The History of FNAF Secret Characters and Hoaxes -

The History of FNAF Secret Characters and Hoaxes

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What’s the deal with the various secret characters in the FNAF series? Today, I go over a bunch of games and dive deep into each secret character and a couple of hoaxes along the way!

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Credit to @FiveNightsPack on Twitter for that one hue shift Golden Freddy fact and to @markiplier for the thumbnail background ; )

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  1. bruh you didnt bring up nightmarionne? Thats low hanging fruit. You coulda also brought up the jacko animatronics. They arent canon sure but neither are the puppet pals moving around.

  2. I found a new easter egg,it was in fnaf one

  3. No, that’s what happens when you miss a Spanish lesson

  4. i thought my phone isnt make for shadow bonnie jumpscare

  5. the hardest fnaf challenge: Saying shadow bonnie's real name witohout stuttering or pausing

  6. nice vid though for fnaf 3 hoaxes you forgot phantom bonnie 🙂

  7. Some hoax characters that you didn't mention

    Fnaf 2: The Purple Guy in normal gameplay (literally just purple guy, not a weird animatronic thing)

    Fnaf 3: Chrome Freddy and Shadow Bonnie

    Fnaf 4: Nightmare JJ (fun fact thus hoax was made by the YouTuber GoMotion)

    Sister Location: Funtime Chica

    Pizzariea Sim: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    UCN: Devil Freddy 😱

  8. It is Mike cause if you complete your shift in sl he’ll be sitting on a chair

  9. “Give it up for the man himse-“

    * cuts off *

    Funny moment

  10. Nightmare puppet does appear in fnaf4 in Halloween

  11. I played fnaf 1 and every time I pressed on Freddie’s nose golden freddie appeard

  12. Fun fact: No random chance can be above 65,535. This is due to how CTF uses unsigned short integers in it's random function. Due to the use of this integer format (which only goes up to 65,535), any value above said number gets wrapped around to the other side of the possible values (eg. 65536 would get wrapped around to 0).
    For this reason, characters like shadow Bonnie actually have a much higher chance of showing up, with the aforementioned character having a 1 in ~16,000 chance of appearing in actuality.

  13. Fun Fact: As of the Fnaf Movie, Sparky the Dog is now officially canon.

  14. What about the dog you can hear in Night 1 in fnaf 4?

  15. Man, I downloaded Ultimate Custom Night cause it was free and I'd never played ANY FNAF game ever before, so I just set it to be identical to fnaf 1 night one and not even a minute in and the lil balloon dude went "uh oh" and activated – I think – the jack-o Chica one??? Either her or Nightmare Fredbear.

    Anyway I haven't played it since cause there were too many buttons and game mechanics being sprung on me all at once and I got overwhelmed

  16. What about nightmare Endo for Fnaf four

  17. I mean if it happened in game, it happened

  18. The yellow guy is Michael and the person on the couch is Williams wife.

  19. I have watched 1 video thats six hours long

  20. You Firgot about the FNAF 1 Bonnie Rare screen Easter egg.

  21. You forgot one for Pizzeria Sim. The "I'm already inside the building" sign

  22. redbear and mendo are the most forgotten

  23. FNAF 4 has some secrets tho: the first secret we get is in mini game two. If you go to right after you’ve been to Evan’s room we get into another room where we see a flower painting on the wall and a torn apart mangle on the floor. Some ppl say this is Elizabeth’s room and that Elizabeth is Evan’s big sister. In mini game 3 as you said in the video we see purple guy putting on the springbonnie suit on some employee of freadbears family diner entertainment and when you go towards it the doors will close. I believe this is William Afton working on his job and he doesn’t want Evan to come and interfere with him. Also he doesn’t want Evan to know that he’s the freadbear plushie that Evan has. In mini game 4 when you walk on the streets and meet some kids there’s actually some secrets here too: some ppl might say that the kids are secret characters bc they only show up once in the whole series and we never see anything of them again. I believe these are the kids that William killed after Evan died( except Charlie is none of these kids). The next secret we see is on the tv. When Evan gets home you can go to the tv and if stand there for a short amount of time you can actually watch freadbear and friends on the tv and this secret tells us what year we’re playing in rn:1983. And that’s all secrets in the mini games, but they’re some secrets in the bedroom as well: in the hallway we can see pictures of Scott and his family and on the bed in night 6 we have a small chance to see a medical set up near the bed. Now that’s all secrets from FNAF 4 but there’s 2 hoaxes in this game as well, which is nightmare puppet and nightmare JJ. And that’s all from FNAF 4. Have a good day!:D

  24. in FNAF 4 there is 3 secret animatronics: Jack-o-chica, nightmarionette, and nightmare balloon boy. Edit: they only appear on Halloween


  26. Bro of course it’s markiplier he even accedetelly said bite of 87 instead of bite of 83 Duh

  27. ive gotten all of the cannon ones at least once

  28. Golden balloon is real you have to destroy golden Freddie five times😢🎉 it’s really real😮😅😊

  29. wait, fnaf 4 i think had like the jack-o chica and jack-o bonnie, right? would they count as easteregg characters?

  30. Thanks for 80k subscribers everyone! 💜

    CORRECTIONS BELOW (Will be updated over time if need be)

    FNAF 1: I am so sorry about the pronunciation y'all oh my god lmaooo

    FNAF 3: I missed the Phantom Bonnie hoax, which was another pretty relevant one at that time

    FNAF 4: Nightmare JJ Hoax popped up around the Halloween update's launch, I did see this but forgot to add it in the script lol. I even remember the day this hoax dropped, so my bad. There's also Nightmare Foxy in the doorway which is pretty uncommon, but that's more of a general Easter egg rather than a secret character one.

    FNAF 6: Getting mixed signals from the comment section about the William/Henry stuff but I think I was correct in the video. The fact that there's tire tracks after the Security Puppet minigame pretty much confirms that it's William for me. Anyway I also forgot R.A.S.C (Remote Activated Simulated C) (The "C" probably stands for child). They only show up on the blueprints in the insanity ending and they are a little robot thing on wheels that is supposed to be the audio lure you control in FNAF 6.

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