The FNAF NFT Scam is Getting a Game (Kandyland) -

The FNAF NFT Scam is Getting a Game (Kandyland)

Johnny the Night Guard
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Kandyland is an upcoming FNAF fan project that looks like it could be good… but it could also be really not good, so we’ll just have to wait and see. #fnaf #fangame #kandyland #suzysnacktime #fangamefnaf

Huge thanks to Ness64 on Fiverr for the incredible thumbnail! Here is the link to his page:

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Goldenlane Studio
4:00 – Something… Different
4:59 – NFTs
6:25 – Suzy Snacktime
10:41 – The Game
12:21 – Final Thoughts

A vast majority of the footage in this video belongs to Kandyland and Goldenlane Studio, the clips were used for commentary and context for what I was talking about, all credit goes to the extremely talented animators for the footage.

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  1. I've seen so many of the Goldenlane Studio videos, I can't believe I didn't realize it was the same person

  2. isnt the animatronics going rouge do to a failed update the plot of the banana Splitz movie

  3. The thing I hate the most about this whole fiasco: That roo is very cute. Legitimately a good character design. The project has no other redeeming qualities.

  4. Me: watches the kandyland thing and search’s kandyland also me: here I am!

  5. the most replayed part of the video is people skipping the nft diolog, lol

  6. I love your content man, but the blur on so much content without anything to focus on the screen makes my eyes hurt.

  7. I honestly am in love with this. I really don't like how they used nfts to fund their project but I just can't but adore this level of quality I honestly couldn't care less. The animatronics are intentionally made to make you want to kiss your screen! I swear the first time I saw these videos I just couldn't believe it was an actual, real thing. I hope they can make a masterpiece of a game just like they can make a masterpiece of a video. I just love it I can't say anything else lol 😂

  8. What's the fnaf scam game called cuz I wanna play it and I can not get fnaf

  9. Have u see Mariam memory’s it is becoming a new game on dom studios channel ❤

  10. I swear when I first saw Suzy snacktime I thought it was gonna a new fanf game , also the graphics are amazing

  11. Yeah the voice in the trailer is wayyy too similar to the voice of Henry in pizzeria simulator, I am pretty sure it’s AI which sucks, they obviously have the funding to get actual talented voice actors but they choose not to.

  12. This game is scarier tham FNaF itself due to how bad it is

  13. I always despises Goldenlane Studios far before this whole NFT scam. I've never enjoyed any of their FNAF videos, it was extremely well animated but it's very clear to see that they've been all about views for a long time. They have many videos that are just "the exact same video i just uploaded except replaced with fnaf characters." It's pretty clear they have no interest in the actual story of FNAF, rather the money they can make off of it.

  14. This is a absolute copy,Suzy snack time poppy play time,Suzy’s hair looks like circus’s baby’s hair,smiles looks like sun drop,and a mall security Breech the mall in that.

  15. 5:16 did you take that from no text to speech? ngl its kinda funny

  16. I like how with the name they just took it from a popular board game, replaced the C with a K, and called that an original title.

  17. Honestly I didn’t even know the existence of kandyland

  18. I get it's a really weird way to fund it, but if we think of it as ingame skins in forms of high quality animated profile pictures to be used anywhere and overall it actually funding a project like this to make an actual game then I'm sold for it. So many scams happen, but at least these rare few cases do actually have something behind them. Well, we'll see how well that NFT money funded the game. I am excited!

  19. Honestly if they wanted to fund this project they shouldve done it through other means such as patreons and donations

  20. honestly, the in universe lore of Kandyland seems very similar to Tealerland

  21. tbh when I saw one of those "she's not so innocent" shorts, I thought it meant she was going to kill someone or something of that nature

  22. Im so glad people are being actually supportive of this project, i was excited about it but scared to say anything- since the nft stuff and I didnt really understand it.

  23. Wow a mall complex for a fan made fnaf 3?
    Sounds familiar
    Does it have a bear,wolf,chicken and a alligator with staff security hunying you down to kill you while a furry in a rabbit suit also trys to hunt you with a giant dj,smaller wide up toy dj and a middle aged woman who has nothing better to do other then to also try to kill you? Just me? Okay

  24. I bet anything that the mouse man is the brother

  25. They did the Springtrap Subway video? Mad Props

  26. You keep saying JS… not GS.
    Jus Sayin! LMFAO

  27. Did you just say 2014 that was the year I was born in

  28. They should make the game like security breach

  29. Your title is contradictory because it's no longer an nft scam if it has a game

  30. It's only about 1 characters, why so serious?

  31. As long as the game is good and the ways of funding aren't too shady, I think it's… fine. In a cautiously optimistic way

  32. NFTs came out at the wrong time. If they came out now, outside of covid, they may actually have had a chance to grow into what they can be in a few years. As stands, most people just see NFTs as a picture scam, which, fair, ya know. But the fact they can become something like a digital identity you can use for all sorts of things kind of went to the wayside for now.

  33. What started as an amazing animated series, to an NFT scam, to a game, is pretty ridiculous.

    Don’t get me wrong, the idea and looks of it does seem pretty neat, but I don’t think the creators intended to make a game from the beginning. I’m getting the vibe that it’s just a cash grab just to make money, but I’m willing to give this game a chance when it does come out, but I won’t have high hopes.

  34. Ah yes. Because inspirations and being somewhat similar to a certain character or sound instantly means they're copied.
    And you're all projecting about Suzy being "used for thirst bait".
    I understand complaining about the NFT stuff. But the other stuff you're all complaining about; you're just pulling it out your own ass. And the NFTs are SPECIFICALLY TO FUND IT.

  35. very good and informative video

  36. CandyLand’s animation is so good like unbelievably good it looks like it could have a lot of potential

  37. Am I the only one who saw the guy is the mouse mask and immediately thought he looked some what like Michael Afton in his white bear mask from pizzeria simulator?

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