The Fast Food fnaf game -

The Fast Food fnaf game

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fun lil game 🙂 there will be another video on it.

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  1. 34:28 I think there is a real-time challenge in like in return to bloody nights could be fun to see

  2. Actually the cast is meant to not only stablize the bone and help it heal but it also dampens any hit taken so you can punch it all you want and it won't rlly hurt (ik from experience)

  3. In regards to the FNAF movie coming out in theatres as well as on a streaming service, like. The issue with actors not getting residuals from streaming companies should be something that the streaming companies themselves should be regulated on and that's why actor's are still on strike from what I've heard(?) but, like. Aside from that, I'd honestly much prefer more joint theatre and streaming releases? I'm disabled, I physically cannot go to watch movies in the theatre so I often just have to wait for a movie I really want to watch to eventually come out on a streaming service or something else. One hand, this has largely meant that fomo just doesn't affect me at all because I physically can't go watch the movie, I have to miss out but it also means I just can't really discuss movies as they come out, I've usually missed the train of discussing them by the time I can actually do so and that kinda sucks.

    Plus, going on Twitter and seeing people bitch because the fnaf movie was getting a joint release almost solely because they thought the movie wouldn't make as much money is just. Annoying. Like, it's FNAF by Blumhouse, it was gonna make back it's budget regardless. The worst case scenario is the movie just doesn't do as well as expected and they don't make another one

  4. Hey peacock is general is bad
    Though thats as if you, Spiff, see this (hopefully this just makes anyone aware)
    But uh peacock made a documentary about a woman, Casey Anthony
    This woman had ended the life of her child and framed her father for it
    In the documentary, they take the side of Casey who yes, she was declared not guilty but she absolutely did it. The lawyer was very manipulative and very good. So basically peacock made a documentary supporting a murderer

  5. I once tried making an 8 hour fnaf game.

    Didnt go anywhere but might finish it one day

  6. You can definitely make it to 800k by the end of the year! New people will surely discover your channel because of the FNAF movie.

  7. Skeleton_craft (the skeleton king) Gaming says:

    I like the checkpoint after you collect all of the screws…

  8. Skeleton_craft (the skeleton king) Gaming says:

    I got jumpscared by an ad…

  9. Spiff, return to bloody nights has a real time mode, you should play it starting at 12 am!

  10. This doesn't feel like a horror game, just an endurance arcade game, and not gonna lie, that's good, it can get scary but by itself it's just good

  11. These animatronic designs remind me of the origin chucke cheese anamatronics

  12. You should do this at the end of every video/j

  13. Am i the only one who sees a resemblance between the character design and that one avatar Lousiff sometimes uses, the cartoonish furry avatar on vrchat?

  14. I think its cool that you can commit french monarch on feddy fazber

  15. Question: is this on gamejolt or something? I wanna play it

  16. Die spiff hosted fnaf YouTuber among us

  17. Real time fnaf game you can only start at 12am real time

  18. Fnaf game but its an actual night shift. 6 hour long run, you can only play between 12am-6am US central time

  19. "where else does the money go" this guy says, despite being aware of the strikes' (plural) existence. lolz

  20. 34:07 wouldn't the animatronics move slower though? dont know how to explain it but the animatronics only move fast cus the gameplay/night is sped up

  21. 16:13 bro got killed by a legless headless animatronic, mayor skill issue

  22. I love how foxy turns into Shannon Sharpe at 16:01 after destroying the key thing needed for you to not get brutally murdered by some robots 😂😂😂

  23. as someone who only really watches free roam fnaf games, spiff is the only youtuber to ever make me watch an entire non-free roam fnaf game

  24. 6:32 "I busted too early? It's ok, I was capable to double bust" – spiff is what all man want to be

  25. I was caught by surprise the first time Freddy lost his head in the video! 😂 Seriously made me wonder if there was an achievement for surviving while Freddy was headless.

  26. Wait, you don't have a couple million subscribers? Aren't you suppose to??? I had that assumption the entire time, freaky.

  27. I'm pretty sure that Return to Bloody Nights has a challenge mode called something like real time and it's exactly what you describe: a shift that lasts 6-7 hours (12 PM to 6 AM) I'd like to see that

  28. 30:03 the doors are very much worth it because they add to the power load slower than stopping the conveyor belt
    It's the games way of saying "haha skill issue I'm going to punish you for being bad at the game"

  29. 21:38 this whole discussion made me stop and watch a saw stop video

  30. Personally, I just love the characters designs, especially foxy! So handsome

  31. So spiff i cannot watch your videos not because theyre boring its not boring the thing is somehow i open your video before sleep and you just literally making me sleep immediatly

  32. You really gotta remove the Subscriber notifications from these vod/recap videos, its annoying to watch and constantly hear weeohhweeweeoh

  33. Does watching the fnaf movie count towards like speed runs? Like can I speed run the fnaf movie?

  34. Didn’t the developers of poppy playtime steal their entire idea for their game off of someone else and almost every asset and character? I remember they were really bad people

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