The Modern FNAF Timeline -

The Modern FNAF Timeline

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In today’s video I break down WHAT I THINK is the modern FNAF timeline of events, starting at FNAF VR Help Wanted and ending at FNAF Security Breach. This video was so fun to make so I hope you enjoy it. I know I didn’t cover everything but I’m probably going to make a full FNAF timeline video after the DLC. Thanks for watching 🙂

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  1. See I have no knowledge of the games, I’ve never played, I’ve never got into the books, but I found the lore to be amazing … but never got too deep because I do want to experience the whole thing…..but when I first saw a break down of the game … in my mind I thought it was a simple story of two men who worked together , one had an affair with the others wife( ballerina ) she had a child, so to get rid of all the shit he makes the bots to kill who ever he needs to keep the business alive ( accidentally kills daughter ) the partner and wife die so he takes his “ son “ in and locks him away in a Quasimodo type story….. how fucking wrong was I

  2. I think you single handedly filled the story's missing parts and cleared the possible plotholes.
    but really good video, I enjoyed it.

  3. I don't think the tape girl is Vanessa, I think that we play as Vanessa in that game

  4. John, I live your theories!!
    Can't wait for the timeline! 💪💪

  5. Man, I cannot wait for the GT Live reaction.

  6. in the blob, we see Chika and Bonnie but not Freddy or Foxy. we see Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy but the OG Freddy is missing. we've seen Foxys body on display, so does this indicate that Foxy and Freddy is not part of the blob? Michael was connected with Foxy and the crying child to Fredbear, so it might symbolise that they are free to walk around unlike the blob of animatronics.

  7. Your always 1 week ahead of The game theorists…lmao

  8. Clarifying that the Blob animatronics could be the AR replicas is super helpful

  9. What a great video, honestly. Very succinct but the comment section is despicable. The internet will never be happy with anything – it’s just the disgusting way it evolved. Matpat will always have haters everywhere because he was the first and he paved the way for a lot of other theorists. Sad to see lots of people never grew up past highschool.

  10. Shouting out the game theorists is like throwing water in the sea😂

  11. Building on top of an old Freddie's pizza place is the equivalent of building on an Indian burial ground

  12. Vanny is way more careful than William I don't think it's just William in there

  13. Thank you for finally bringing a fresh perspective on the game, I think the community has just kind of had mat pat as the biggest face of FNAF and no offense, no man can be right all the time. You were way more necessary to finding out this puzzle of this game than you think. Thanks man😎🤙🏾

  14. Since we're doing FNAF theorizing, I want to ask a question, was William Afton a robot before he started killing the children off? We know he can bleed and such, but him being being purple like Michael was purple, doesn't it correlate that he was an animatronic much like his father, surviving off remnant?

    I know it's an odd question, the books say robots are robots with memories and such until they discover they aren't. Just because he built them doesn't mean he wasn't one himself, we all know the fnaf pizzeria simulator game it's the only time we see William as orange guy and not purple guy?

  15. What i really want to see is thoughts on Michael being glamrock freddy…

  16. I actually prefer looking your videos on fnaf lore. Matpat just rambles condescending and peronally biased excuses for half an hour just to get to the finish of the video to notice he disected FuhNaff´s 15 minute video into 3 separate videos for the cash. At least they got you in a video in GTLive

  17. not sure if anyone asked, but maybe its important and not sure anyone looked at it! but can the place where the cd's are found in the game also show significance?

  18. You did not “just a theory” my brain John my Brian makes me yell “A GAME THEORY”

  19. Remember Jimmy is often misheard as "Remember Jeremy". Also, if we are playing as Vanessa in FNAF VR, we are playing as Vanny in FNAF AR since she collects remnant for Afton

  20. Do you think the foxy plushie could be something that proves the games weren’t just a fabrication like some were thinking (with the Scott cameo) because that makes me think of the foxy plushie in FNAF 4 when you check the closet, would this mean that the first games were definitely the story and the Scott cameo is a confirmed red herring? Maybe? Idk I’m stoned and your videos get me through stuff 🙏❤️

  21. Why is Vanessa's voice different in different games??

  22. bro Scott is so clever and sneaky for this 😭😭😭

  23. Wait if the blob consists of fnaf Ar animatronics then it makes so much sense now and its so much better

  24. Hey, doesn't VR basically say "hey, all those other games? yeah, they are just games, they didn't happen"

  25. this video shows that Steel Wool Studios didn’t ruin fnaf. the blob is made of the FNAF AR animatronics, not the original ones.

  26. The thing Inlike about this video is how they know this instead of just saying trust me bro


  28. You know… when MatPat said that the FNaF theories would be slowing down.. I was kinda worried I’d go through withdrawal from FNaF content… but nope! I got FuhNAFF! Need more proof?

  29. Considering that Henry's FNAF 6 fire killed like literally nobody, I wonder if Henry now possesses something

  30. “My friends over at Game Theory,” Dumbledore said calmly.

  31. I'm glad there's less wild accusations in this one but there's no evidence to back the murder of employees at all.

  32. "my friends over at Game Theory" made me smile so hard. glad you're getting the recognition you deserve 🙂

  33. I hope you say this in your next video in the second trailer sb you here a voice saying bring me to him or both of you burn!!! That may be burntrwp telling Vanessa 5o obey him but he said two people in the end of fire ending you see Vanessa looking up well Vanessa and Vanessa are different people they are both sister like the vr sister in furys rage patient 46 is Vanessa's sister the sisters were prob told to beta test the game patient 46 went first and after seeing glitchtrap she became under his control that is why she sabotaging everything so when vanny fell down the building patient 46 was watching that happen and when Gregory went down the stairs
    She looked down and saw her sister dead so she is still under the control of glitchtrap so see may be the next villan in the dlc and cause shes still under the control of him shes gonna try to bring William back so we might see burntrap again in the dlc I hope you enjoyed this if you see this it put it in your next video and pls pin me this took way to long

  34. 🦊ĞŁ1ŤCHFØxY- worker side ĢŁ1ŤcHŤŔ@P🦊 says:

    Okay hell yes, I kinda agree with some of the things you've said 👍. I also think there's a certain way springlocks work but I'm waiting for the right time to work on it 👍

  35. What is the FANF AR robots are the ones kidnapping kids in security breach?

  36. One thing i remebered that i don't know if it is important is that inorder to free vanessa, luis said to glitch the three princess quest games at the SAME time. I'm pretty sure luis said that but if not i know you mentioned who said that in your fist part of "I solved security breach".

  37. If Michael was in the pizzeria simulator room when it burned down, and he is presumed to be the soul in Glamrock Freddy, is there a connection to be made between Glamrock Freddy's helpful nature, and the Pizzaria Simulator guide, Helpy, the Bobblehead to which Michael had on his computer.

  38. if you remove the fact that this is a fictional story, this video feels like a real expose video on a company

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