The Glitched Attraction - Part 6 -

The Glitched Attraction – Part 6

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Scrap Baby and the rest of the wreckage animatronics are here to play!

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  1. 2:21 this jumpscare actually scared me so bad I fell out of my bed

  2. Watching Mark deliver pizzas was pain lol. I just wanted to shake his shoulders and yell be patient!!

  3. Mark: “I know what to do”
    The tip: “ if you don’t know what to do”

  4. where is the hello evry body my name is markiplier???

  5. “How could you ever get me in here” “AHHHHHHH” is actually the funniest thing ever😂

  6. I rewatched the ending like 4 times and laughed harder every time.

  7. Most animatronics: Jumpscare
    Scrap baby: Slugs a home run with your skull

  8. Hey Mark when you backtracked for that key that mite be the room venessa and William where in so after the person gets biten by the animatronic they extract the reminents and apply it to the charging station in fnaf sb it coming together

  9. 𝒸𝓇𝑒𝓆𝓂𝓅𝓊𝒻𝒻𝓈 says:

    hey hey ho ho dee dalee do

  10. 29:00 This is the consequence of not reading the term of service and click the checkbox and hit continue

  11. lace, lace
    race, race
    circus baby punch mark in the face

  12. 2:24

    Mark: How could you ever get me in here

    Also Mark: gets jumpscared the moment he said that

  13. 4:48
    Mark: Every Afton punch-
    Me: Silently dying of laughter

  14. Umm is no one gonna talk about how he cut metal chains with tiny lil hedge trimmers?

  15. Pov: ur eating a spoon of peanutbutter while watching this🥄🗿

  16. Mark: "are you kidding! I thought I left the repel system on!"
    Mark at 23:13:*turns the repel system on then off and leaves*

  17. The most unrealistic thing in this game is using pruning shears to cut thick steel chains.

    0/10, immersion is broken

  18. 𝑽𝒊𝒄𝒕𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒂 𝑮𝒐𝒎𝒆𝒛 says:

    When’s part 7 with security breach

  19. The fact that the puzzles change each time shows they took some extra time and effort with this fan game

  20. The burrow at the beginning had so much lore in the step-by-step plan, from extracting remnant to making the sound illusion discs.

  21. 1:58 That's the dude that is talked about on the cassette tapes in Help Wanted!

  22. I love those crank flashlights. These videos reminded me to find mine and charge it up in case the power goes out or I need it for camping

  23. The way Springtrap bangs aggressively on the door is scary!

  24. 2:19
    Markiplier : How could you ever get me in here?
    2 seconds later

  25. 23:53 "Alright I know what to do"
    Tip: "If you don't know what to do…"

  26. I think I put the burrow thing together (Please note I'm not finished watching the video yet so I don't know if you put it together yet but still) They brought people into the Escape Room and killed them, then turned them into animatronics, took their phones, and then told their friends to come there so they could meet the same fate.

  27. 1:07 – Eye = illusion disc. its to make the illusion of a human, but when you take the illusion disc off its a robot. 🙂

  28. Me at the end when i saw the thing say human detected im like: wait when he came in it already said that so then there’s another person w him💀

  29. The guy in the vents are just gamers irl ( in real live )

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