The FNAF Game I MISSED! | PopGoes FNAF (Scary Fan Game) -

The FNAF Game I MISSED! | PopGoes FNAF (Scary Fan Game)

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Somehow I missed this fan game, so it is time for me to play PopGoes FNAF! WE are heading to England for the international launch of a Five Nights At Freddy’s like location. Will these new animatronics scare me? What lore is hidden here? Remember, this is one of the games in Scott’s fan game initiative. What could that MEAN?!

0:00 – The Solo Banter
6:43 – Gameplay Begins
45:24 – The Witty Wrap Up

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  1. When i heard fritz and how he said that it was a special name i thought he was talking about fritz from undertale but then it hit me 20 minutes in that fritz is one of the souls-

  2. Everyday he’s is slowly becoming more and more like your average stereotypical Dad.

  3. This game was Willy's Wonderland BEFORE Willy's Wonderland was a thing! Omg, the nostalgia!

  4. Why does it never occur to any of these guards to bring some protection?

  5. The title: The fnaf game I missed
    Me: The video I missed

  6. Is it good or bad that I recognized the completion music from Kirby instead of recognizing it as Pop goes the Weasel

  7. Quick question y is foxy (a phantom because this is after fnaf3) a manager of a pizzeria

  8. Anyone remember Mathews first intro which was super cringey and beautiful?

  9. Main reason matpat likes fnaf it reminds him when he was hunting around Chuck E. Cheese too find a random person taking kids into back stage and never come back

  10. crystal chica is motivational chica is here to motivate u

  11. As I’m writing this, it’s only the second night. I feel like fritz was right, they can’t physically hurt you, but they can mentally. I feel like you die when your panic level gets to high, and that thing they are building, I feel like that can hurt you aswell. But the animatronics can’t, it’s not in their coding.
    Edit: or maybe fritz I’d the bad guy, and evil chica is trying to help you. Saying you NEED to panic, it will help you.

  12. The animatronics are straight up just chilling

  13. I like how seeing bb was the highlight of the stream

    ME: ….TF

  15. MatPat: Chuck E. Cheese is actually great!
    Me: …Every time I've gone there, I've gotten sick immediately afterwards 😅

  16. I feel Mark has an easier time actually figuring out game mechanics than Matt does. Granted Mark does a lot more flailing around but eventually he works out what he needs to do.

  17. "What should we name him, Mr. Cheese, beloved husband?"
    "Entertainment. I see children in his future, dear wife Mrs. Cheese"
    "Yeah I'm gonna give him a normal name too."

  18. Popgoes gives me major WillyWonderland vibes now that the movie has come out

  19. the purple chica one I think its a crow

  20. Lets see if MatPat is at his stage, Oh he seems to be in a Diet Coke Coma and will have to be shocked back, please press the controlled shock button, Good J- OH NO HES COMIN- STAY BACK- NOOOOOOOOO- system disconnected

  21. you should try to figure out secerity breach before it comes out like SL

  22. I swear every time matpats panic meter is about to hit its max and he doesn't notice a start yelling at the screen

  23. Me: learns what stone the crow means

    Also me: " well stone the crow"

  24. Remenber when popgoes creator was making the popgoes 2?
    Ha… good times…

  25. This is just the most glorious sound ever to come out of his mouth 22:37

  26. I’m excited for Evergreen, but I can’t help but miss what could’ve been with the original sequel.

  27. We need a popgies theory and fnac I know the fnac lore and I'm struggling with the popgoes lore also fnac and popgoes is now same universe we need to theorize about popgoes and fnac I know the fnac lore well but I'm playing every game in the fanverse so I'll try to keep an eye out and watch these two games please make a theory

  28. Definitely theorize popgoes and fnac I have experience with the fnac lore but I'm going to start thinking about popgoes but there in the same universe so we need to start soon

  29. "stone the crows" sounds like a race thing

  30. 4:55 "I know that there have been new installments in the series"
    Ha, yeah…

  31. when do we go into the pit to travel between universes

  32. There’s just something so hilarious and satisfying about getting interrupted by an ad right after “Didn’t see that coming”.

  33. Lol I'm watching it when security breach comes out Tomorrow

  34. At times, it's hard to watch MatPat play games because he's not paying attention to the game

  35. Scott when seeing Popgoes: You my son, will get all the figgy pudding.

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