The FNAF Game Scott Cawthon DOESN'T Want You To Play -

The FNAF Game Scott Cawthon DOESN’T Want You To Play

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To celebrate the release of the new Fazbear Fanverse Initiative merch, we’re going to talk about the game that caused the creation of the upcoming FNAF remake, FNAF Plus! Join me as I go over Another FNAF Fan Game OS, AKA FNAF 2 Open Source. I talk about what it changes from the original, the great new additions, and why this promising project was TAKEN DOWN by Scott Cawthon himself!

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  1. why do you make videos at midnight and not 6 am

  2. 9:32 – honestly, I liked how it was done in VR. There, you could hear and see his eyes entering the office… making it noticeable for you to time the mask.

  3. Seeing this video now I'm surprised there wasn't an announcement on the Popgoes Arcade game on steam about the YouTooz cause I would've 100% bought them all

  4. I was watching the floor is lava in the background and it played TOREDOUR MARCH WHEN I WAS WATCHING THIS

  5. I still have Original download folder lol. I'm surprised it got removed a day after I download it

  6. is anyone gonna ask why there was a pig head in the flashing scene?

  7. The game should be included as a bonus thing in fnaf + why let this go to waste

  8. This many people are sad about this being taken down, but also very exited for FNaF +


  9. My opinion:
    FNAF2 is scary, just in the beginning. I can agree with you when it comes to the later nights.
    Though what does the puppet do in this game? You skipped that!

    (I hope FNAF2 OS comes back, since Scott pulled a 180)

  10. After discovering this remake several months ago, I have been wanting to do the same but after seeing this video, I have decided that I'll just pursue a different niche of remakes since I don't want to compete with something that I genuinely think will be a hit and I genuinely support.

  11. Its a shame. That legit looked like a better/definitive version of fnaf 2.

    Instead of being five nights at prize counter.

  12. i dont exactly think many people care that much over the youtooz being limited time, because EVERY YOUTOOZ IS LIMITED TIME. and so is basically all merch about every other game or youtuber nowadays, because if its limited it sells faster i guess…

  13. the whole rant for fnaf 2 honestly doesn't make much sense, as fnaf 1 is pretty much the same but you need to check on 2 cameras instead of 1, most of the gameplay is in the office, I feel like most fnaf games are like this. fnaf 3 is really the only one that makes you really need to use the cameras, as fnaf 4 doesn't even have cameras and (correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't watched much gameplay for fnaf sister location) fnaf sister location doesn't really use cameras and when you do it's like fnaf 1 and 2, fnaf 6 uses it a little more, since you need to use it for your jobs and to keep the animatronics at bay. so that whole camera rant doesn't make much sense to me, as it was directed it fnaf 2 like it's the only one with the camera problem.

  14. Phisnom basically responded to Scott’s take down by saying, “Your Jordan’s are fake” and got a job for it.

  15. The: sweet soculant trouble AA battery’s: threw me back to the animation

  16. ı have a question for this game

    even if i dont open the golden freddy it sitll shows the pictures of animatronics

  17. The bonnie mask took me too long to understand, I feel so dumb lmfao

  18. but if scott did not make fnaf 2 then that game will never exist

  19. I HAVE to buy flumpty youtooz when it drops (if it will)

  20. I think now we can make anything now because people canceled him last year and now he spending more time with family.

  21. Ok we know how well this was for phisnom, but how would someone else go around trying to make a remake? Keep it behind a paywall? I think that would be even worse as Scott could sue.

  22. Actually in original fnaf 2 when toy freddy is too close to you in the hallway you can put mask and make him go in this way too.

  23. You can remove the watermark if you know gamemaker

  24. Onaf just kinda fell off the face of the earth after the jc controversy

  25. Maybe if Fnaf plus does well we could see this game adapted into a Fnaf plus 2

  26. its much smarter tho have a bonnie mask becaus bonnie has no face

  27. 9:48 5 am at Freddy's-the precuel reference!
    BB: "I dont care if he's Freddy. I only want his sweet, succulent, double A(AA) B A T T E R I E S!"

  28. "There's no skill (or strategy) involved, it's really all about how good you are at…"
    Me: Wait isn't that what skill is? How good you are at something.
    Lol I get what you mean but this cracked me up.

  29. I hate it when people refer to Mangle as he or she or they. It is commonly known that Mangle goes by yes

  30. Scott ruined a dude’s game then gave him a bigger expansive canvas for the next.

  31. Honestly, after hearing this story, you can't blame the guy for not wanting to make fnaf games anymore and wanting to leave the fandom. Not just because of Security Breach but also because this game was just randomly taken down. He spent an unknown amount of time and effort to create a loveable game and got it taken down for basically no reason. I don't know about you, but that would just kill me.

  32. i don't think scott is an idiot that took this game down hardly knowing what it was, that's just too shallow. I think it's a matter of a big infringement of an intellectual property's integrity to nonchalantly remake it (or name it that) with no form of proper authorization

  33. I hope the youtooz adds Flumpty(I like Flumpty he's an egg that's a god)

  34. W dawko youtooz as a part of them😮‍💨🥱

  35. bro i wanted to play this game but ofcourse its taken down just like jollibee´s ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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