THE FORGOTTEN SECRET FNAF ANIMATRONIC #fivenightsatfreddys #fnaf #gaming #animatronic #fnaflore -

THE FORGOTTEN SECRET FNAF ANIMATRONIC #fivenightsatfreddys #fnaf #gaming #animatronic #fnaflore

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In this short, I delve into the history of the forgotten Five Nights at Freddy’s animatronic, Logbook Chica!

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  1. Always getting into fights with each other at times

  2. That wouldn't have made sense because all of the salvages are the last of the souls of the Afton/Emily spirts and chica has nothing to do with that

  3. Maybe it'll be in fnaf 8 which is being created

  4. What's crazy that I made like my own fnaf animatronic in my like drawing pad and It looks exactly like that (yes my drawing was also Chica). Its design is very identical to this Chica

  5. when people called it logbook chica, i didnt hear it right, and it reffered to it as lockbeak chica

  6. This chica is from fnaf 6 freakshow (a popular fnaf 6 remake)

  7. We could also theorize that that is a scrapped prototype of Chica because if you look deep into fnaf one you can see a scrapped endo that didn't make it into fnaf 1 look inside of scrapped Chica the endo has sharp teeth look at the scrapped endo design it has sharp teeth

  8. I would’ve loved to see a character from the original cast alongside all of these important characters (the puppet, william afton, circus baby and funtime freddy)
    It also would be perfect since chica already has a role to play in fnaf 6 having an entire minigame dedicated to her lore
    Other than that i wouldve loved hearing her voice line and seeing that cool design in game

  9. Maybe that was supposed to be witherd chica

  10. maybe it's to symbolise who officially killed the phone guy all the way back in FNAF 1, and this is where his corpse is. And before you go "Well they all killed him", theoretically yes but I'm pretty sure Chica would've given the final fatal blow as Foxy, Bonnie, and Freddy were all at the left door and GF can't kill as he's a hallucination.


  12. I wish this idea could come back in FNAF 2 movie

  13. Maybe it was an original design for withered chica


  15. I have a theory but it might be stupid. So In fnaf 2 phone guy said that they tried to retroid them with the parts of the toy animatronics but that didn’t work out so maybe this is what it was happening when they tried to add the parts

  16. It’s probably the old version of the withered animatronics

  17. I believe that that was the old chica from fnaf 1. But then she got forgotten and they built a new one. This could have been the prototype, and they didn’t have the endos from fnaf, so they could have put the old endo inside her. Or maybe withered chica wasn’t the chica from the old pizzeria…

  18. Maybe it was supposed to be withered chicka but he didn’t like it, but he unintentionally did something that put it in the book. I don’t know, it’s just a theory. What do you think about it?

  19. Scrapped chica can be seen from kitchen

  20. Is that the Chica that was in the goo monster in security breach

  21. That chica is in security breach. Inside of the blob, I saw that when I was playing

  22. I'm thinking that he wanted the and the two skeleton to be the end of one skeleton😮

  23. Theory? + bit of a headcanon: Chica was made with both Henry, and William, once they've combined companies, Chica was made to show the combination of the two. The endoskeleton, Henry made, and William made the suit.

  24. Looks like something from the aftermath of fnaf 1 (when William destroys the fnaf 1 animatronics)

  25. Anybody remember that black balloon boy thing?

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