The HARDEST Boss In FNAF | The Glitched Attraction -

The HARDEST Boss In FNAF | The Glitched Attraction

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Friends, today I spent my time on the couch diving back into the impressive FNAF fan game, The Glitched Attraction. In today’s episode, the escape rooms are taking us WAY back to Sister Location, where I have to help rebuild Circus Baby while avoiding the likes of Funtime Foxy, Freddy, and Ballora… Then comes Ennard who turns out to be the hardest boss in the entire game! So grab your popcorn and DOUSE it with those exotic butters while we attempt to escape with our lives!

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0:00 – The Witty Banter
7:23 – this attraction do be glitched tho
1:00:26- The Witty Wrap Up

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  1. Peanut Butter or regular Peanut M&M's MatPat? You didn't answer and I need to know

  2. Hey matpat I found a cool video you should watch it called five nights at Freddy’s welcome to dreamworld

  3. Amazing video

    This game is super fun to play XD I played it on my channel too 🤣

  4. Remember yall: Funtime Foxy is a HE

    So, when its about humans in irl, we MUST get the pronouns right otherwise its insulting.. but in FNaF, no one cares? Sure people, sure.

  5. Is it just me or does mat have particularly large bags under his eyes? Guy needs to get some sleeeep

  6. Matpat playing with a plasmaball like 5 year old me is amazing XD

  7. I noticed a fact that ennard is always around the flashing lights spot!!

  8. interesting how quickly MatPat got through the Sister Location area considering how Dawko was suffering in that area

  9. Matpat: The two all-stars of the day — Ash… and Q.
    John de Lancie's Q: Mon capitaine.

  10. I like the fact that there's pallets to stun Ennard which is basically what you'd do in dead by daylight and how both the dbd fan base and the FNAF fan base want a Collab, so good job to the creators for adding that!

  11. "As soon as he sees you you're done"

    Maybe a clue that you should be stealthy and avoid being seen? 🤔

  12. Game theory there’s a new poppy playtime add for multiplayer mode please check it out

  13. the REAL game theory is when did Mat dye his hair to the theorist we know and love today? is blonde Mat his original self and then in a twist of fate due to a theory video gone wrong, Brown-haired Mat kills him off to get all his leftover fame? Game Theory LORE! also, Mat should trademark saying Lore! so he can get paid.

  14. Hate to break it to you but you probably wont beat the game in the next video

  15. You can see that MatPat never played Dead by Daylight xx

  16. I love the dynamic between mat and ash, they are besties

  17. Hey matpat yesterday I went to Gaylord and I think I was in the same room as you or it was a lookalike but he was also married to what looked like Stephanie so I would like to know if you were there

  18. First thing MatPat struggles to do is get head.

  19. Ash tricked you into dropping your anti-ennard protection i.e. the clipboard. The betrayal runs deep

  20. so i wanna point out the fact the meeting note stated the you had a good family but you said you didn't… hmmm sounds like patient 46

  21. Ennard's level is to Matpat as Battle Kid is to Arin Hanson

  22. Mat: "one more time"
    Also mat: keeps going after dying more than once after

    Ah yes… a man after the hearts of both myself and every high school band director that has ever existed 🤣🤣🤣

  23. My grandmother also has it it’s yellow and it also has a sun light idk what it’s called

  24. Considering what mat said i think i am going to have to send an eldritch guardian to protect him, demons are no joke hopefully i still have a bit of influence over them and they can confirm nothing actually happened.

  25. Mat the red buttons on the right wall when you first enter, do they do anything?

  26. How am I supposed to go about my day to day life knowing that matpat records these videos with no socks?

  27. She be coming hard and what Mat? 😂😂😂

  28. These are better at being fnaf games than modern fnaf.

  29. When your brother have a first video he says hello jokes and he’s done Type that in ,in YouTube

  30. I like how it says to not press the shock button when her light is on and then he repeatedly presses the button while the light is still on

  31. More like they made nears into metal spaghetti

  32. 36:03 Adventures With MatPat and Meeting Notes! Staring: Mathew Patrick and Meeting Notes


  34. Mat! Where's the first vid of this series?! Q^Q Always same problem!!

  35. Ngl matpat Yelling at a plasma ball was hilarious

  36. 4:55

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