The Most CONTROVERSIAL FNAF Fan Game (It's Really Gross) -

The Most CONTROVERSIAL FNAF Fan Game (It’s Really Gross)

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Dormitabis more like uhhh DormitaBAD! GOTTEM!

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0:00 – Intro
1:52 – Lets Talk About Dormitabis
19:31 – The Gross Stuff (CONTENT WARNING)


  1. I think the game is good but the story yea it can screw off.

  2. My favorite Batman character has always been 'Garvey' Dent.

  3. I personally liked dormitabis, but was too clueless about the Horrific things hiding behind it. I don't know how to feel about this game now.

  4. i guess im lucky the game never failed to load assets for crash

  5. i love how the game he fucking set this as in the description is sister location, lmao

  6. At least they didn’t show garvy doing the things to kids

  7. W game
    Most creative, original, best story, amazing gameplay, amazing everything, good game

  8. idk why i watch this video so ofthen, i guess i just find it interesting

  9. The title of this game is cool, too bad there’s… everything else.

  10. Yeah the Fnaf game sucking is the most important thing not the pedophile

  11. Can we try to get the creator arrested? Someone dox them or something. Then call the cops and explain the issue.

  12. Honestly this is one of my favorite fan games of all time and had pretty good gameplay and design idk why this guy is kinda nitpicking

  13. Me genuinely enjoying the game and the design with no glitches and having no clue that there was any pedophilia/sa references in the game when I played it as a kid with sa trauma:

    💀 childhood nostalgia ruined 💀

  14. Its a shame. I know im like 3 months late to this video but like, i really liked golden calls design. But now knowing someone that helped make that game did that. I just don't know what to think

  15. What if I put tea in the air up bottle

  16. The worst part about this is, the tape about Garvey doing that could happen in real life

  17. I forgot this fnaf fan game existed I only knew about it back in 2016 I never played the game because I just had a bad feeling about this fnaf fan game and i wanted to know who made this game and after finding out the person who made this fnag fan game I was sick really sick the person that made this game is sick i will never forget i really despises this fnaf fan game so much

  18. I think markiplier played this a little, making fun of one of the animatronics saying "yoie", he played it way before you covered this so he probably has no idea about the bad stuff

  19. I hate turkey tom! 😡

  20. I'm glad it wasn't what I thought you were gonna say that he self inserted things that he did. Thank god

  21. its coming back on a technicality the creep isnt involved anymore and its getting a whole remake

  22. The only scary thing about the game is the creator.

  23. What kind of 15 year old is going to a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?

  24. looking at the thumbnail made me think "pedo" was the game name💀

  25. ya know, if any of yall like kids, just keep it to yourself and don't do anything, or just find help. and for people reading this, I am not supporting them, because infact, pedophillia is also a mental illness, a genuine one. so for the people who like kids out there, please find help from a doctor before it's too late.

  26. Why was this "Blackout" Freak not arrested?? He sent nude photos to an underage girl! That's insane AND illegal!

  27. Scott made a spookky series of games, but also being respectful to characters and putting no content relacionated to pedo or other ugly disgusting stuff!

    Good job Scott and I hope your retirement from your marvelous creation bring us more joyful things like this series

  28. 22:14 The nerve of leaving that message like he just stole a few bucks worth of food or smth smhh

  29. im insanely late but i personally think fnia is the worst fnaf fangame. its just an opinion please dont get mad

  30. garvy night is the funnyest 2 word i have ever heard next to eachother

  31. The voice actor of Garvey in dormitabis should be Harvey Weinstein

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