The FNAF Game That Was DELETED In 5 Hours -

The FNAF Game That Was DELETED In 5 Hours

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Don’t play the launch version of this game if you care about your sanity, lol.

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0:00 – Intro
2:19 – What Is Post-Shift 2?
3:38 – Background Info
4:38 – Halloween Night 2022
8:08 – The Story
8:43 – Issues With The Game
13:06 – Was The Game REALLY Deleted?
13:48 – The Tale of Yu Ro
16:14 – Phisnom Stream
17:40 – Phisnom’s Thoughts
22:17 – The Interview
37:30 – The End


  1. baby is on the first night and remiant foxy is on night 2

  2. Bro the game, even though it's really difficult to nearly impossible, is a great game. Rjac nailed the graphics and detail and the environment in the game which made it an amazing fan-game from my POV and based on my experience with fan-games. He sounded a bit unmotivated so you could have at least said something to encourage him so that we can see his true potential maybe in another fan game if he was motivated enough.

    Additionally, he did this ALL BY HIMSELF and during the interview he was wishing he had a team to help him so he deserves appreciation at least for going through all that time and making this game dedicated to all of us.

  3. I sort of like when you sound like a jerk because your jerkiness can be oddly cathartic, like with the video on Dormitabis, but here you were way out of line, uhyeah.

    I couldn't stomach the whole video because Rjac sounded like he was gonna cry, and you were so highly insensitive by regurgitating criticism about his *passion project*. Really, if I had a project fumble so badly that a guy wanted to interview me to only push me down with regurgitated criticism about how I fucked up so badly, I would pay whatever I could to erase my whole Internet trail and start all over again under a new identity, because criticism is fine and you should be able to handle some of it, but by the sound of his voice, he was already putting up with so much.

    Rjac, if you are able to read this because you're able to stomach this kind of deaf-toned video, just remember that the game has a lot of potential and you can learn from your mistakes.

  4. Dude. This video was not cool. It felt too harsh on the poor guy. He did his best and you were way too unforgiving. Usually your other videos are good but this one was super harsh. Im weary of staying subbed.

  5. I'm not gonna lie, Rjac seemed very uncomfortable and guilty that whole interview. I feel like you should've laid off of him a little rather than constant critisicm..

  6. This game is not as bad as it sounds, as a guy who beat it in 2 hours, if you are just fast and know what your doing it's pretty easy. Best fnaf fan game ive ever played, Rjac if you see this, you did amazing on this game, don't let people tell you otherwise

  7. I like most of the stuff you put out but my god you sound like such a tool during the interview. He is one guy are you kidding me? Lets see you make something better man my god thats no way to treat anyone.

  8. You know there's a youtuber who done this his name is plaintrace

  9. People when Uh Yeah gives valid criticism: 😒😒😡🤬😡😡😤👿

  10. I remember the good old days where I sat there and watched the cool jumpscares of fnaf fan games from IULITMx, I had some genuine respect for that guy since he did something so small, yet something even some little timmies like old me would like to watch. too bad now he has just devolved to cringe rainbow friends cheap content farming

  11. wow i had never seen this video before but seeing it really made me lose respect for UhYeah, you were an absolute dick to the dude. a literal bully.

  12. Watching the interview was very uncomfortable for me, the dev sounded really awkward, like he didn't want to be there. I don't think Uhyeah had bad intentions, he was just trying to joke around to loosen the tension, I'm sure he didn't want to sound rude, but he ended up being too aggressive without even realizing it. I don't know if he apologized, but I hope he did. Everyone makes mistakes and I'm not gonna suddenly hate Uhyeah and his content just because of one unsuccessful interview. As for the game itself, it looks very impressive, but it just feels like the author tried to stuff too many different ideas into one game and it was too much. I really appreciate all his hard work tho!

  13. Coming from a first game dev himself, this game is kinda rad… I hope he's not discouraged when critcism comes, because Scott Cawthon himself had a first game flopped so bad to the point he was considering himself to remain as a writer.

  14. The fact that even 8 YEARS EXPIERENCIED FNAF gamer couldnt beat night 1 its just makes game look how tough it is althrought it is still very good game if you really want an hard challenge

  15. Like everyone else in the comments the interview just ruined it for me for it just felt so unprofessional in the sense it was barely constructive and 26:47 was 100% rude, for a guy doing it solo its impressive work, needing it tweaks but nonetheless should have asked him more netural questions than negative questions. He sounded distressed. It was unbearable to listen the sudden cutoffs 😭 he's there to speak damn.

  16. Yk, Uhyeah could've done better with the interview, because not only did the Dev seem nervous, it also seemed like Uhyeah was interrogating him rather than interviewing him.

    Like what many people said in this comment-section, Uhyeah could've done better with the interview.

    There are things he should have definitely asked the Dev about — which are the Dev's views on the game, plans for it, how he thinks about the visuals, favourite aspect of the game, ETC.

    While it may have been 8 months, i sure do hope Rjac25 is doing well now.

  17. poor guy dude wtf he's just making his own little fangame

  18. I kinda feel bad for the developer dude, the fact that it was a brutally hard game probably got a lot more attention on him and the way people talked about it almost seemed like they felt like he should feel guilty for putting it out, the stress would have been out of this world but luckily he dealt really well with it

  19. In the interview he sounds just so sad, it made me feel bad

  20. Just a random question: does anyone know how many pages each of the game’s tutorials would amount to?

  21. In the true ending you basically learn that you were always an robot, so you were playing as a robot this whole time.

  22. A bit of advice, never conduct an interview like this again. Either that or do but don't constantly put the interviewee down for the game's flaws. It's very discouraging.

  23. That interview was a bit harsh man, it has the energy of "I'm not mad, just disappointed"

  24. Yo someone with the ability to see dislike please tell me what the like to dislike ratio is.

  25. If not even IULITMx could beat the game then it must’ve been hard

  26. Man that interview sucked but seeing as you are friends with phisnom I’m not surprised you’d pull some shit like that

  27. It's sad to know that this video references something that Phisnom isn't working on FNAF+ anymore

  28. there's an old anecdote i heard one time about a team working on an early development mmo and they were showing it off for some feedback and someone was like "how inventory" and the team was like "press e 3 times!" because they were so used to it and the keyboard was so crowded from actions it didnt strike them as odd, but the testers were like "dude. you gotta make that more intuitive"
    it left the impression on me that you have to look at a game with as best a fresh pair of eyes you can get

  29. the interview actually tore my heart in two

  30. He probably felt the same pain as us when he was typing the tutorials

  31. 12:15 I actually laughed at that was so funny "we're gonna final fantasy this B****" XD

  32. The design of the game is really good though in my opinion.

  33. my guy the developer pulling an akihiko kayaba abridged argument "I had 4 hours of sleep and i made a really stupid choice". Ngl, mad respect to the developer, he is trying his best

  34. so is he dead before the video came out because dawko beat 50/20?

  35. It’s kind of pathetic how apologetic and insecure the dev sounds. Really sad.

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