a bet and being forced to hang out in an abandoned pizzeria for five nights. I thought this because I overheard some friends of mine discussing it. They had all actually played FnaF, though, and the newspaper clipping and the phone conversations make it pretty clear you're a night guard so I always thought it was weird they'd said this. Now I know that they must have been talking about FnaC 2.

  27. In my opinion the third game would be insane if instead of appearing on ether side monster cat appeared in random places around the room to remove the aspect of moving back and fourth back and fourth

  28. I know i'm late, but it would be cool if the animatronic eyes glowed when Night Vision was off. This would give you a reason to not use Night Vision so much. Animatronics such as Blank, Rat and Old Candy wouldn't have this gimmick, and would require Night Vision to be seen. The rest would turn the lights off when at the door. And the amount of power you have would be GREATLY reduced

  29. feel the same way, idk why but one time i saw this rat every fifth video (which is too much)

  30. blanks design in remastered probably has something to do with the fact of children drawing on him like a whiteboard

  31. No valid argument. The game is underrated

  32. If anyone ever tells me that the eyes should shine at the door because of deaf people, I’m just gonna say this. USE THE CAMERAS, THERE’S CAMERAS OUTSIDE BOTH DOORS FOR A REASON.

  33. honestly, just make monster cat in Candy's 3 the opposite of the rat. if ye shine light in its face, you lose. with it actively trying to be in your light beam. And making the tape player essential to move time forward, else it goes at real time. And who would want to sit there for 6 hours trying to discern between a cat and a rat who are the polar opposite, with only one mistake throwing you back 6 hours

  34. if you're trying to talk about fnac and say it's overrated, but your video is sponsored by genshin impact, I won't take you seriously 💀

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