The HARDEST FNAF Challenge That NO ONE Has Beaten -

The HARDEST FNAF Challenge That NO ONE Has Beaten

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Today, we talk about “The Most Underrated FNAF Fan Game” once again by taking another look at Tyke and Sons Lumber Co. Hidden within this game lies one of the hardest FNAF 20/20/20/20 mode-type challenges that NO ONE has EVER BEATEN! My goal here is to talk about every single animatronic in the game, go over the challenge itself, and teach you all how to get started!


@Kosta Vesta’s 14/22 Mode Guide: (Make sure to check his channel out)

Tyke and Sons:

Save File: (Windows might flag this, it’s safe don’t worry)

Twitter: (Let me know if you stream the challenge, get a new record, or beat it! I’ll be there!)

All background music used in this video is from the new Sonic: Triple Trouble 16-Bit fan remake.

Outro Music: Title Theme – Obliteracers

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0:00 – Intro
4:48 – Base Game Animatronics
8:45 – Custom Night Animatronics
13:11 – 14/22 Mode Breakdown
18:43 – 14/22 Starter Guide
20:18 – Ending


  1. Just beaten 3 hours ago congrats to shooter25

  2. waiting for you to officially announce shooter25s achievement


  4. Has anyone tried to use a Tool Assist to show what a winning run would actually look like?

  5. This is honestly the hardest possible fnaf challenge
    stares at ultra custom night

  6. Shooter: I'm gonna stop you right there

  7. I kinda feel like custom night should've had monster shroom instead of chipper.

  8. Shooter 25 beat it just after this video lmao

  9. "HARDEST FNAF Challenge" Ultra Custom Night 500+/20 mode. To be fair, that is LITERALLY unbeatable. I don't think it's humanely possible to beat it. It's like trying to beat Super Mario Bros without moving or jumping.

  10. I have an idea to beat it, we could try to do a comunity tas of some sort and see if its even possible, then with the strategies of the tas we do them without tas and probably get it.

  11. Update: The challenge was beaten by @Shooter25 (though idk if they're the first).

  12. What's interesting is that Bible means library which is why the bible chapters are called books

  13. ok but like if they don’t kill you while the light is off can you just spend the whole night collecting wood and eventually win even tho it takes very long

  14. Imagine if ucn anims could kill u in the main room

  15. the HARDEST fnaf fangame challange is ultra custom night all animatronics/20

  16. ive never heard this game before and i don't plan on playing it (i hate PLAYING HORROR games) but this is so cool!! i love learning about the mechanics of animatronics in custom nights. it's very fascinating

  17. I just realised that fnaf anniversary is on my birthday ._.

  18. I’ve never played Tyke and Sons before, so when I watched this video for the very first time and when I heard him talk about Spring Crab, I thought he was saying Spring CRAP! 🤣😅😂 I was like, “Wait, WHAT?!” 🤣🤣🤣😅😅

  19. Uhyeah: You ruined my life
    Matpat: First time?

  20. I love the Sonic TT 16 bit music in the background it made this video more than enjoyable!

  21. I think it's appropriate to comment this here, as I found an interest in playing Tykes and Sons, I figure to give this challenge a go, but do the presets to warm up and then onward from there, would it be safe to post my twitch channel? As I'm planning on live streaming my progress!

  22. I had a neuron activation moment when upon starting the video I heard Sonic Triple Trouble music

  23. The title was pretty clickbait 🙁 I was expecting it to be an official game, not a fan game.

  24. Really glad to see Kosta wanted to play it again because of you, that’s just wholesome af.

  25. It's odd that you couldn't find anyone that beat this challenge after years of it's release, I was able to just type in "Tyke and Son's Lumber Co. custom night" and find many videos of this challenge beaten after a few months of this games release

  26. 🎮I wish I was good enough of a ganer to do this. I can't even get past night 3 on FNAF 4.☠️

  27. I would recommend someone doing a Tool Assisted Speedrun run on it to find out if it's mechanically and humanly possible or not before trying it raw!

  28. Holy motion sickness batman and I'm not usually one to get that. The running in between windows and shut hurts my head and eyes my goodness lol

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