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The Oddities Roleplay
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In Todays Video, Funtime Foxy and lol it wake up to find themselves in a gameshiw that is life or death. Will they get out alive?
A The Oddities Roleplay Series

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The Oddities! ( The Oddies Roleplay Team)
► Darzeth as Funtime Foxy –
► Gallant Gaming as Funtime Freddy /nedd bear –

► Odd Foxx as Lolbit-

► Feelsbadpat as Puppet / Purple Guy-

► Beatboxcrazy As Security Tablet /music man /???? –

►GamingWithDylan as The Security Guard –
► MrBomberman as Bonbon / El Chip –

► Chewy Roleplay as Vanny /Vannie /?????

NebNeb as Circus Baby / Chica

Digitized pixels as Ballora/springtrap/bonnie –

WARNING: This Series is not meant to follow what happens in the games. This is fan made With Fan Theory’s and Ideas.

This FNAF Minecraft Roleplay based around the Five Night’s at Freddy’s Games, The series revolves around the Animatronics and what they do when no ones around.

This series is based off our speculation,fan theorys or ideas of FNAF (and other fnaf related topics). There will be developments in this game’s story that do not directly follow the finished game.

This series will also focus on many different games and stories, Like Fnaf Ar, Fnaf Vr ( fnaf help wanted ), Fnaf Pizza Plex and even Fnaf sister location.

All music comes from Incompetech
Production Music by

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  1. The fact that they were talking about when the first episode first aired is pretty coincidental since i just revisited you old channel just to watch the old ones including the first one.

  2. Oh no oh God no no why why why puppet has a game show that's horror

  3. The idiot sandwich in history of idiot sandwiches says:

    Hey you should carry a weapon around for self defense

  4. The idiot sandwich in history of idiot sandwiches says:

    Also about the tail they used was a horse tail actually

  5. Puppet's show back in business. Lights, camera, action and revenge from pushing him down the hole- aka from the previous episode

  6. It was so funny how foxy kept on dying in the parkour and almost said a cuss word XD

  7. this is my favourite recent video i was laughing way too hard 😭

  8. I missed The game show! Edit: Funtime foxy and puppet are enemies now. PREPARE FOR WAR!!!

  9. Foxy ; SoN offibijhdsf
    Lolbit :what were you trying to say hmm?
    Foxy:Nothing..-SON OF A-

  10. I've never heard foxy this mad before keep up the good work 😂

  11. Its more of a Rage show instead of a game show

  12. I knew there was gonna be a follow up to the episode from yesterday. I guess this was Puppet getting revenge for them breaking in.

  13. Back after about 5yrs
    Forgot how much I love yall

  14. You son of a b-
    Me : FOXY

  15. Could you imagen if Lolbit messed with Foxy at the end and said Foxy don't get upset Sasquatch didn't make it just to mess with him

  16. This should be called 'puppet goes insane and makes foxy and lolbit answer questions that give the fans information'

  17. All the long time fans be like when puppet ask when episode one came out. 😎 "my time to shine has arrived"

  18. the jumps omg . why puppet? well this was crazy and i rely like this vids.

  19. Oh my goodness Foxy NEEDS one of his own Swear episode🤣🖐️ The amount of time he raged and mid swore was extremely hilarious!!! 😭

    Also 14:58 Was that HIM!?😭🖐🏼

  20. Nostalgia sells Nostalgia Does sell Speaking Of nostalgia Whatever happened To Funtime Freddy's channel

  21. The way Foxy raged was so hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Idk why but you should add sun/moon, Molten, vanny, lolbit and you to the episode of puppets show! 😀
    That would be very interesting to see, Love the vids 🙂

    (Edit: Am 1 day late to this ;<;)

  23. OMG THIS VIDEO MADE MY DAY BECAUSE FUNTIME FOXY IS JUST NOT HAVING IT WITH PUPPET AND LOLBIT LOL! also I feel like funtime Foxy was about to swear in this lol-

  24. Swears in Minecraft five nights at Freddy's 2016: "bucket of bolts"

    Swears in the oddities roleplay 2022: "SON OF A-"

  25. skylar ross SpeedPaint's theories👑🎗️ says:

    Puppet is using his jealously to lash out on lolbit because he is secretly gay for ft.foxy

  26. Foxy: Son of-
    me:NOOOooooo I wanted To Hear that XD

  27. this entire video is basically just a Minecraft Graystillplays board

  28. Is this part two from lolbit and Funtime foxy finding out puppet secret 🤨

  29. YOU SUN OF A HEYZBEJD lolbit-wh-WHAT WHERE YOU GONNA SAY that got me dead💀and they had to restart the recording

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