The FNaF Rip-Off That Went TOO FAR -

The FNaF Rip-Off That Went TOO FAR

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Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) Kandyland Rip-Off Went TOO FAR!

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  2. honestly golden lane fell off ages ago once they started hyping up 2-minute "episodes"

  3. A circus and candy based horror animatronic game couldve been so cool too..

  4. they're gonna lose more money with this than they wanted to earn

  5. Imo the second animatronic looks a lot like the fairy from hunny pop

  6. Golden lane needs to reject these bozoz and go about their lives

  7. Kandyland looks awesome just….nfts are not right period. They can get money from other ways, if they dont know that then they are the true idiots. And need to go back to Finance classes

  8. 𒊹︎︎︎Mi̥ͦkãx Èrrör𒊹︎︎︎ says:

    I've heard (I'VE HEARD DOESNT MEAN THAT IM SURE) that when ppl were asking on tiktok why does that suzy snacktime look like ripoff of Circus Baby they said that they have no idea who Circus Baby is. Its messed up if its true.

  9. i really wish they’d drop the nfts and do merch and/or a kickstarter, kandyland is a project i genuinely would be very interested in and i would love to support it if it wasn’t for the nfts.

  10. They could literally make a videogame out of it and it'll probably mkae them more money than the bullshit nfts

  11. I can't tell if the creators have been tricked into thinking NFTs were good but they're not really. Maybe they don't know what's so bad about it, we could have tell them why and they will might able to get it.

  12. Can't blame 'em tbh, For an Artist they Sound amazing in the way they're Set Up. I doubt they looked too much into it.

  13. no hate.i like super uneducated on NFT'S…….What do NFT'S do exactly, and why is it bad?

  14. How to kill a growing hopeful community by giving it something that will turn 80% of them against you and kill it almost entirely.

    …literally and psychically I mean…

  15. It's still so disappointing how everyone expected it too be a very good textured FNaF Fan game but it's just a NFT Project.

  16. Jonnyblox if you look close enough to the rip off of circus baby you see that she has a endoskeleton with teeth but if you look at candyland kangaroo you see that he actually doesn't have the Endo teeth inside his face plates when they open that's kind of weird because if an endoskeleton has teeth like the five nights at Freddy's characters did I would think that the candyland character would when his face plates open.

  17. Making another larger story driven fnaf based animations right after canceling the other just feels like a slap in the face.

  18. i dont care if its a knock off, ITS AN AMAZING KNOCK-OFF

  19. I’m sorry for everyone but the ENTIRE series was to promote nfts there was never a series

  20. I have high regards for the show in terms of animation and story. But I hope to god they drop the NFTs and just make merch.

  21. It's a shame really that they go the NFT route. We all know NFT is a scam because you can't sell the damn thing when you bought it in the first place. All I wish that NFT crap should have been destroyed and ended the moment it was created a long side the crypto crap.

  22. i must admit, this is not your everyday rip off, tho it does kinda steal the storyline of the og fnaf and characters, the animation is top notch and i love love to see more of it! (as long as its not nfts)

  23. I'm still gonna follow the series I think it's really cool personally knowing they're selling nfts does stain their name hopefully they'll realize how mistaken their choice was they'll turn around and correct their mistake

  24. I was so disappointed to hear that NFTs were involved. I feel like they’re gonna drive themselves into the ground which is such a shame. I have an OC from another game who has a candy aesthetic, so I was excited to hear about Kandyland. But after discovering the truth, it’s leaving a really sour taste in my mouth

  25. If only they sold stuff other than NFTS and trust me, the fans would buy stuff related to them, such as shirts, plushies, stuff like that, this could've gone a very long way possibly even making it a game, look how much a mistake like this can cost them. 😔

  26. I really hope they realize their wrongs with the NFTs and apologize for them, the characters look really cool and they have a lot of potential

  27. They should’ve made the merch be Fnaf fanverse plushies

  28. What in the lollipop earth is happening

  29. My apologies but what is nft? I've heard it but never kew what it means

  30. I kinda was interested on Kandayland do and also about Suzy:< I was to focused on the background and the characters thought that it was very different cuz of the design and background never knew about the jump scares just focusing on the detail

  31. Its cute but they shouldn't have ripped it off

  32. really sad that this is NFTs. They could've used this talent to make a $10 game instead.

  33. why are they bringing back nfts?? it literally hurts the environment and nfts are supposed to be dead, these character designs are so great, but they have to waste it on some nft brand, they could've just do merch, or commissions and that would be great if they do that but they choose nfts instead, im kinda disappointed that Suzy snacktime is my comfort character.

  34. Lets just hope that they realize their mistake and stop using nfts

  35. I think merch would be better than NFTs. Like a plush. I'd buy plushy of one of the characters.

  36. Kandyland has real potential but it is a waste when they have nfts

  37. Ok the baby animatronic rip off sounds like poppyplay time named it

  38. Why tf is Dallas from pd2 hacking FNAF animatronics

  39. No NFT's! I would rather sell other ways, like fanart, or designs, put up a patrion, you know, that stuff

  40. It's all very true, and sad. I have been following GoldenLane and their fellow content creators for years, and I wasn't expecting this. I love the work their making and just hope they'll learn instead of drop the project. It's sad to see how people can be so heartless and just be in it for the money.

    However, I would like to point out that the use of Case Animatronics was a bit inappropriate considering the topic at hand. I say this because they were attacked relentlessly by Scott Cawthon because their panda character looked "Too much like Freddy", in spite of the game having no similar plot line to FNaF at all. Looking at the original characters too, I don't see the resemblance(Other than the silhouette). Case Animatronics suffered greatly, and lost a lot of money.
    If anyone is doubtful of this happening, I have a lot of evidence being I witnessed this go down. Case Animatronics may still exist, but they had to remove a lot of features, including their Panda Animatronic.

    Update: I was not aware of the propaganda wanted posters in the game. I didn't see them myself 😮‍💨. I hope this comment isn't seen as me supporting that, I find it very messed up. I was just addressing why it's inappropriate to use Case Animatronics in a video about NFT's and how awful they are, NOT supporting Case Animatronic's inappropriate decision to put propaganda posters in there game.

  41. Even how the animatronics became evil was a knock off from a fnaf inspired movie " banana splits "
    In the movie the banana splits just ended a show and went back to their creator for a upgrade or a recharging action of some sort.
    But some of the code used for the animatronica turned corrupt when they were being upgraded and or being charged
    So that was basically the whole
    Premise of how the animatronics turned evil.

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