The Glitched Attraction (FNaF Fan-Game) Full Walkthrough + Extras -

The Glitched Attraction (FNaF Fan-Game) Full Walkthrough + Extras

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00:00 – Nightmares
07:10 – Toys
18:16 – Cursed
31:27 – Funtimes
39:06 – Accident
42:37 – Lost Media
01:04:37 – Back Alley
01:10:37 – Basement
01:18:03 – Extras


  1. How the genuine fuck are you expected to beat Lost Media this level is genuinely impossible

  2. Can u do a tutorial how to do with the batteries at the ennard part please?

  3. 1:57 2027 I guess Security Breach happened around that time

  4. 2:51 looks like the FNaF AR models (guess its to show these aren't the original ones)

  5. Are the numbers in order or what? Because I did it in many ways and it doesn't work


  7. Balloon boy should be arrested for stranger danger

  8. I like how spring trap jumpscares you 🪜

  9. Bro next time if you see withered or phantom foxy then close the door

  10. Balloon boy crimes
    Property destruction

  11. I love how at 31:09 Springtrap has his face and then at 31:11 it’s just an endoskeleton. Also that’s not Springtrap; William Afton was in there, not an endoskeleton

  12. Why do i find it funny Toy Chica straight up just Punches you in the face

  13. how do you get the code from the arcade machine im still confused

  14. Lol you were having trouble on the Lost Media. That shit's hard because Ennard is a dickhead.

  15. im trapped and theres only 1 more fuse but im at the complete other side of the map and ennard is camping my only way out im going to risk it.

  16. This fan game was a real pleasure to play,I haven't played such a good fan games on fnaf long time tho

  17. This is more like fnaf then security breach and scarier 😂

  18. Capital Gains Joshua The Dante Scorpion Pennywise says:


  19. Hello viewers you need to read the tips and instructions while watching because if he/she did something wrong you will know there's an upcoming danger real soon

  20. พี่อวบอินดี้ says:

    This is final fnaf game

  21. Worst part is that I know I would pay to go do this in real life (maybe without dying)

  22. At 1:12:04, peepaw afton wanted to show vanny how he used to kill people back in his day.

  23. That punch toy chica throws is pretty weak compared to ignited bonnie.

  24. the dev needs to be hired to fnaf studios

  25. In case if you guys are unaware, the attack springtrap has done to the player when the player tries to escape using the vents. Has severely damaged the player's Flashlight making it unusable, pressing [F] will just show the damaged sparking flashlight swirling around in the players hand.

    Thankfully the funtimes level doesnt have any poorly lit areas aside from Funtime Freddy's stage area, so thats why the player has to use a Handle Crank Flashlight instead.

  26. i still dont understand toys
    like do i need to do it in order or just find all the symbols

  27. guys do you know how to install that game i know theres a link in description but i dont know what to do?

  28. It's like to me he was tryna get caught by them it's just dumb how ppl play games and don't play it right and do dumb shit or stuff and it makes me mad asf and not wanna watch it no more

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