The FNAF Games And Their Impact To The Story || Five Nights At Freddy's Franchise -

The FNAF Games And Their Impact To The Story || Five Nights At Freddy’s Franchise

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  1. Can you do a video about this : what's springtraps real name and how come there's no nightmare springtrap

  2. Has anyone checked what the clock reads before it says "06:00" ? Could it be significant?

  3. Scott Cawthon is the purple guy it makes sense now

  4. Maybe all of the mini games are really dreams?

  5. In 1983 the kids were already dying. Fredbear/puppet were already there and in the mini game where you leave the place and go home, you talk to the girl and she tells the rumor where if you stay there alone you will die. That's what could've happened leading up to the bite of 87. That may be where it all started and the child in FNAF 4 grew up hearing the scary rumors.

  6. Scott announce that the game the way it is has all the answers. the doc just has extra challenges.

  7. fnaf 2 is the only game with chica and bonnie where China goes to the left and bonnie to the right

  8. The bite of '87 was caused by foxy that's why freddy fazbear's was closed and the kid we play as in fnaf 4 is the guy we play as in fnaf 3 of the whole Internet will know this error

  9. and one thing mike was born in 1983 he was 4 years old when the bite of '87 was caused this means the kid we play as in fnaf 4 is Mike schimdt

  10. in fnaf 2 it's the year 1983 when the first guy Jeremy Fitzgerald got the job and mike was on the job 10 years after

  11. I'm not scared of fnaf 4 jumpscares. Or mangle in fnaf 2
    Mask MAN. And so cool man I m not
    Scared of the jumpscares

  12. 8BitGaming…
    you and game theory are our only hopes to make scott happy.
    please do your best.
    so we can see whats in the box.. i mean the pieces of the story 🙂

  13. 10:50 the 1983 could just be the date the franchise was created. No one thinks about founding dates, do they?

  14. we've known the anamatronic that caused the bite all along its been in front of us the whole time Fnaf 1: Night 7 input 1-9-8-7 Golden Freddy or FREDBEAR jumpscare. FNAF4: Night 5 cutscene shows us that Fredbear caused the bite of 87 Fredbear is Golden Freddy

  15. I got to night 5 on Fnaf 1 and didn't once get jumpscared by golden Freddy and in Fnaf 2 I made it to night 6 without getting jumpscared by golden Freddy

  16. I can't believe I haven't thought of this by now….but, if it was 1987, then the kid would know nothing about the old animatronics, since, according to the theory, it is set either during the exact same time as FNAF 2 (the first five nights at least) or just after. Even though, in FNAF 2, the old animatronics are there, they were in parts and services, and the only ones that are available to public should be the toy animatronics, Mangle, Balloon Boy and the Marionette were the only ones accesible to public. That's all well and good, but the nightmares are clearly "based" on the old animatronics- the kid would only know the new animatronics. However, it would make perfect sense in 1983- well, the TV, and the fact that they are reimaginations of the old animatronics, all nightmare'd up. And this also explains why the Fredbear/ Golden Freddy is still there, aswell as Springtrap, as both are supposed to have been decomissioned long before the events of FNAF 2 and 1, but, this would have been the first "big" location for Freddy's, and Golden Freddy and Bonnie may still be in passive use.

  17. Someone has opened the box. Smike made a top 10 video that includes it.

  18. WAIT, what if Fazbear and friends is GOING to come out in 1983 and fnaf 4 is based in 1982???????

  19. And on another note, how can you say these games are still alive? Ever game is selling worse and worse. Fnaf 2 was the best selling and everything down hill from there. Its a easy, not scary. 1 time play game. Let it go guys.

  20. +8-BitGaming the animatronic of the bite of 87 child will not do the jaws jumpscare his jaws won't flap up and down or even shake he will probably try to rip you to shreds that child isn't the puppet the fifth children killed always have special animatronics the child the purple man killed while parking his car is the fifth child killed we know the order 2143 is the order of the games through timeline so the bite of 87 child will be a fifth animatronic considering the children killed from fnaf 2 example mangle balloon boy and the toy animatronics you know he's still alive cause of the car parked in one of the mini-games when he died his car would be parked at fazbears fright which reveals purple man being a fifth child and his parents didn't care for him they were mean to him which made him violent killing his own family as a child the parents are the shadow animatronics making since because they dont jump-scare you the its me thing is his parents cause he knew them well they haunted him in his nightmares making him twisted the reason why he kills the children is he thought they as his parents would leave him alone they did because they realized if they kept messing with him he would keep killing , his siblings are the animatronics first you see. he snapped mangles neck, hid in the dark of freddy's room and while chica was going to the kitchen while bonnie was he killed them too and foxy was killed by him hiding in the closet golden freddy was the imaginary dead child friend/ fedbear plushy of his child which wanted to know what it felt like being a real animatronic and then accidently killed his child. the purple man was unforgiving cause he didn't know what forgiveness was (which explains why you get the bad ending in fnaf 3 because you didn't forgive) then he broke the animatronic him telling him to undo what he could but he had to face his consequences for the things he could not after they killed him they forgive him but he cant move on thats why he has to suffer and why the marrionette has to make sure he stays contained. the imaginary friend brings the child back alive which breaks the cycle him forgiving the bullies and not facing consequences the imaginary friend sends them the forgiveness and they move on and the purple man not forgiving the boys killed them for killing his favorite child making them learn consequences too him cutting his life support to end his misery from his ptsd kind of coma disorder so he learned consequences and to forgive. the moral of the storie

  21. Hey this isn't a theroy but I would like you guys to check this out. At every newspaper at the beginnig and end in the games, FNAF 1 isn't a one you should check, their is text buffered that actually gives some info, check those

  22. Hey Ryans, my friend came up with the theory that Mike Schmidt is the boy from fnaf 4's brother. He said in fnaf 1, the only reason you get jumpscared by golden Freddy/Fredbear when you type in "1987" in the A.I is because he remembered the day when his brother got bitten. What do you think?

  23. So if scott actually put all the answers in the game and no one has found them yet what does that mean for the community.

  24. I love how razz was about to cus but correct himself right away

  25. I was so hyped to FNAF 4. Then I went to my grandma's house. She doesn't have internet. FNAF 4 was released the day after we left for her house xD It's a good thing I love my grandma <3

  26. Such a shame we'll never see what was in the box…

  27. in fnaf 1 it gives us the bite of 87 answer because custom night 1987 golden freddy scares u and now golden freddys the biter

  28. There's an update on the wiki from scott perhaps you could make a video on that?

  29. HAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I got your attention has anyone realised the audio of rass and daw are delayed to their video images. just follow the lip synch i dont know but it looks like it is

  30. It would be interesting to look at the plushies and toys in fnaf4 and compare them to the secret plushies and toys. I'm pretty sure they are all the same. How did fnaf4 get them. Of from which location….

  31. Variety in gameplay? Nope, Scott doesn't care about variety.

  32. I think Scott kept what is in the box a secret because some of us were disagreeing , arguing . so that he kept it……

  33. Did Scott confirm about the bite being 87 or 83 or did he not say anything?

  34. Wait Jeremy had a deeper connection with the animatronics. Maybe he's the one in the FNAF MiniGame being put into one of the Golden freddy costumes

  35. I'm not usually one to do theorizing and stuff, but I had a couple of thoughts I'd like to share about FNAF 4…

    1) At the end, during the crying child's last discussion with the Fredbear plush, notice his positioning. Now look back to the Mangle's Quest minigame in FNAF3. Doesn't that giant, looming puppet's positioning look sorta familiar?

    2)The older brother's mask. I don't need to tell you that that's Foxy, eh? Now, riddle me this: What already established character is particularly fond of Foxy?

    …just a few things I wanted to get out there and off my chest. I dunno if someone else has already noticed those things or not, but there ya go. Make of 'em what ya will.

  36. I'M SO FRUSTRATED! The games are EVERYWHERE! I can't even place where each games take place. THEORIES, POSSIBILITIES. i miss the days of fnaf 2! Where nobody I knew were tired of the franchise, and everything was obvious.
    We knoa the latest in the timeline is fnaf 3, then 1, then 2. But now we have fnaf 4 location, Fazbear and Friends, we still have to consider Fredbears pizzaria, and sister locations. Then everyone assumes the kid from fnaf 4 is golden freddy. 7 KIDS WERE KILLED. 7. Fnaf 1 newspaper clipping claim 5 kids went missing. Then we have the same him mini game, another one. Now fnaf 4, we have another! We have only 6 main ones, but now we have 7 dead kids! Just, The inconsistencies! My mind is on the verge of failure.

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