The FNAF-clone that went TOO FAR -

The FNAF-clone that went TOO FAR

theft king
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Scott is generally pretty easygoing when it comes to FNAF-inspired games, but in this case, he wasn’t messing around. Considering some of the stuff I found in this game, I wonder if Scott SHOULD’VE gone harder against this game.

What I encountered was perhaps the LAST THING I expected to find in a game about spooky animatronics…


How To Make Your Copyright-Infringing Game Legal Again by Wesley Copeland:




Castle Lo-Fi – Rifti Beats:

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  1. this is enterirely true because of a dumb joke we could miss out and parents would think its fnaf even thow its not

  2. Dumbass, that aint propaganda, stop saiying random words to look smart

  3. I like how he talks about the back story of the game and then randomly starts stating opinions nobody asked for which most of his opinions sound butthurt as hell

  4. So it was basically security breach but not made by scott

  5. I don't care if there's politics in case animatronics, it's still a great game that was ahead of it's time. Also I agree that the game is not perfect but it's definitely better than fnaf 1 3 4 and security breach

  6. The "Race: Jewish" thing is really funny to me, because in US policing, Jews are just categorized as white.

  7. Christ I thought people forgot about Case because it was a crap game I had no idea it got so weirdly zionist wtf?

  8. leave youtube already im sick of seeing you in my feed.

  9. To be honest this sounds like a hate video even though I agree on Scott's part and what Scott has done I play Case and I found Case to be a very fun and interesting game and to be honest the stealth part is easy and absolutely spine chilling so all I ask is maybe look at it from other people's views other than trash talking someone's work

  10. Just in case you wonder about 2nd game and haven't seen it, you better not to look at it. 4 chapters yet 0 movement in story. "There is gas, you breathe it and hallucinate. Main guy dies from a bullet delivered right in their had but then resurrects in less than a minute for no reason". Who are we? Idk. Why we're we in this bunker? Idk. Why people tried to make experiments on animatronics? Idk. Why do these guys have 2 types of gas (killer and hallucination ones)? Idk. You got the idea. You can ask as much questions as you want but in, I remind you, 4 CHAPTERS we didn't understand a thing

  11. bruh why dose he get so mad at 7:10, i think thats cool what they did with the wanted posters. ITs a police station lol.

  12. At least CA did better at being spoopy lol

  13. Scott Cawthon officially owns robot bears. Don't make a game with robot bears- got it

  14. JOHN 3:16

  15. Josh, formerly Jambicglort Pambicjlott says:

    Video fr went
    😃👍 😃👍 😃👍 😃👍 💀

  16. I think he also did something about another fangame (heard of Return to Freddy's it was originally called FNaF 3 but I guess Scott had Tyler who I think is the name of the person who made the game change the name)

  17. Hey theft I am 50% jew and seeing this breaks my heart thank you for putting the horrible action into the spotlight this game needs to be taken down immediately

  18. 6:08
    Dying xD
    I hope they will keep working on it so that this game could maybe have a spot close to The Joy Of Creations.

  19. Just because you are bad at it because it doesn’t mean it’s bad

  20. if you think that they shouldn't be allowed to put offensive things in their games I disagree

    they have the freedom to put what they like because it's their game, steam doesn't have a problem with that and there's no rule against it as far as I know, and even if there was there shouldn't be

  21. 5:42 damn they took Devil May Cry 1 to the next level

  22. Don't start spamming negativity for this poor man… he passed to much problems

  23. Regardless of the quality and weirdness of this game, I still stand by the fact that Scott unfairly used his legal power. The design simply didn't resemble freddy

  24. I respect Scott as a game developer and for his relationship with the FNAF community but after his donations to parties related to anti queer movements I lost my respect for him as a person

  25. Oh wait case animatronics got taken down? Oh I never knew

  26. You know, I actually played the mobile version for a while but stopped because of glitches and crashes but honestly, I think it has a lot of potential if it gets reworked by better people or company. Obviously fake wanted posters, better world design, better voice acting, better storyline and so on. I don't know which came first, security breach or c.a.s.e. but I was aware of c.a.s.e. before security breach and I see a lot of similarities between them, such as the camera device, the hiding stuff and vents and so on. But anyway, I think if Scott or someone else with experience in making games helps them or guides them somehow, it would be a great game.

  27. i feel like he took it down becuase it was getting really popular. its weird why he did not take the many other fan games down. just my opinion, case animatronics was really flipping cool. but if scott had a problem they hey. the man has his rights.

  28. Theft King people hate you and of course you have comment guidelines because you sook over a game saying it has Zionist propaganda and saying they were joking about having jews even though it's just a wanted poster your a snow flake and that little snake thing that appears in your videos and pfp makes you a joke you denerative snowflake

  29. Omg Jewish !!! So shocking!!! So bad !!! Haha drama maker go brrr

  30. Here for a moment I thought it was Scott being over protective but no. It was due to the creator of the game adding shit like racist propaganda and what not. and hearing that the game sucks ass I don't think I will be trying to play it. Yeah. Scott did make the right call on this. And yes there are many games that claim to be FNaF going around like on the app store. They would use images like Glamrock Freddy to fool people into thinking it is an official FNaF game . Well yes SB is somewhat broken and rushed in the end there was some effort put into it and it still has some potential in it. I am really hoping for the Ruins DLC to be good. At least Scott for the most part is chill with fanmade FNaF stuff as long as they cross the line like this poor excuse of a FNaF clone.

  31. It is on Google play some how

  32. Hello My Lawyers
    Monty Monty Monty And Monty Monty Monty Monty and mon-

  33. This fan game is the equivalent of an M. Night Shyamalan twist holy shit

  34. You're not gonna freaking believe this, but it was free on PS4 two years ago- I have it still- I'm gonna delete it when I get a chance now.

    Edit: not because of this but because I haven't played it since I had gotten it

  35. Please do not include the final line of the WANTED poster here in the comments. I explicitly omitted it from the video, as it appears to directly reference family members of the activist (family members who are/were presumably minors.) While the names are censored out, it still reads like a threat, 100%. That makes me even more confident that this was done deliberately.

    Full disclosure: I refunded this game after collecting the footage.

    I knew that this game was controversial, and I knew Scott had previously DMCA'd it, but I did not expect to find what I did within both Case Animatronics 1 AND 2 (yes; those notes appear in the sequel as well; the whole police station makes another appearance). Just… wow. I'm kinda left speechless by this one.

    This is NOT a political video, nor is this the place to discuss politics. We can surely all agree that video games about spooky robots probably also aren't the best place to include such a… ahem – strong political opinion…

    Thanks so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed! Good subtitles will be a little delayed – my apologies!

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