The FNAF Fan Game Where YOU Are The Animatronic... -

The FNAF Fan Game Where YOU Are The Animatronic…

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The FNAF Fan Game Where YOU Are The Animatronic…

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  1. The only thing I don’t understand is that once you end the game you just die the sans way as if you lost having a game and in an unsatisfactory death no matter what never made sense to me

  2. I LOVED the designs, the short and easy but kind of hard to understand story, mechanics, balanced game difficulty, night system, bonus modes, child like cutscenes, ex ex ex. Pretty much what i'm saying is I loved everything about this game. Obviously like many people, The only thing I hated was the child's ending. Also funny enough I got so good at using sound q's and multitasking that on my last 3 attemps on night 5 I was just using my phones and scrollinv through videos lmao. Overall very good game I finished it in one day (aka today) RIP birthday boy

  3. The kid in the animatronic: suffocating
    The gaps between the teeth: am i a joke to you?

  4. 8:04 The sound that Bondee makes sounds like those videos of kids screaming when they fall off of a Roblox obby, and now this cutscene is hilarious to me.

  5. Funny how they make a security feature for animatronics to work as protection for children but nobody thinks :"hey maybe the kid is in the suit"

  6. I playyed the earliest versions of this game, before the game even had animation, and its nice to see how this game became so big, pootis is suych a kind and great dev

  7. C’mon kid you could’ve just climbed out and wave your arms at the camera

  8. Seems like a really cool game but why are the animatronics so creepy if it's supposed to be a children restaurant?
    Their designs are creepier than FNaF's imo, something really uncanny about them

  9. Bro did everything but play the game 11 minutes of rambling

  10. The title on the thumbnail of this video sounds like a Dharman line lol
    "Nightguard finds child in cow, what happens next is shocking"

  11. She was made to protect kids in case of separation…yet when a kid is missing THEY DONT CHECK HER. Bro

  12. Mum looks fun but it also looks like it is like fnaf 4 with the nightmares and c.c/crying child has to survive the night with the nightmares but it is a little different. Anyway it looks really fun I wish I could try it but I might have to pay for it on steam. Love you all

  13. 2nd person view in FNaF real!?!?!?

  14. “The fnaf game where YoU are the animaTronic” THERES LIKE 5 OF THOSE KIND

  15. So youre saying I GET TO BE QUIRKY AT NIGHT

  16. damn the fans are really making better games than the official creators

  17. There a mechanic where the cam is force off if someone at the door

  18. I think the thumbnail is funny. It says “the guard will shock you.” But it didn’t mean it by it’ll surprise you. It meant we will be shocked

  19. really fond of the art style here, its not really scary but I love how stylized and less serious everything is

  20. Bro, this whole part got me laughing 7:57 just because he was squealing. It reminded me of when my little brother got scared once.

  21. Honestly the only nitpick i have on this game is i think having the last night be absolutely nothing and have no threats whatsoever maybe except the guard checking in every now and then would send the game off right instead of having it be extremely difficult like all the other fangames, the pure suffocating nothingness could make the ending more impactful but honestly i rather not take the place of the devs and make points like these as i am definitely not a game developer in any sense. Just my final thoughts but other than that this has to be one of my favorite fangames to where I'm actually passionate and interested in talking about it.

  22. a pvp fnaf game where some player(s) control the animatronics and some player(s) controls the guards/security would be fire

  23. Why didnt the restaurant staff look into the coo the cow animatronic first?that was the purpose of the animatronic in the first place isnt it?

  24. The game is pretty good, but godsamn the voice acting is absolute ass 😂

  25. It doesn't make sense that the kid suffocates, the gaps in the teeth of the animatronics are pretty big.

  26. 7:53 I know you want to repeatedly watch this so here you go

  27. I was kinda hoping that you'd get to attack the nightguard.

  28. This game looks incredible it has nice stylized graphics as well as interesting gameplay, I feel like most FNAF fan-games rely on being an "FNAF fan-game" to be known but although this one is obviously a fan-game, it stands out as its own thing pretty well

  29. Glad I grew up to watch fangames

    And not fangirls

  30. "bro have you played Bondee's?"
    "What's a Bondee's?"
    "BONDEE'S NU-"

  31. Its like security breach but, its different.

  32. Did you know that if you have a quest 2 you can get side quest and see this has a VR game but it's early access I requested to play and I have waited for like 3-4 months and I still don't have access guess I still gotta wait

  33. THE GUARD WILL SHOCK YOU!!!! 💯💯💯💯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱✈️✈️✈️✈️🏙️🏙️

  34. why would the animatronic attack another animatronic if in fnaf they work together

  35. In all the Fnaf games, you play as the guard

    Fnaf 4 has left the chat

  36. What a clickbait of a video/game, this is not a game about playing as an animatronic at all, its just a basic fnaf re-skin, it's like if I said that you play as an animatronic in FNAF SL just because you get put inside a springlock costume on night 4, if the game doesnt have a fundamentally different gameplay then it's not what you claim it to be in the title. It also makes no sense in terms of story, how are you able to close doors while being stuck inside the suit or why the hell do the others attack you? There's technically nothing wrong with the gameplay itself but everything else about this game/video feels like it's trying way too hard to trick you into thinking that you're not just playing the most basic FNAF clone.

  37. Imagine mother jumpscare If IT was saying : GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM 😂

  38. Animatronic Simulator fangames from back in the day: Are you challenging me?

  39. I think the ending is kinda stupid, you spend hours and hours NOT suffocating, just to die in the ending that exact way

  40. 8:00 somehow already knew what's boutta happen thanks to the direction the fire was being blown

  41. The style of this game always reminded me of that one non-Garfield Jim Davis strip U.S. Acres (better known through the skits on Garfield and Friends). Maybe it's the fact that they're all cartoonish and stocky looking farm animals, idk

  42. “You are the animatronic in this game! Oh but its the same layout as any other fnaf fan game!”

  43. "Hour five, the final night of the game…"

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