The FNAF Animatronic that Scott Cawthon Forgot -

The FNAF Animatronic that Scott Cawthon Forgot

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Today we take a look at a FNAF animatronic that has gone mostly under the radar since he was first introduced in FNAF World. Scott Cawthon himself never once brought them back or talked about them again, so who is he?

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  1. Mhm I totally Did Not Forget Freddy Fazbear The main character…

  2. Also u forgot the one thing we see old man in an ending of fnaf world

  3. Mendo is so underrated
    He's unironically my favorite fnaf animatronic
    I hope we see him again sometime

  4. Tangle mendo beacon bonnie, they were all forgotten

  5. It seems like Lolbit and DeeDee aswell as Mendo are a good trio, they are all essentially "Recolors" of other characters. Yes, Mendo has some features differentiating it from the Endo's but still. DeeDee, when introduced in UCN is basically a troll that adds more "problems to your night". Lolbit, when introduced in Sister Location is practically a death screen or a distraction (You literally have to type L-O-L to get their stupid screen off.) This makes me wonder, what would Mendo have done if it was in one of the games? Easter egg or not I feel like it was meant to connect to DeeDee and Lolbits distraction roles, so perhaps it would do something similar? Something to be an absolute problem as the game goes on, because that would make sense – It would be good usage of its character.

  6. i thought it was endo plush the forgotten animatronic💀💀💀

  7. Like they say, every trio had a duo..❤

  8. I actually have a deal with mendo to get the titanium endo

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  10. shadow springtrap either appears in 2 or 3 but its a very rare chance so its forgotten

  11. Characters that appeared only once:
    Mendo (FNAF World)
    Yendo (SL)
    Endo Plush (FNAF World)
    Plush Baby (HW)
    C.C (Human Form) (FNAF 4)
    Liz A. (Human form) (SL)
    Mrs Afton (never existed🫥)
    HW Player (no name/self) (HW)
    Jeremy (HW)
    And probably more that I missed, as it’s late when I’m typing this 😅

  12. As soon as I saw the silhouette I instantly realized that it’s Medo

  13. Did you know that Scott Cawthon actually died and so his friend and all of the rest of his crew is actually making the movie not him he he did make the title but recently he has passed RIP Scott

  14. minertale sans partial anti furry OwO says:

    I am actualy currently playing fnaf world and i did not forget mendo

  15. The Mario and others show! Oswald-rabbit100 says:

    Rip mendo he was a good shop keeper

  16. honestly, i was expecting Endoplush. He genuinely only ever appeared in fnaf world as well, and as far as i'm aware, wasnt a very good character either compared to the other characters in that game

  17. Something I find curious about this character is that it haves some similarities with the mimic we now have, I mean, besides the color change of course, those endos look more like the newest animatronic that was add to the already big metallic pile than the other endos that appeared in the past… Or maybe it's me just overthinking things about an old video that is about an old "what if" game that Scott has made

  18. You know what I’m actually loading up for fnaf world

  19. uhyeah: Tells us to boot up FNaF world

    Also uhyeah: Does not provide a link to FNaF world in the description

    Me: ):

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