The FNAF game you can't play -

The FNAF game you can’t play

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FNAF but no jumpscares



  1. 14:41
    i love how he physically cant keep a straight face cuz of the fucking dementia music

  2. not so fun fact: in come and see the germans who set the barn on fire is actually the dirlewanger brigade there leader (oskar dirlewanger) was so disgusting even the other nazis hated him

  3. Why dose a part of the scene at 7:47 really look like hes trying to grab the camera man’s rear

  4. i didn't know the joker was in the fnaf universe

  5. this shit happens in brighton where i live

  6. Watching pyro videos are amazing, you can always count on pyrocinical to give good opinions like how Fahrenheit and how American dates make no sense.

  7. 3 minutes of free text to speech explaining the company and your job, filters changes, music stops and funny scary and creepy image of a bloody face, there I redacted TWF for you guys

  8. I like how he watches with complete bravery and makes jokes while I’m over here literally turning the lights on in my house cause of how scary it is

  9. Can't wait for The walten files – my response

  10. "Purple guy but black" IT'S THE SHADOW MONSTER MAN!1!1!11!!1!!!!111!!1!

  11. 3:15 British twink actually whines for several minutes about date format and temperature measurements because he lives in “nation” that grants him his rights and takes them away at will instead of acknowledges them and defends them

  12. bruh they got brian smells shot dead in the bronx

  13. Wish it was all text-to-speech, the voices are all actually insufferable lol

  14. References in this video
    0:12 and 1:01 (Five Nights at Freddy)
    1:09 (Total Chaos)
    2:00 (Breaking Bad)
    4:04 (Local 58)
    4:30 (Five Nights at Freddy)
    5:01 (Lara Croft)
    5:46 (Joker)
    5:50 (The Dark Knight)
    6:07 (Grand Theft Auto)
    6:30 (Five Nights at Freddy)
    6:33 (Tom Hanks)
    7:45 (Jeff the Killer)
    8:23 (Total Chaos)
    9:01 (Come and See)
    9:43 (JackManifold)
    9:47 (Grand Theft Auto)
    11:05 (What the fuck going on in Miami)
    12:44 (The Backrooms)
    13:03 (Logan Paul)
    14:36 (The Caretaker – Everywhere At The End Of Time)
    15:47 (Local 58)
    15:54 (The Caretaker – Everywhere At The End Of Time)
    18:15 (Sopranos)
    19:01 (Among Us)
    19:24 (Spongebob)
    20:32 (Call of Duty Modern Warfare)
    20:35 (Petscop)
    21:54 (Battlefield)

  15. 14:37 I like that like 20 seconds ago on the message explaining the death of that girl it said “the caretakers” and now we have caretaker’s “it’s just a burning memory”

  16. 5:00 I was not expecting a reference to blank banshee it kinda was weird cause it's not a huge album and I was just listening to teen pregnancy

  17. WHAT KIND OF SLANDER IS THIS. little know fact those dumb things we use are to spot foreigners when they get annoyed

  18. laughed my balls out on "But Bonnie is blue, not purple", just loved it

  19. the walten files?
    like the dog walter?

    walter files

  20. I'm 10 and this shit ain't funny at all

    edit: I meant scary ffs

  21. I come from Venezuela and can confirm that the order of date it's just wierd

  22. Im a fnaf fan, I can’t watch TWF without cringing man. Too tryhardy, like a squimpus mcgrimpus video but bad

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